Lou Nuer Community: ‘The Southern Eye Newspaper has published the picture of a Wrong guy’

Official Release from the Lou Nuer Community

April 6, 2013 (SSNA) — The Lou Nuer Community both at home and in Diaspora has deeply condemned the publication of Peter Reat Gatkuoth Both’s picture on the public news paper as Jonglei State Rebel leader, David Yau Yau.  The Lou Nuer Community will treat this act as serious crime and harassment to Peter Reat in particular, and the Lou Nuer Community as whole.  The Picture was published by the Southern Eye Newspaper on 3/11/2013, and it is attached below.  

Peter Reat Gatkuoth is well known member in the Lou Nuer Community. He was born and raised in (Waat) Lou Nuer, now Nyirol County.  Peter Reat immigrated to Canada and has been residing in Alberta, Canada for the last 10 years. He has actively been participating not only in the Lou Nuer Community activities, but also in the larger South Sudanese Communities both in Diaspora and at home.  

Peter Reat Gatkuoth is scholar and one of the well educated individuals in the Nuer Community, and in South Sudan community in Diaspora. He holds a Master of Art from the United Nation University, with International Law and Human Rights.  We honored his education as community, and highly valued his contribution to the larger illiteracy in the South Sudan.  Peter Reat fit in the category of the World Leadership and intellectuals; he deserved to be respected like any other educated person in the world.  

Peter Reat is a true Nuer, he has traditional marks on his forehead just like any Nuer man. He should not be mistaken with Murle man who has no Nuer marks at all. Peter Reat’s physical appearance alone does not match or posses any similarity with David Yau Yau. The South Sudan’s Southern Eye Newspaper should not make such mistake to publish his picture as criminal David Yau Yau. We believed the act was intentional, and the culprit must pay the price at Peter Reat’s request.

We recently learnt that Peter Reat is currently traveling to South Sudan East Africa. We apprised the South Sudan Government and its Security agencies to stay aware for Peter Reat’s safety. The South Sudan Government will need to inform the Security organs from the neighboring East African Countries to avoid any further harassment to Peter Reat.  The Lou Nuer Community will keep track of Peter Reat’s Location while in South Sudan, or any other places in East Africa until he return home in Canada.

Submitted by the Lou Nuer Community Emergency Team in Diaspora.
Cc: Minister of Information and Broadcasting: Hon. Barnaba Marial Benjamen
Cc: Minister of Justice. Hon. John Luk Jock Ruach
Cc: Minister of National Security. Hon. Oyay Deng Ajak
Cc: Jonglei State Governor: Hon. Kuol Manyang Juuk
Cc: Southern Sudan Human Rights Commission
Cc: Nuer Community in Diaspora and home
Cc: Jonglei Community in Diaspora and home (JPF)
Cc: Lou Nuer community in Diaspora and home

The picture [above] was published on 3/11/13, by the Southern Eye Newspaper (See-click next photo number two on top-right).

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