Analysis About Coming of Bashir to South Sudan

By Peter Gai Manyuon

October 22, 2013 (SSNA) — I was wondering and still wondering about President Bashir coming to Juba because, he term South Sudanese people as “insect” however, since last week, people have been discussing about Bashir coming to South Sudan, other have leave what they were supposed to do with the agenda of Hassan EL-Bashar, moreover his coming is not something that need happiness because his behavior is bogus to the people of South Sudan at large.

The President of the Republic of Sudan Mr. Bashir does not deserve to be allowed to enter the territory of South Sudan due to many issues that all South Sudanese nationals are aware of in the current politic of the two Sudan. Bashir is known of his criminality worldwide in global context that is why he was burned from entering other countries in Africa and even the world at large. How Can South Sudan allow the criminal that is being indicted for the crime against Humanity ?,because the thousands lives that had been loss during the civil war and Darfur issue have been counted to Bashir of Northern Sudan.

The coming of Bashir to South Sudan does not change anything and will not bring anything to the Republic of South Sudan but rather complications will emerge after just some days. People are leaving their jobs, just waiting for Bashir who is criminal and people who is born dictator. The number of people that were killed by Bashir. We all know that Mr. Hassan EL-Bashir violated many agreements that were signed between South Sudan as the Republic and Khartoum Government since the declaration of the Independency of the people of South Sudan in 2011. His coming to Juba does not please any one at this particular period of time. His coming is increasing the complications of issues that are hugging like Abyei Issue and border Demarcation as well. People always waste time.

Looking back in 2010, Bashir called South Sudanese people as “insect” and that term alone disqualified the most known dictator in Sudan history to come to the territory of the South Sudanese people. First of all, Bashir is supposed to apologize first before coming to the Republic of South Sudan, because most of South Sudanese people are not happy with the way Bashir manipulated the wills and aspirations of the people of South Sudan.

However, it was not logical enough for Bashir to be given good security in South Sudan more than other Internationals icons and other Africans icons. His reputation in the eye of the people is not good and does not bring any legitimacy to the citizen of this great nation.

I was surprised when I was going to my office on Tuesday 22th of October 2013, I found that all roads have been closed because of the protection of Bashir, I was told to go back and use any road that can take me to my office.

When you look in to that, you find that people are violating Human rights in South Sudan, every citizen as the right to free movement regardless of what might be the circumstances. They are not supposed to close all roads in Juba, like if people have nothing to do in the Country. It seems like most of the people who work for different organizations and private companies were blocked because no road for them to pass to their destinations.

Projections about Bashir Coming to Juba

When you evaluate and contextualized the coming of the most known dictator, you find that, his coming to Juba is to blind fool President Kiir about the ongoing issues that are on the hand between two Countries. If am not mistaken, his coming is for luxury not implementation of the Cooperation agreements that were signed by two Presidents. Bashir is known as a most notorious person whose mission on earth is to manipulate and disorganized realities that are supposed to help people in one way or the other. The question is, will he leave Leadership like Gatdafir of Libya?

The author is the Independent Journalist and a writer who wrote extensively on the issues of democratization and human rights in South Sudan, you can contact him through: [email protected]

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