Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA: We are reprehensible to the unexpected death of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol

December 21, 2012 (SSNA) — To begin with, we would like to give our sincere and heart-felt condolences to Isaiah Diing’s family, his wives and children, siblings, and mother Rebecca Lueth Wel, the Spiritual leader and Pastor in God’s work, close relatives, and friends, Kongor and Twic East community. Therefore, as one family of Dinka Twic East, we feel the pain for the unexpected loss to the Greater Twic Community’s own son. This kind of unanticipated death hurts more than you know.  It is a big loss to the country of South Sudan as well as the world community for his unselfish work for the benefit of humanity.

First, we believe that Isaiah Abraham’s death was politically motivated because such kinds of death are not common in our culture. We believe in face-to-face confrontation where one can argue his point like most diplomats do. But this kind of act was a shock to the entire world, South Sudan as well as the people of the Twic East; we need due process and laws in order to prove the cause of the killings. In this case, we will wait for justice to take its course, as we always do. Dinka Twi East believes that an imperial and fair investigation is imperative.

We the Dinka Twi East people are known for our undeniable leadership style that is always fair and balanced to everyone through any extent of leadership it might be appropriate.

1. We are known for our humility, calmness, hospitality, transparency, non-violence behavior, care and kindness to everyone and our desire for mutual respect. We always believe in integrity and dignity of respecting others, and vice versa we demand that from our neighbors as well.

2. Historically, based on whole Dinka tribal history, we the Dinka Twic East people are known for our unselfishness and non-covetous behavior as historical records have shown. We have always acted this way with our neighboring tribes in the Jonglei State. This is what we represent as a people. Also we know that any others who have interacted with us can vouch for this behavior.

3. Our community is known for its law abiding attitudes. 

4. We strive to resolve any dispute by diplomatic means; however we recognize that this sometimes is not enough.

5. We will be diligent and deliberate in our pursuit of justice and the uncovering of the truth in order to bring to justice those who caused harm.

6. We are a respectful and dignified people who want peace with all our neighbors and wants harmony in the country.

7. No matter how our opponents might seem to test our will, yet we always prevail through any necessary way we can if it is our right.

8. Dinka Twi East people do not believe in cold-blooded or the spilling of precious blood of human beings in vain.

9. Our people love fighting that bear truth, if it is a truth based mission than we don’t stay away from spilling the blood for true cost.

10. We believe that this nation was founded by blood of the sons and daughters of South Sudan, who gave their life in order to bring back freedom of speech, worship, and establish our identity without fear or threats.

Secondly and more importantly, Citizens of Twic East Dinka, we need your calm during this challenging time of our people of Dinka Twic East test. Our spirit is being tested, as our reference to you all; most of you might be still remembering what happened to our people before, like these few memorable events in our land in in 1991. We the citizens of Twi Dinka or Greater Twic community at large just need justice to be done in regard to this case of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol. Mr. President and Vice President, your Administration is going to carry this man death cross because both of you know how leadership works, and/or where often the buck stops! So no matter what, your current Administration or the SPLM party is responsible when it comes to the security of citizens of South Sudan, and should always be vigilant to protect any single life. Always the praise and the blame are going to hang-upon the current leadership in any case. As the community of law abiding citizens, we are not going to point-fingers to any tribes or regions. We believe our message here is simple and crystal clear about what we need from the current Administration in regards to Rev. Isaiah Diing’s death.  We also joint our voices to other communities in South Sudan to alert our government that the whole world is watching and testing you carefully when it comes to human rights violation; we’re no longer in the times when things were executed in the darkness of shadows.

We are a community that always admires justice the most than violent, however; if justice is not being respected by our opponents. It is our concept to use any necessary ways we can to deal with our adversaries. Anyway, for us to not overdue anything ASAP, we just call upon President Kiir Mayardit, Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and the entire Administration’s to bring culprit [s] to justice through any possible ways that is consistence with South Sudan nation’s Constitutions and code of laws. President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, we need your Administration to hear our voices upon justice seeking concerning Rev. Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol’s death.

Signed by:

Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA
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