Thiang Nuer Youth Association of Fangak County Calls Upon Authorities to Find Solution to Ongoing Youth Conflicts

Press Release

Juba, Ocotber 6, 2013 (SSNA) — Fangak County is in the Northern-Western part of Jonglei state with its Headquarters at Fam al Zaraf Town. This is where you can find all local government’s offices and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) are located, so the town is exactly near the riverside at the intersection point of Nile-Zeraf Rivers.

The majority of this county population is in an Island and the people in this county are pastoralists, growing crops for personnel use. This Island-county is all a semi-swampy area unlike other ten counties of Jonglei state. Over the last two years, the county had consecutively witnessed poor harvest due to floodwater or plenty of rainfalls.

Likewise, this year the similar is also been expecting to happen, however, this year poor harvest may be triggered by much flooding from Phou or Zeraf- Nile-River, which is now flooding toward residential areas and dry land where people are living. However, we are highly appreciating the useful role that the local Youth have been playing, by making dykes to prevent floods from entering the houses.

In addition, because of a flooding that is spreading rapidly, this possibly increases the risk of infection of water-borne diseases. However, either less is expected that the county’s authority would be able to apprehend the situations, since there is a shortage of medicines—all healthy equipment, food, and non-food items among others.

Another important point that needs the local government to assert more efforts on is very disturbance news of Youth who still primitively and occasionally engaging in useless-old traditional conflicts that freshly re-occurred on September 2013. The Youth members who have lost their lives because of those Unfortunate clashes while some have reported to be in a critical conditions are indeed a great loses. Moreover, our condolence message goes to relatives and innocent families who lost their dear sons to meaningless fight.

Therefore, we the concerned Youth Association in Juba, the Thiang  Nuer Youth would like to call upon the humanitarian Organizations (NGOs), Local, State and National Governments to implement if possible the following recommendations, in order to evade future inconveniences.   

1. Local government at the first place should try its level best or find possible means to curb very urgently the clashes among the local Youth in the County.

2. The second mean should be an immediate removal of the traditional weapons (spears… etc.) from the hands of those local Youth all over the county.

3. National and State governments as well as humanitarian agencies (NGOs) should also intervene by providing humanitarian aids and medicines to help prevent anticipated spreading of diseases.

Thiang Nuer Youth Association (TNYA)
Juba, South Sudan
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