Leaked memo reveals power struggle, conspiracy, accusations, and a ‘history of political dirty tricks’ between president Kiir’s trusted insiders

Juba, December 11, 2013 (SSNA) — A secret document leaked to the South Sudan News Agency revealed an internal crisis between president Kiir’s trusted insiders.

The quandary happened between Telar Ring Deng, the current presidential advisor on legal affairs and Brig General Khamis Abdulatif Chuwal Lom.

The communication between Telar and Brig. General Khamis further shows that Telar Ring’s actions are destined to divide the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

The document went in length, exposing Telar’s dirty tricks and how he orchestrates the actions of the president behind the scene. The document also discloses Telar’s political life and lack of support from his own community.

Bellow is the original text of the memo:


Personal and Highly Confidential
December 03, 2013
H.E General Salva Kiir Mayardit
President of the Republic of South Sudan,
Chairman of the SPLM,
Commander in Chief of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA)

Subject: Justice Telar Ring Takpiny Deng Presidential Advisor to the President of the Republic of South Sudan

Your Excellency the President,

First of all I would like to reiterate to your Excellency with all sincerity my stand and support to the Chairman of the SPLM and President of the Republic of South Sudan at this crucial time of Nation Building and the need to consolidate stability and National Security. I continue to uphold to this stand and continued to express it publically form time to time in line with my former position as Security Advisor to the Ministry of Interior in all the forums including the National Television and Radio.

Secondly, it is our joy to convey our sincere thanks to you for appointing fellow sons of Rumbek, Justice Owan Guwal Riak as Minister of the Office of the President of Republic and Ustaz Bol Makueng as Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology which shows your love and concern for Rumbek the strong hold of the SPLM/A and specifically the Eastern Constituency.

Thirdly, the objective of this memo is not because I was relieved from the position of Security Advisor to the Ministry of Interior and Wildlife Conservation a position that I spent in it over five years. As you know very well, I did render my resignation in 2007 not only as a minister of agriculture in lakes on the ticket of NCP membership but also from Sudan Armed Forces and the NCP Council of Shura. My memo to your Excellency, aimed to clarify the situation on conspiracy and plans being undertaken by Justice Telar Ring Deng and his friends not only against me which led to the decision to relieve me from the position of Security Advisor in the Ministry of Interior but others as well and therefore in order to preserve the strong and sincere relation between us, it is my duty to explain to your Excellency some inferences and causes that have led to disputes between myself and Justice Telar Ring Deng and his friends.

Your Excellency the President,

The first time we met and discussed with your good leadership in your office in 2007 in the company of my father Abdul Latif Chuwal Lom while I was a Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Animal Resources, Fisheries and Irrigation in Lakes State, I did promise Your Excellency to be committed, faithful and sincere to you and the SPLM which I had spared no effort to pay the ultimate price since 1980s and work to contribute towards the development and anchoring of its foundation.

I did reiterate my word to you for the second time in presence of Police Brigadier General Abraham Albino Akot in 2008 at your residence in that long meeting where we presented to you number of documents on secrets of the National congress Party and the nature of their political, security, economic, social and religious operations and strategies.

My third meeting with your Excellency was in 2010 also in company of Brigadier General Abraham Albino Akot at the time Yel become Director of the Office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan. That third meeting was the most important meetings where you frankly talked to us at length and that was the strong reason that made me to be so faithful to you following my assignment as Security Advisor to the Ministry of Interior in 2009.

I have remain faithful to my promise to you ever since and continued to render to your good office reports with proposals and ideas that could contribute to the strengthening of the organizational structures of the SPLM to enable you consolidate your rule over the administration of the country and by so doing strengthen the image of the Chairman of the SPLM and that of the President of the Republic of South Sudan and Commander in Chief of the SPLA. I continued to do all that without requesting a high profile constitutional portfolio despite my qualification, experience and experiment in the field of politics, security and executive work more than Justice Telar and Ustaz Tor Deng Mawien. I also enjoy wider cordial relationships and fellowships with many circles of our people.

Your Excellency the President,

Following the conspiracy planned by Justice Telar Ring and his friends against me, I have decided to convey to your Excellency this memo to explain and clarify some matters with regards to the conspiracy against me because I had no chance to defend myself.

Since they have succeeded in their conspiracy against me, it is my right to clarify to your Excellency the following:

1) the dispute between me and Telar began when you issued a Republican Decree to form a high level committee to select a national company to oversee the telecommunication installation of gateway and fiber optic.

2) Justice Telar Ring did request me many times to render reports to your Excellency against a number of SPLM leaders but as there was no genuine reason(s) to do so I turn down his requests.

3) I disagreed with Justice Telar over the expulsion of my brother Maj. Gen. Saeed Chuwal Lom from the Police Service. He exploited my disagreement with him to play a dirty role with the former Minister of Interior who was having a dispute with my brother Maj. Gen. Saeed Chuwal Lom in the last elections making the matter in the public eyes as if I was the cause behind the relieving of Maj. Gen. Saeed from the Police Service in the first place.

Your Excellency, you can realize in the text of the Presidential Decree on the reinstatement of Maj. Gen. Saeed Chuwal Lom to active Police Service that his name was referred to as Maj. Gen. Saeed Abdul Latif Chuwal Lom but his real name in all his documents including in the Presidential Decree on his retirement earlier is Maj. Gen. Saeed Chuwal Lom which is the same with his certificate of graduation from Police College. Inserting the name of Abdul Latif in the names of Maj. Gen. Saeed Chuwal Lom was a deliberate attempt to give an impression that, the presidential decree on my removal from the security advisory of the ministry of interior was as a result of misunderstanding with my brother Maj. Gen. Saeed Chuwal Lom to give a controversial message to the public. We have reconciled and there is no bad water between me and my brother under the bridge.

