Responding to brother Mapuor Marial Paweer’s negative criticism to Nuer youth‘s article

By Weirial Gatyiel Puok Baluang

August 2, 2013 (SSNA) — My dear readers of the esteemed juba monitor newspapers, I am writing to the tribal respond made by the above mentioned friend on the 1st of august 2013 vol.3 issue no 142 titled’’ Response to article written, July 30 2013 vol.3 issue no 141.

I am surprised to read the article of an ordinary citizen like the above friend of mine who is challenging a marvelous civil organization like Nuer youth Union while he is not even fit the Union’s under shoes.

Ladies and gentlemen I am neither a member of the Nuer youth union’s executive committee nor member of the council of the union, but a simple and an ordinary member since it is for the whole Nuer youths. If the criticism were to be done by a well-organized body or those high ranking tribal politician whom the last article of the Union was directed to, I would not have comment because a body or organization is big for me and I am not a politician. I have just responded Mr. Mapuor’s deadly advice because he is a simple person like me. Ladies and gentlemen I myself I have read through the whole of the Nuer youth’s article of that day with careful, then I found it was factual with the detailed evidence. Nuer youth union’ executive are too sympathy in dealing with the social, economic as well as political issues relating to our country in a good way. Nuer youths speak less but Reasonable unlike the talkative liars. Nuer youth union did not called for war as thought by the tribalist Mapuor. They have just warned the tribal minded politicians who have send their kids of their respective states to go to the streets to show their celebration for the removal of our live Hero Dr Riek Machar Teny whose vision brought the independence of south Sudan. And also the Union has just sent a warning to the Ugandan President Museveni who doesn’t know how much and many we cost for this nation to be an independence nation? Mapuor is trying to discredit the Respective Nuer Youth who shows the ways of democratic process last year when they voted for their leaders through the ballot box for the first time in the history of our country. Mapuor went far by mentioning that Dinka are not the Tribalist unlike the rest of sixty three tribes, could that be true? Are you the unwanted mapuor who is a commentator at website whose comments are nonsense? If you are not a tribal minded youth brother than why do you only mentioned the so called Bor massacre and leave the Gajaak Nuer massacre and the innocent children and women who were simply killed in Eastern Equatoria state?

When I read the funny line of my friend Mapuor which goes like this ‘’’ Nuer community would have been asked to come out with whatever they have as a war potential while Dinka of Greater Bhar elgazal can only come out with stones ‘’’’ it really makes me laugh. Nuer and Dinka have known each other who and what they are, therefore no need to tell how brave you have become these years after the fights.

Have you ever participated in a war or fight against the Nuer? You supposed to ask the elders before picking up your French pen and write something which is beyond your knowledge. Is Mapuor a true south Sudanese, if the answer is yes than why is he accusing Dr Riek Machar of believing to get into power through violence? Haven’t you heard by the time he was removed when he ordered the people from different walks of life to remain calm? I am aware that most of you are greedy for the DR Riek Machar’s good qualification in term of development and different good things among the entire people of south Sudan. DR Riek will not be in power through the violence but through every south Sudanese’s vote including your votes, because everything is time, if person is to vote secretly than he/she vote only for the right person in the right place. Mr Mapuor went far by pointing that Dinka are the only people who fought for the national army, what does he meant? I cannot understood, unless through the help of my wonderful Readers. For every one’s information all the 64 good Tribes have participated in the liberation of this country.

The 1991 split of the two Senior Heroes, DR Riek and the late DR Garang Resulted in what we are enjoying today. To my best knowledge if Dr Riek didn’t went back to the SPLM whose vision was for the Unification of the two Sudans, I don’t think that there would be a total freedom like what we call the Republic of south Sudan. Dr Riek was among the fathers who fought for this land that your greedy tribe men are expecting it to be a Kingdom. Dr Riek whom few of your incompetent politicians of your tribe men are opposing by mobilizing only few Dinka youths to keep on insulting him on the media must be respected since he respects all the 64 south Sudanese identities.

Last but not least, Nuer youth Union body which Gatpaul [writer] come from is a peaceful civil organization and cannot be tarnished by simple writer like Mapuor. Therefore the body of the Union must remain calm, it is true that youth are the future of this country and they should not be used by the politicians to be against their age mate in the government of the near future.

Weirial Gatyiel is a concerned citizen of South Sudan; he can be reach through [email protected]

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