SSIAHR condemns the killing of Isaiah Abraham and civil population of Balanda tribe in Western Bhar el Ghazal State

Subject: SSIAHR condemns the killing of political columnist Mr. Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan and civil population of Balanda tribe in Western Bhar el Ghazal State.

December 20, 2012 (SSNA) — Fellow citizens and our Human Rights International Organizations partners worldwide, we are condemning in the strongest terms possible the unnecessary death of this South Sudan hero political columnist Mr. Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan. SSIAHR members are so sad for this systematic organized crimes killing that are happening in the Republic of South Sudan on daily basis. This act of killing and torturing of our citizens, political and civil rights activists should be denounced for good by the government of South Sudan. We are sending our condolence to all South Sudanese Citizens, immediate family, relatives, and close friends of late Isaiah Diing. His death has been a shock and felt by all citizens of South Sudan.

The South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights (SSIAHR) is strongly condemning the killing of this political commentator Mr. Isaiah Abraham. Our members are blaming his death on the lack of security in Juba town because his assassins killed him in his Gudele residential area in Juba town. All concerned citizens of this country have perceived the fate of this brave man as an act of intended intimidation as well as politically motivated in nature so as to suppress the citizens voice on important issues.

On all accounts, should the government rightfully claim its innocent on this barbaric killing and other civilians torture in South Sudan, then let the predators be brought to justice. Simple statements without action do not suffice a hand-washing on this incident and fall short to meet both domestic and international standards with regard to human rights protection. Our citizens want the answer of now, the action of now, the why of now. And the SSIAHR is firmly against the human rights violators, and stands for the rights of the victims; strongly rejects all sorts of arbitrary arrests, political detention without fair trial, and any kind of abuses that are not acceptable under the Declaration of Human Rights codes.

We also condemn the killing of unarmed protester civilians in Western Bhar el-Ghazal State in the strongest terms. By far, it is unprecedented that the government of the Republic of South Sudan together with the government of Western Bhar el Ghazal State failed to work in accordance with the law of the land. Any government which is doing this must be accounted responsible for the loss of civilian lives and as well as their properties. No one can think of this incident to happen because Balanda civilians were trying to exercise their right with a peaceful demonstration. For the government to quell this demonstration forcefully like that is unacceptable. We and the good concerned citizens thought that if civilians were getting out of control the governor should have sent the police to disperse the crowd, not the Army. Shooting at civilian demonstrators who are acting on unjust government decision to transfer the capital of Wau County to Bagari was not or would never be acceptable without civil population approval. The use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators was unjustified from the governor Rizik Zechariah of Western Bhar el Ghazal.

We condemn the shooting range made by the SPLA or the local authority among the state government security that fired at protestors in such an abusive manner. The government of the Republic of South Sudan must work collaboratively to find the evidence of who ordered the killing of Balanda civilians in conjunction with the regional laws and with the state local law as well. We’re urging the national government to stand against their actions and cited with the Balanda victims that were killed while exercising their constitutional right that was guaranteed to them under Bill of Rights Part Two section (11, 12, ). In section (11), it is stated that “Every person has the inherent right to life, dignity and the integrity of his or her person which shall be protected by law; no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his or her life”. Also section (12) stated that, “Every person has the right to liberty and security; no person shall be subjected to arrest, detention, deprivation or restriction of his or her liberty except for specified reasons and in accordance with procedures prescribed by law”. Our nation should heavily invest in best minds and should not be substituting evil ones in instead.

For contact:

Peter Gatkuoth Wadar Kuel
Chairperson of South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights
Washington, Seattle USA
Phone: (206)393 2164
December 19, 2012
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