Petition Against Brutal and Intentional Killing of Marol Marial Awur


February 22, 2013 (SSNA) — We, the undersigned family members, relatives and friends of late Marol Marial Awur write to urge Governments of Western Bahr El Ghazal and Warrap States, in which Marol was innocently killed in a shared states’ border of Western Bahr el Ghazal – Mapel and Warrap, where arrested culprits hailed from. According to late Marol’s brothers and chiefs’ brief investigation during search and current investigation; it was found out that John Mawan Kulang and Thou Dhaal Akoon were behind Marol’s brutal and willful killing on 23rd December 2012. The two culprits are persons from Tonj in Warrap State.

Today marks two months of nightmare to late Marol’s children, wives, relatives and friends having lost their dear one – Marol Marial Awur. We applaud the two state governments for their efforts to bring justice to decease and family as depicted by apprehension of all the accused, who are currently under arrest in Wau prison of Western Bahr El Ghazal state, in whose territory in Mapel where late Marol’s body was found laid by roadside.

Before concluding to seek an arrest of John Mawan Kulang and Thou Dhaal Akoon, late Marol’s brothers and their chiefs were in Tonj where late Marol disappeared mysteriously on the evening of 22nd December 2012. While investigating of what happened, an eye witness told late Marol brothers and chiefs that he was killed using sticks that he was beaten up to death while sleeping and after the murderers confirmed that he was dead, they put him on a motorbike and headed to Wau road, where his body was found dumped near Mapel SPLA barrack.

Early morning of 23rd December 2012, a woman who left her house to fetch water found a dead body with head marks resemblance of Agaar Jieng (Dinka) of Rumbek in Lakes State. She ran to inform SPLA soldiers in Mapel of the body laid by roadside. The soldiers came, took the body to Mapel Military barrack for recognition, thus, those who knew Marol Marial Awur confirmed that he was the one – dead, hence called to inform us as family from Rumbek that Marol was longer with us.

Late Marol left Rumbek on 11th December 2012 intending to go to Rumbek North (Maper) to buy cows for his family homestead. On reaching Maper, he was told that cattle prices are lower in Riengnhom in Tonj East County than other auctions around those areas.

Late Marol thought it wise and he accepted to proceed to Riengnhom. While in Riengnhom, he met John Mawan Kulang, who deceived him of having cattle and AK 47 for sell, but these items were in Thiet, hence the two set for Thiet to get cattle and AK 47 rifle.

While in Thiet, the accused John Mawan Kulang asked late Marol for an amount of 1,500 SSP as installation. Late Marol gave him as part of an agreement. Mr. Mawan then told late that the gun has been taken to Tonj, thus they need to proceed there. Reaching Tonj, Mawan demanded another amount of 1,100 SSP to make up a total cash of 2,600 SSP as price for AK 47, and cattle prices will be determined on view.

Whereas in Tonj, Mawan kept dodging late Marol, thus, the two picked up a hot quarrel, and disappeared three days later on. John Mawan Kulang stand accused by us family as murderer of our son.

We, as family urge the two states authorities to treat this matter with concern and just-driven that it deserves for innocent life or Marol Marial Awur has been taken for no cause at all. We are equally feeling pain of the loss as any other family and womb would do.

It is our prayer as family, relatives and friends that justice will prevail as shown by the detention of the two culprits in Wau. Previous records do have it across South Sudan prisons have open gates, thus gives free passage for murders to go away with their wrongdoing. We guess this isn’t the case here.

Tracking records of John Mawan Kulang from his home village and region of Warrap show that he is a serial killer who has had killed 23 persons across the borders of Lakes and Warrap states. In these killings, he evaded justice on several occasions. Typical example is killing of late son of Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol when he was raided with cattle in 2009. Some of which his family borne the brunt to compensate those he killed innocently over the years.

Therefore, we urge all authorities involved in this venture to convey justice with all prudence and concern of our family, relatives, friends, and South Sudanese people across South Sudan as a country.            It is better to weed out one bad vegetable which is contaminative than allowing it to breed bad more seeds. Mawan is one bad bark in the eyes of South Sudanese these three states of Warrap, Lakes and Western Bahr el Ghazal.

May justice be accorded all due right and obligation as enshrined in South Sudan Transitional Constitution July 9th 2011 for prosperous South Sudan nation?

Signed by:

1. John Makhoi Marial Awur
2. James Bol Marial Awur
3. Sunday Marial Awur
4. Amer Akot Majuot
5. Athieng Ruop Maciek
6. Matoc Marol Marial
7. Makol Marol Marial
8. Malony Marol Marial
9. Nyingang Marol Marial
10. Aluerkoc Marol Marial
11. Cholhok Marol Marial
12. Rial Marol Marial
13. Yar Marol Marial
14. Matur Mapuor Machuol
15. Mabor Riak Machiek
For contact, please don’t hesitate to call or write on to us at:
John Makhoi Marial Awur
Tel: +211920919495 or [email protected]
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