Bahr el Ghazal got no partner to make war

By Diu Tut Deng

July 31, 2013 (SSNA) — The greater Bahr el ghazal region held a conference three months back to cemented it regional policy to back up General Salva Kiir Mayadit in the expected election in 2015, the conference went on to underlined it resolutions to the Republic of South Sudan that the greater Bahr el ghazal strongly confirmed that it will be behind the president general Salva Kiir in the 2015 election and beyond, we are against anybody who need to challenge kiir in the election, the mobilization came  when the power wrangling seen between president kiir and his former deputy Machar. The Bahr el ghazal recently celebrated the decree issued by president Salva kiir on July 23 2013 which dissolved all the cabinets included the relieving of his vice Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the people went on streets for the support of the presidential decree specially the removal of the VP Riek that created the worry on others regions those were not bias and this has shown to us that Bahr el ghazal region got no partner to make war.

It is very clear that the president has the constitutional rights to remove and appoint his deputy as read in the article 104 (1,2) of the transitional constitution of the Republic 2011, but the Bahr el Ghazal made it wonder to hijack the decision of our president by celebrating the constitutional mandate. The South Sudan people had witnessed so many presidential decrees for the government reshuffling since day one of the Goss till July 23  and  wasn’t happened the celebration, the fact fall in between because those years of rationalizing the government the VP was constantly in the office. The celebration tell us the two important things first, it tell us that the president of the Republic decided after Bahr el Ghazal region and act or react in the interest of Bahr el Ghazal second, it tell us that the former VP was a threat to the Bahr el Ghazal region as they think that the power is the regional power rather than the national power where their man free them from the risk by relieving him. The two regions Equatoria and Upper Nile remained silent to leave the entire constitutional onus in the hands of the president with the exception of the individual expression.

The regional policy lingered peril to the new state South Sudan as that political methodology is diverted and hijacked by regions that manufacturing the tribalism. Bahr el Ghazal would have done it better if went on  streets for the Ayei referendum campaign due to take place in October this year and the support of Nine Ngok Dinka chiefdom that likely to lost their determination because of  the division created by the regionals policies. Ayei is so important than Dr. Riek ‘s removal it would be genuine if were beating the drum of war about Ayei than looking the partner to make war among ourselves. This scenario reminds me with an African proverb that don’t let yourself drawn nearer to the dying elephant it will fall on you.

The dysfunctional political status of the Bahr el Ghazal made the bloodshed ready for the Republic of the South Sudan which will be unavoidable, you might view at me wicked but the fact remained un overturn. It would be easily to other regions to adapt this policy simply because they may see it is the way to power that should ignored the political parties no matter how well your name known in the South Sudan to gain South Sudanese majority. The ticket to the presidency will base on the regions and it will result in violent at the last minute or before the last minute. The Equatoria region had conducted it conference earlier between 14 to 16 February 2013 and didn’t identified it political color where the Upper Nile held no conference, but we didn’t know if they are ready made for some body. The hostile regions will start the resistance to one another with unpredictable end.  We don’t know up to this extend how the head of state had calculated this great loss on underway and accepted his regional power to be the mechanism to obtain power, but the threat from regional dogma is that when it lead in to the conflict it will not easily be minimized and it might let three regions in to small independent governments which will take some year to reunite. 

In this circumstances it need leader whose his nationalism is more profounder than his regionalism because regional war or tribal war is more ferocious than National defense it doesn’t have coward and is likely to cost the lives of 2.5 million in a year that were paid for more than 22 years during struggle for our today‘s freedom.

The writer is a south Sudanese who is concerned with what might happen in the country and he can be reached with email. [email protected]

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