Book Launch: Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful? A new viewpoint on Race, Color and Racism

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Many people take the color used to describe them for their essence, their humanity. They don’t see it only as mere description, whether fitting or vilifying. Why are people proud of their descriptions (color) instead of their true essence: humanity? How would we call someone who’s simply proud of his/her Race?

Calgary, Alberta – April 1, 2013 (SSNA) — South Sudanese prolific author and poet, Kuir ë Garang, launches his sixth book, Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful? Dehumanizing and Intentional Ethics of Descriptions and Vilifying Philosophies of Naming, on April 6, 2013 in Forest Lawn Library (12.00 pm – 2.00 pm). The launch will showcase the book to the Canadian public and present a new angle through which Canadians should tackle Racism.

Racism is a phenomenon we all hate and would want to eliminate. However, long after the end of slavery, racial segregation and colonialism, Racism still shows its face in our everyday lives. This book redefines Racism and the essence of Color as related to people, and present a new angle through which our fight against Racism can be facilitated.

The book humbles those who harbor ‘racist’ feelings and gives a voice to those whose racism has been a continuous burden. The book also subjects everyone to self-re-evaluation in an attempt to humble humanity. A strongly inculcated and meaningful humanity can only be underlined by real humility. A humble self doesn’t discriminate.

The book is now available for sale on all online retail stores and will soon be available in book stores. The retail price of the book is 17.95 CAD.

The Author

Kuir ë Garang moved from Sudan to Canada in 2002 after having lived as a refugee in different African countries. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and has taken a number of graduate courses at University of Calgary.  He has strong grasp of philosophy and Race issues.

Having lived in Sudan under religious and racial discrimination and moved to Canada to be subjected to some form of racial biases, Kuir has a wealth of information to share. Kuir also has over four years of experience working with immigrants from different racial, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. He’s now published six books and he’s editing two more manuscripts.

His personal experiences in racially diverse environments, his philosophical training and his work with immigrants of all races and religions furnishes him with information that will be valuable to Canadians and the world in general.

For more information about the book and the author, visit WWW.KUIRTHIY.INFO or HTTP://THENILEPRESS.COM. For contact 587-892-1243 or [email protected]

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