Greater Akobo MPs condemn the killing of innocent civilians, urge peaceful coexistence, and call on the central government to do more

Press Statement By Greater Akobo MPs
Jonglei State Legislative Assembly-Bor

Bor, February 11, 2013 (SSNA) — 1. On 8th February 2013, Murle armed militia launched a surprise attacks on unarmed Lou Nuer cattle camps in Mantor and Jeer while moving their cattle to the Sobat river, killing more than 100 and wounded 67 people.  The armed Murle Militia together with Murle youth who refused to hand over their guns to disarmament authority managed to get away with more than ten thousands head of cattle  and 23 abducted women and children.

2. Priors to this attack, Murle youth carried out more than 15 attacks against Lou Nuer villages in Greater Akobo despite the signing of All Jonglei Peace and Reconciliation Conference which was held in May last year.

3. In 2012, Lou Nuer community accepted the peaceful disarmament for third time and handed over their guns peacefully without resistant hoping that the government will protects them and their properties and now the result is disastrous.

4. The Murle community, which is known to be notorious in raiding, abduction of children, and women of other communities refused to surrender their guns to disarmament forces.  They have therefore continued to be the primary cause of insecurity in Jonglei State, and are heavily armed by David Yau Yau’s militia in such a way that SPLA forces in the State cannot dare to confront them.

5. While National government is on calling for peace and reconciliation for all South Sudanese people, Murle community chooses war instead of peaceful coexistent.

6. Therefore, we are appealing to National Government and International development partners to remove the Murle “license to kills” people without accountability. For last 18 months Murle, armed youth took advantages of unarmed Lou Nuer civilian by carry out systematic killings in Mantor, Jeer, Wek, and Romyieri, these massacres mounted an ethnic cleansing.

Our appeal to National Government and International Community

1. There is need for more SPLA forces to be deploys to protect disarmed civilian and their property from armed Murle civilian.

2. All children, women and cattle looted by Murle after Peace and Reconciliation Conference unaccounted for must be return to their rightful owners if peace has to prevail in Jonglei State.

3. Immediate provisions of emergency food reliefs to those affected by this senseless violent.

On behalf of Greater Akobo MPs in Jonglei State Legislative Assembly, we condemn this endless attack against innocent civilian by David Yau Yau and his allies’ militia in stronger words. We are calling for Murle people to accept peace and stability in our state.

Sign by:-

1. Hon. Khorhok Gal Gar, Nyirol County
2. Hon. Deng Chol Bei, Akobo County
3. Hon. Moses Gatkuoth Lony, Uror County


1. Governor of Jonglei State
2. Speaker of Jonglei State Legislative Assembly
3. United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)
4. Murle Community
5. Media
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