SPLM-USA National Secretariat Accuses Achor Achor Jal of Being ‘Opportunist’

United Stated, December 6, 2013 (SSNA) — The SPLM-USA Secretariat has condemned the defection of one of its chapter leaders, Achor Achor Jal. Jal has recently announced his dissatisfaction with the ruling SPLM and declared that the party failed the people. He goes on to say that the SPLM under Salva Kiir Mayardiit is undemocratic and incapable of delivering much-needed services to the South Sudanese.

Bellow is the text of the press statement written by the SPLM-USA Secretariat’s Office:


Position of SPLM –USA National Secretariat on defection of Achor Achor Jal       
From: Office of SPLM –USA National Secretariat
Date: 12/03/2013

Subject: Former SPLM Associate Chapter leader Achor Adhel Jal is Just an Opportunist

We are dismayed by a news article run on Sudan Tribune online paper with the title, "Senior SPLM Official Joins Main Opposition Party," in which the article wrongly alleged that Comrade Achor Adhel Jal was an associate representative of SPLM-USA in Mid-West.

For your information and for public record, Comrade Achor Achor Jal was an associate chapter leader during the war time and his leadership to the SPLM chapters in US ended after SPLM signed a Peace Treaty (CPA) with Khartoum in 2005. His recently announcement decision to joint SPM-DC is not a surprise because he has seriously been looking for opportunity as his numerous trips to Juba indicated. Comrade Achor Jal failed to find a job in Juba and becomes disappointed with SPLM. Another point of his defection is that he thinks that SPLM is facing an internal friction and is running away from SPLM internal friction. But, it’s always normal for any organization or political party to have internal disparities like what happened to three Secretary Generals of SPLM-DC who defected backed to the SPLM because of accusation of corruption and micro-management of the SPLM-DC leader. The three Secretary Generals who defected from SPLM-DC were Charles Barnaba Kisanga, Sandra Bona Malual, Sisto Olur and plus other senior members. 

Mr. Achor Jal has made a wrong choice by joining a party which strongly opposed the South Sudan referendum voting in which its leader advocated for unity with North Sudan. The leader of SPLM-DC spoke out openly to the South Sudanese in 2010 by saying that South Sudan cannot government itself and must remain united with Khartoum. We don’t know what his (SPLM-DC leader Lam Akol) conscience is telling him now in Juba. And we are not sure what Mr. Achor Jal will do if Dr. Lam Akol decides to rejoin SPLM again since he has a history of defecting and rejoining the SPLM.

Therefore, Mr. Jal’s defection to the SPLM-DC is completely benign to the SPLM and we anticipate that he will rejoin SPLM once he fails to find an opportunity he is looking for. SPLM stays strong and will remain so to advance the aspiration and cause of South Sudanese people. We therefore, demand Sudan Tribune to set the records straight.

Signed By:

Ladu Jada Gubek, Acting Chairperson of SPLM- USA National Secretariat
Thabor Deng Ding
Secretary General SPLM-USA National Secretariat
Contact: 515-771-8054 or 952-393-5860
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