Is President Kiir a Part of the 75 Corrupted Officials?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

November 28, 2013 (SSNA) — People are really confused up to now whether the President of the Republic of South Sudan is part of the corrupted groups or not due to the fact that, he (President Kiir) does not persecute the culprits involved in public’s money. Since the time when South Sudan got Independence up to date, he had been telling the public that those who got involved in corruption malpractices in one way or the other will be held accountable for the misuse of resources of the new nation. The question is; is the President a part of this process or he fears to arrest the culprits? More interestingly, the person who always talks about zero tolerance and he is not implementing it, might be suspected of the involvement in one way or the other if am not mistaken.

People are still asking in the churches, schools and in publics gathering about the people involved in the corruption scandals in South Sudan from 2005 to date, and ask we speaks, there is no good answer from the Government of Kiir Mayardit and the President is also talking of zero tolerance to fight corruption in this Country and from that angle am making my own investigations using investigative Journalism knowledge that I have, to research more and find facts findings and also use internet tracking to come up with accurate book with well thoughts and recommendations that might act as the reference to the incoming general in South Sudan. It is good to document and use a qualitative and quantitative research to find out the real and facts about chronic corruption in South Sudan otherwise we are heading to darkness.

I am writing a book on the issues of corruption cases in the Republic of South Sudan. Am dealing on how the corruptions are link to the tribalism, nepotism in the current government where public issues are coming through one person which is beyond people wishes. Moreover, I would also be contextualizing on the 75 officials who were part of the scandals of millions dollars from the blood money in South Sudan. I am trying to investigate who are they, and how much money has been taken by each individual from the oil money in the Republic of South Sudan. I have also to mentioned, the tribe that very person come from, region and even the clan in order to promote transparency and accountability within the people of South Sudan as the Country that is called a democratic nation.

I will come up with a line graph and pie-chart that will indicate the corruption level, and the key recommendations on how the corruption should be tackle and rectify or evaluated.

Natural of corruption challenges

Corruption is present in all sectors of the economy and all levels of the new state apparatus in the Republic of South Sudan.

Corruption is manifested in various forms, including financial corruption, political corruption, patronage, pervasive tribalism and misuse of power like what is happen where President Kiir is in Centre of corruption. Both petty and grand forms of corruption are prevalent in South Sudan

Looking at the way, corruption had been perceived by the culprits within the Government of Mayardit at the moment, and how it will parallelize the ongoing process of democratization in South Sudan.

I know most people will be critical on me but with the grace of lord God of South Sudan, I will be protect without fear or favor, because even in the bible God says, you have to tell the truth so that, you will be set free, before I have decided from the bottom of my heart to carry on this investigation and give the key recommendations to the government of Kiir Mayardit. 

Conclusion; Corruption permeates all sectors of the economy and all levels of the state apparatus and manifests itself through various forms, including grand corruption and client elastic networks along tribal line.

The author is Independent Journalist and Columnist who had written articles extensively on issues of Democratization and Human Rights, he holds BA in Mass Media from St: Lawrence University –Uganda, Certificate in Integrity and Transparency from Strathmore University-Kenya, Diploma in Computer Science from Motese International School-Kampala and currently perusing MA in International Relations specializing in Foreign Policy from Cavendish University-Uganda. You can reached him at;[email protected]

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