Isolation of Hon Both Diu in South Sudan’s History is Ironical

By Peter Gai Manyuon

November 20, 2013 (SSNA) — Sudan by then was colonized by Europeans which mean British, The Angola-Egyptians rules and many more turns my British officers in the region in early 1900s. To come to the reason why am calling for the recognition of a senior icon  ,Hon Both Diu in 1955 was the Secretary –General for Liberal party that organized a conference in Juba where Stansilaus Paysama as the President of the party and in the conference ,Hon Both demanded for Federalism for South Sudanese citizens  which people are talking about now and in 1955 also there was the trail of Elia Kuze, one of the Liberal member who was also representing South Sudanese in the parliament resist against Arabs rule in Yambio and that is why in 1981 and 1901 wage armed resistance against colonial rule killing British Officers and soldiers and the Governor of Bahr-el Ghazal in 1924.

Interestingly, most of South Sudanese people are making short cuts about the history of the nation moreover, the ideology of self-fishiness, tribalism and corruption is destroying the history of the people of South Sudan. Hence, when you look at all sign posts in South Sudan; you find that even those who did not contribute in one way or the other in liberating this land are put there on the sign posts like that one near South Sudan National Legislative Assembly, leaving good pictures of the liberators in this land of black people. What a confusing situation is South Sudan going?

Background of Both Diu is known as the only icon and a first liberator who spoken widely about the freedom of the people of South Sudan from the serious oppressions, most of the people when through in the history of the Sudan at all.

Since the liberation, honorable Both Diu was the first Member of the Parliament in Sudan. He was the first person who advocate for the self-determination and freedom of the people of South Sudan and he was hated by many people by then especially the Islamists who dictates the black people from their determination and lack of freedom of expression, serious humiliations of the real people of the land because we all know that, Arabs just migrate from the Arabs world.

Both Diu was the man that really represents the people of Southern Sudan by then, and his leadership was recognized as the best, full with intellect and wisdom at the same time. He represents people for some years in the parliament of Khartoum, and one of his visions was the separation of the South Sudanese from the northern Islamists that had happened on the 9th of July 2011, and people of this nation got recognized internationally, regionally because of him if am not mistaken.

However, since South Sudanese got Independency, Hon Both Diu was not recognized in any gathering in one way or the other in South Sudan. I don’t know whether people minds focuses on current history where some people want to make short cuts and leaving the realities and facts which took place from 1945 -2005.

The issue of tribalism and hatred is taking this great nation to the darkness, because some people want to be remembered when they have not contributed any single thing to the South Sudanese during the serious struggle that had took more than 2.5 million lives. Those who are opportunists are trying day and night to conflicts the interested history of the people of this nation, but I don’t thinks whether they will managed to make all the manipulations ,what I know is that, history can not disappear my dear compatriots.

The Author is the Independent Journalist who wrote articles extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan, you can contact him through: southsudanjournalist@gmail. The author is also writing a book on tribalism and corruption in the Republic of South Sudan.

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