South Sudan’s Government is Like a Child with Paralysis

By Peter Gai Manyuon 

November 25, 2013 (SSNA) — My dear Country men and ladies, having contextualized the government of Kiir in Juba, I have seen it like a child with paralysis because some times when a child had polio, he/she cannot move well and hence ending up using stick or wheel chair to move from one place to another. Government of Mayardit is almost coming to an end because the high level of disorganization within the system from the top up to bottom that is happening right now; it will lead to the collapse of the regime if I am not mistaken. The current issue of not giving the salaries of the civil servants will be the cause of the overthrow of the regime any time unless the Ministry of Finance will reverse its policy and also the ongoing increase of food items prices because most of the traders raised the price due to the decree from the Governor of Central Bank; up to date the traders have got the opportunity to cheat people in one way or the other.

My overview and projections about South Sudan government  is that; by 2014 this newest state in the world will be automatically be level as the first failed state number one rather than the fourth failed state as per this year statistics is concern and will still be like a child with paralysis caused by the polio. The Government is dis-able and sick that needs a serious vaccination or diagnosis from doctors who are specialized in certain areas. The question now is, will people of South Sudan reach 2015 with a child who cannot move well?

The autonomous Republic of South Sudan needs a serious evaluation and monitoring from different stakeholders like the entire citizens , different political parties , civil society Organizations and the independent Institutions like the Media fraternity that act like the watchdog in every system of governance internationally or globally otherwise, we  have a big shame from other International and regional Communities as South Sudanese ;due to the low and limited intellect from the system of governance in the Republic of South Sudan.  

A country like a South Sudan is facing a lot of issues like Insecurity, primitive politics, lack of intellectual dynamism, too much corruption, chronic tribalism , Nepotism, no respect for the rule of law and human rights in place. Moreover looking at the system of governance under President Kiir Mayardit is bogus and too deforms that need serious re-structuring from 2015 onward because South Sudanese people are really facing lack of good leadership and freedom of expression and associations in their own Country.

However, for instance South Sudan is experiencing Constitutional crisis where the laws of the nation are not follow in the smooth way, the ruling regime is focusing on the promotion of tribalism , corruption ,sectarianism and regionalism if am not mistaken. Most of the people are advocating for the regional integrations like what had been taking place some months back when Equotoria region and Bhar –EL Gazal Region organized their conferences where they were talking about the issues of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), which is almost losing it meaning in South Sudan context.

First of all, the killing of late freedom fighter Isaiah Abraham is an indication of failed Government in South Sudan and more so, it had become the global agenda.

The insecurity issue within the Country had made some of the activists and Journalists leaving for exile like Dong Samuel Luak who was forced to leave the Country by the security agents, and also one of the writers Jon pen Ngong who was forced to exile as well due to the allegations that he use to write critical articles our the Government of President Kiir Mayardit.

Secondly the issue of lack for the respect of the rule of law and good governance in this Country is another crucial issue that needs serious diagnosis from all the different stakeholders in this Country because if the government does not response to the issues of public interests what should be done next in order for the people of South Sudan to have a peaceful co-existence with one another.

Thirdly, the ideology of promoting corruption in all the government institutions need to be observe with care because there is need for whoever will come in 2015 general elections to be prosecute or trail the culprits involved in public funds scandals.

The Government of South Sudan is like a child with polio; the government is paralyzed from the other two part of the Government because every Government consists of three arms like Executive, Legislative and Judiciary but for the case of the Republic of South Sudan, you find that only Kiir is every things, he is Judiciary, Legislative and Executive at the same time. What a confusing situation is South Sudan heading to? Where on earth will you find the head of the state doing everything alone?

Hence, why am refereeing this great nation like a child with paralysis is due to the current economic, political and social crisis where citizens of this Country are facing?

The author is Independent Journalist and a writer who had written articles extensive on issues of Democracy, Governance and Human Rights. He is currently writing a book on Corruptions and tribalism in South Sudan. You can contact him through;[email protected].

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