Burning down of national flag in Wau is a lack of patriotism

By: Mangong Mawien Madut

January 7, 2013 (SSNA) — Wau was not expected utterly to change from ascertainable attitudes to the worst of the all. It was known for being a peaceful and quite state in South Sudan. No more killings happened in Wau but after misunderstanding between some tribes and State governor Razik Zacheria with some government officials, Wau changed wholly from being a quite to too hot state which the innocent Dinkas from Lake, Warrap, Northern Barh el Ghazal and national flag of Republic of South Sudan having only one year and few months become the victims. And before the famous CPA which was signed in Kenya by our hero late Dr. John Garang and Ali Osman Taha, wau was a region headquarters of greater Barh el Ghazal region consisting four states since the British rule in Sudan. If the state governor of western Barh el Ghazal Razik Zacheria decided to take a town to people in the rural areas and it approved by state powerful officials, could it be taken in wrong way to the level that the national flag of the country which too 2millions South Sudanese to be hoisted is just burnt down within one minute with good colours on it especially black which resembles our skin and land? Without looking back into the history that ended with our beloved soldiers who offered their soul for the sake of flag to be hoisted in South Sudan. Was it really a protesting or rebelliou? I can’t believe that the protestors were moving tranguilly without carrying noxious matterials althought their loyalists’ claims. How did the national flag of the nation which took four decades and half to be recognised by international community, United nations, Africa union, United States and others international organisations become simple like a bottle, paper, stick, useless and other unfunctioned things to be burnt down if there is a kind of nationalism and respect of beloved heroes and heroeins? Were protestors angered with flag of South Sudan or they were disappointed over a decision taken by their state authorties? What connected protestors with flag of Republic while the decision was not taken by flag and innocent Dinkas? The thing is too much to be explained. Were those protestors really South Sudanese pure nationality or they forged the nationality.

Because if they were true South Sudanese then they could have not burnt the flag hoisted by blood poured on the whole ground of Sudan for the sake of this country. How did flag become rubbish now which fire is just put on it without a fearing of dignity? Or protestors thought they were burning Khartoum flag? A flag which all South Sudanese were proud of it,  claiming if they hoisted the flag of their country then economically, politically and militarily they must be powerful and defend South Sudan from any enemy is now become like slipper which a person buy and  throw away if it is become helpless and buy another one. It was not bad by the way for the Wau protestors to display their disconsolations on a decision taken by the governor but they must do it in peaceful way that can show and approve their nationalism to people of South Sudan instead of killing unconcerned civilians of others states and burn the flag. The action taken was absolutely Anti the country not an individual or decision if a proper interrogation is taken. Because flag does not belong to one person but to all the people of the nation irrespective of the positions they are holdings and tribes they belong. Protestors have betrayed the nation, wrecked the dignity of South Sudanese and brought shameful to greater Barh el Ghazal and particularly to themselves.

Many questions are still tarrying, how did Wau become a new Somalia in South Sudan in one minute, one day, one week, one month and one year? How did it happened? The incident is one hundred percent condemnable and must not go unpunished. Otherwise if such tratiors acts are forgiven then it will not be far away for the Somalization to take place in this nation, everybody will hold the law on his/her hand. The behaviours revealed by protestors are similar to that of Boko Aram fighting in Northern Nigeria,  Al shabab destabilizing Somalia and Al Qaedi in Arab world. Unless, such actions are reprimanded and controlled. The good thing is that the government has declared for an investigation to be done and instigators involved be brought to justices to stand and explain why they caused this heedless incident and burn the national flag. There will be no any a single destination for perpetrators to conceal and escape the law and accountability. Justices will teach them a good lesson to be an example to each and every one who thinks can imitate that manners.

Conclusion is an appeal to relatives of the victims of all states of greater Barh el Ghazal to remain calm forever for the dignity of South Sudanese and allow the government to make an investigation despite how long justice will take place.

The Author can be reached at [email protected]

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