Pugilism Over the Case of Human Rights Abuses in Pibor County—Jonglei State

By Diu Tut Deng

November 19, 2013 (SSNA) — The deliberate conscious searchfor Jonglei state conflict remained uncompleted especially in the Pibor County. The atrocity in Pibor acted as the assault against renegade David Yau Yau who regurgitated his rebellion after dishonored the presidential pardon in December 2011 as the pardon did not met his wishes, by the main National army known as SPLA. The SPLA resistant to Yau Yau took the outlet killing to the civilians related to Murle Ethnic group at the areas of battle fields which many of the right bodies had quoted to be Human Right Violation since the situation becomes worsen.

This circumstance created the pugilism over the case of Human Right abuse in Pibor County from government notwithstanding the South Sudan Government has visualized the synthesis of blood in God loving land Pibor which had succeeded the South Sudan struggle over the years, the fact remained that assault was done with the instruction from the head of state who is the commander-in-chief of the SPLA General Salva Kiir Mayardit and the right person to declare war to the rebellion as well as external war that can’t bring confusion of who is to be accounts for this atrocities Nationwide and particularly in Pibor County. From this point the leaders need not to be panic over the case of human right in the country and boxing the less weight officers, this will seem to be a grudges chip on their shoulders to their low ranking officers.

The government needs prudence and sound judgment over Pibor case, it requires a mental disposition of thinking before doing and acting in the light of facts, rather than guesses. If we have to view the nature of carnages in Pibor, those who fought them, army deployment we would have to discover the hidden agenda from our beloved government to kill the innocent civilians in the areas where rebels were fighting government troops because the commanders in the sector and it divisions were in coordination of  officers from one tribe and deployed by the same Kiir who is the Commander-in-Chief of the SPLA with his underground itinerary, he  declared war on rebels and now want to distant himself from the bloodshed in Pibor forgetting that he was directing his subordinates to do whatsoever he (Kiir) says to be done and the field supervisors got no choice to boycott that. But now the Murle blood is crying to find the means and the ways on how to get the killers to book at Hague (ICC) and in fact no one else would be account for this except Kiir to defend himself when case reached the table at the ICC.

The General Kiir and the people of Republic of south Sudan should have to learned from the world conflicts where criminal leaders were led behind the bars for their genocides and war crimes against humanity, when the Iraq started it atrocities, it had appeared like the Pibor problem because  the former Iraq president Saddam Hussein had had targeted Barzani tribe in Kurdish region in Northern Iraq and deal away with them before clearance of Shia Muslim later because of opposing his government by then, also the Sudan conflict, Omar Hassan Ahmed   El Bashir was fighting Justice and Equality movement (JEM) and  Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) rebels in Eastern Sudan Darfur region, his troops and his militias Janjaweed have used this credibility of the word rebels and done the ethnic cleansing of the non-Arabs tribes and non-rebels members  in Darfur and none of the field commanders are needed by ICC today with exception of Bashir while Bashir was in Khartoum just like Saddam who was in Baghdad, not overlooking the case of Charles Taylor the former Liberia President, Taylor was not in the field neither his country  atrocities but was partially indigent to distant himself from horrendous crimes enriched by Revolutionary  United Front (RUF) rebel which was led by Foday Sankoh in neighborhood Sierra Leone and bargaining from what was so called “blood diamonds”.  Because Taylor was responsible for “aiding and abetting as well as planning for some of the most heinous and brutal crimes recorded in the human life history he was convicted and sentence to 50 years in prison.”

If we Compare this to Pibor, President Kiir  beleaguered Murle tribe in Jonglei State as a remuneration to them the danger of their son Yau Yau to every member in the county, If I am not mistaken, there was no reason to kill Wildlife officer Brigadier Korok who was on his government duty, he died with his traditional chiefs simply because of their ethnicity and the same government he (Korok) serves caused  his succumbs on earth, and because of such a suspicions, order and directing  were the crucial means which Saddam Hussein missed his luxurious world while he was not in the field, in the battle of Hillah city, Anabr and Amara just to mention a few.

So if we have to ask ourselves, Why Saddam Hussein being accounted to death internationally at his Golden chair? What of General Kiir on his wooden chair?  These answers will exist to you when you have your time to think on this.

Hence, our search for this substance would overwhelm the couching of the hook for fishing and get exactly who have really assassinated murle in all the courses interrelated to rebellion in the area. In fact we knew critically that James Otong Riek was implementing what commander-in-chief and chief of general staffs have agreed upon and argued him to imbedding and execute it with the immediate effect, this, just  like common criminals he (Kiir) tried to hide the evidence and flooding the corporate media with propaganda by accusing the  SPLA field  commanders on the murdering as if he (Kiir) is a most honorable man in the Republic, when in fact, he is the most coddled bandit and Killer without hesitation.

The SPLA becomes notorious for its mutilations, torturing, killing, looting, and raping  at all areas where the rebels appeared, such as Mayom county of Unity State where Papiny Matuil took arms against government, and Shilluk area where Johnson Uliny identified himself as a rebel and at the Greater Fangak where George Athor appeared, those international crimes were definitely committed and General Kiir did not advice  his Forces as the commander-in-chief who can discipline the army not to kill their protective. The Mayom county, Shilluk and Greater Fangak were not lucky enough to grasped their voice Internationally while with the help of international monitoring, murle weeping has had reached the core value of crimes solution which may one day trapped the neck of the perpetuator (this is the president of the republic).  

Kiir Position in the atrocities:     

A book’s title is being read from the cover. When we read the face of our president, Kiir has got no single symbol of peace to be read on his face as a president, he does not having peace even for himself if you have actually observed his exhaustive appearance. Kiir has lost the sense of belonging and devotion, he never dreams of how to bring peace to the Nation he lead, he only knows how to creates problems and this came true when he canceled the National reconciliation and healing. If we have to observe Kiir‘s peace status someone must somehow mesh from this experience that President is using divide and rule policy which is a digging of  many graves to his citizens. He always cares of Bahr el Ghazal states where his home state is and only thinks of how to marginalize the rest and always set his government tribally with the different tribal ideology and corruption. President Kiir has got no way to escape from the case because he is So much affiliated with all outrages in Pibor and he does not has right to order the arrest of James Otong while in fact he was the very one.

When the SPLA spoken person announced the arrest of Brigadier James Otong, he said “We have arrested James Otong Riek who is currently behind bars in response to charges brought against units he commanded while deployed in Pibor County. General Otong was not murderous at all, but failed to discipline the army he commanded, Aguer went on and said the pressure from International community on government compelled president Kiir to take action and order the arrest.” So from this point if Kiir was not behind the Pibor Killing why did he order the arrest of the murderous after external pressure, while he knows very well that Murle are dying? Secondly he is a commander-in-ship of the SPLA, Is he the one to discipline the army or brigadier Otong to do so?

President Kiir has got no ground to claim these nonsenses of arrest of any General he believed to be his cell of protection for the killings of civilians through his orders, he should not confused the chain of command which deal away with murle now and their blood will ask him one day.

In conclusion the International community should take critical judgment on this case not the innocent officers to suffer in the hands of President who have identified himself a dictator nationwide, he has to answer this.

The writer is a south Sudanese who is concerned with lives of innocent persons in the country and he can be reached at [email protected]

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