Pakeer and Ajuong Massacre: Another Jalle’s Massacre Style

What a nation under David Yau Yau’s Presidency?

By Francis Chagai Bol*

If our President Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit is unable to manage the insecurity with full protection of our parents and the country at large, what else would anyone thinks this president can do better than security which is his only qualification that he could claim better!

November 25, 2013 (SSNA) — The continuous murdering of our parents, abduction of children and cattle raiding is the biggest concern in Jonglei State. For instance, the last month attack at Maar and Paliau, which was carried out by the Murle militia group under the command of David Yau Yau was a total unacceptable destruction of humanity. Since the signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and after the country got her independence on July 9th, 2011, the killing has never stopped and the government is so reluctant to talk about the matter and come up with possible deterrent measures, against this crime and those who commit it.  What I find funny is that, in a nation with all types of Excellency and honorable titles given to few individuals out of their job rating performances under Commander in Chief President Salva Kiir Mayardit whose actions and lack of leadership skills prove him a powerless president!

This killing of our civilians by the same people, the same leaders of one state, in the same region of the Greater Upper Nile is nothing less of terrorist practices in the country.  I am completely disappointed with the way our President and the ruling Party Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) is running the government, year after year, in South Sudan. There is no explanation as to why the country should be in turmoil with such a huge number of Army at this time.   Besides, the South Sudan army, what is the purpose of having Peacekeeping forces of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)? What is Hilde Frafjord Johnson there for in South Sudan now? What is UN these UNMISS 5,884 civilians, 5,508 military and 376 police personnel doing? Who are they protecting other than the civilians?  What do our legislators in Bor and Juba think about it?  How would they get elected into both Parliaments without these vulnerable populations in these areas? Why don’t they resign from the government if they really care about lives more than materials?  

First, I have this message to the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM Party Dr. Riek Machar. Sir Dr. Riek, you have every right to leave our poor daughters from the poor parents in Upper Nile Region and get married somewhere with your son Mr. Teny Riek Machar, but those in-laws of both marriages will never vote for you when it comes 2015 general election in South Sudan. How will you get the votes of these poor populations without proven records of leadership in the Greater Upper Nile Region, before the rest of South Sudanese votes?

Second, I would like to pass this question to all leaders of the Murle Community and Mr. David YauYau himself.  Why killing other innocent civilians from other communities who have nothing to do with your loss of becoming a state Member of legislative Assembly (MLA) in April, 2010? Why don’t you fight the person who defeated you among the Murle people?  Also, I have been hearing that your claim is to have a separate state for the Murle People alone with a governor chosen among the Murles.  If this is a genuine vision, then why are you killing off the population in the land, since the Murle’s own State will not be inhabited by the grass and trees only but human population? For sure, the separate state will come through the head count of those individual whom your group and others are busy killing in Murle, Nuer, and Bor Community as well.  Doing this is totally disgraceful in my view!  This wave of massacres is a clear reduction of the population in the rural areas you are claiming to be a state governor. And I hope some of your advisors and wise Murle leaders should have told you this message clearly. If they don’t, then whoever you are listening to or is supporting your cause now will go and the Murle people will be there. What will be their future? Think about it Mr. David Yau Yau!

To Mr. Dau Akoi Jurkuch, your job of signing the Twic County’s name without unity!

Your job of signing the Twic’s name makes it like a new thing to me, which is not!  You are acting as if Twic County is a country by herself!  Whilst, there are evidences of no unity among the people you are representing within and the same thing between the other two counties around there!  You need unity among your people, because the Murle militias do also have counties likewise, but they always come to attack Nuer or Bor in form of Murle Community in the same county.  Please accept my condolences to the victims’ families and work hand in hand with the rest of Bor communities which is the best way to protect the civil population from the Murle militias and traitors of Khartoum backers group with mission to kill. The recent massacre which has resulted in the death of 79 people and 88 injuries during the fight with well-armed Murle Militias is unacceptable and cannot be negotiated through oral peace talk.  All these criminal atrocities are being carried out by the Murle tribe of Pibor County under the leadership of David Yau Yau and in presence of the new Governor Lt. General John Koang Nyuon.

Generally, Jonglei State never enjoyed any kind of freedom since independence like other states across South Sudan.  I believe the acting state Governor must go and complain to their leader Salva Kiir because he has failed them at the state level.  As a member and a citizen of Jonglei State, there is complete leadership failure in our state, but Our MPS in Bor and Juba are caught between greediness and leadership entirely. How can Kiir’s government  and army be allowed to make such claim of road as the reason why they have failed year after  year to reach those areas where the massacre took place in the case of Jalle on December 5th, 2011 and now with the recent killing in Pakeer and Ajuong October 20th, 2013 again? This kind of behaviors and inability to comprehend the current nature of insecurity in the state is the most disastrous thing this leadership with sharp-tongue and defiant attitude toward the people who helped make the SPLM/A to what it is today.

Finally, I would like to remind President Salva Kiir that pardoning criminals with amnesty is just a ticket to the destruction of the institution of law and a big encouragement of more lawlessness in the country. You must stop this game; it’s an act of powerless president not the real job of a Commander in Chief like you who got elected with almost 100 –percent votes by the same victims of the nation including Jonglei State.  Please, the Killing of our civilians in Maar- Paliau is an indication of the same type of Jalle’s massacre style which was carried out by the same David Yau Yau in a banana republic of South Sudan, a nation divided between you and the so-call David Yau Yau acted accordingly under his own Presidency in Jonglei State.

Francis Chagai Bol is a former Member of Red Army Battalion and a current Chairman of Bor Community in Edmonton, Western, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]

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