Legally speaking, quoting the name of Maj. Gen. Saeed Abdul Latif Chuwal Lom instead of the real and official name of Maj. Gen. Saeed Chuwal Lom in a Presidential Decree is a gross legal error by Justice Telar Ring Deng.

Another gross error and lack of attention in drafting of Presidential Decrees by Justice Telar Ring Deng is with regard to the Presidential Decree on my Relieve as Security Advisor in the Ministry of Interior and Wildlife Conservation, 2013 A.D referenced RSS/RD/J/92/2013 dated November 27, 2013 which refers to Relieve of Col. Khamis Abdel Latif Chawuol as the Security Advisor in the Ministry of Interior and Wildlife Conservation while the Presidential Decree on my appointment as Advisor for Security in the Ministry of Internal Affairs referenced GoSS/ PD/ dated July 4, 2009 referred to Brig. Khamis AbdelLatif Chauul!

Justice Telar and his friends are playing cards and seeping liquor at Central Pub which is an open place and I did talk to them and cautioned them that such conduct falls badly with the President if the President hears that his advisors are frequenting such an open place.

They thought that I will report them to your Excellency and that was the source of my dispute with them.

4) My knowledge of their covert and strong relationships with some Sudanese Leaders and particularly leaders of Sudanese Security and Intelligence Organ is another factor of dispute between us.

5) Justice Telar Ring despise anyone from Lake State with political and social popularity, potentials and capabilities because he is aspiring to become the successor of Gen. Slava Kiir Mayardit that is way he want to spoil the SPLM so that a new party is form under the leadership of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayadit and he is made one of the Deputy Chairman of the new party.

6) Justice Telar stood against the formation of Rumbek Community and that Daniel Deng Monydit should not be elected as the Chairman of the Dinka Agar Organization a matter that I stood against.

7) Justice Telar Ring requested me several times to work against Justice Paul Mayom Akec and David Deng Athorbei to fabricate reports against them and I also stood firmly against those attempts.

8) Justice Telar is exploiting number of security leaders to fabricate reports against leaders of the SPLM who loyal to the Chairman of the SPLM in order to weaken them so that the Chairman does not bestowed confidence in them.

9) Justice Telar Ring requested me to render a memo to His Excellency the President of the Republic to urge the President to remove Gen. Pieng Deng Koul from the post of Inspector General of Police (IGP) simply because pieng is from Abyei and that Abyei is a source of dispute between Sudan and South Sudan and may lead to stoppage of the flow of oil through the Sudanese pipelines once again. Justice Telar confirmed to me that recommending for the removal of Gen. Pieng is a plan that they have agreed upon with Gen. Aleu Ayeny Aleu Minister of Interior and Wildlife but I refused to hold to that.

10) Justice Telar Ring working hard to put away all the sons of Abyei Area from     main positions in the Republic of South Sudan and to prevent them from talking to media organs specially Televisions.

11) Justice Telar many times requested me to distance myself from Engineer Akol Paul Kordit member of the SPLM Political Bureau because of his personal hatred to Engineer Akol Paul Kordit.

12) During August grand reshuffle, Justice Telar Ring was in the committee to assist the President carries on with the section of the new ministerial team. To the dismay, Justice did not only used his membership in the committee for personal interest but also assigned himself two positions in clear violation to the constitution.

Your Excellency the President,

If you go back to all the reports and advices presented to you by Justice Telar Ring, you will find out that all these reports and advices were tied to some sorts of conspiracy and plots against the leaders who are loyal to the Chairman of the SPLM.

13) Justice Telar one time requested me to render report against Gen. Obuto Mamur Mete but I refused alleging that Gen. Mobuto is affiliated to Dr. Riek Machar who was paying a monthly 10,000 SSP to his family when Gen. Mobuto was imprisoned alleging that Gen. Mabuto is having relationship with the rebel Yau Yau.

14) Justice Telar Ring in order to consolidate his grip and manipulate the legal administration in the office of the President of the Republic, he developed a row with Deputy Head of Legal Administration in the Office of the President of Republic Justice Ajonye Perpetua over the issue of lectures to Police Academy showing Telar’s unpredictable handling of State issues and improper reference to matters of legal nature therefore conveying misleading opinion to the President making the President taking damaging decision on the fate of a cadre that could have been of great help to the running of affairs not only in the Legal Administration of the Presidency but also of the Judiciary of the Republic of South Sudan and other law enforcing agencies in the country. (Find attached letters of correspondences without reference numbers between offices of Presidential Advisor on Legal Affairs and Office of Head of Legal Administration of Office of the President of the Republic and Hon. Gen. Alison Monani Magaya former Minister of Interior dated December 12, 2012 and January 8, 2013 respectively on the subject matter).

15) When the Decree on the Appointment of Justice Ajonye Perpetua was drafted presumably by Justice Telar Ring referenced RSS/PD/J/73/2011 dated December 5, 2011, the text of the decree was talking of a “Presidential Decree” on the appointment of Legal Personnel to Legal Administration in the Office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan. On her removal, the text talked of a “Republican Decree” referenced RSS/RD/J/34/2013 for the Dismissal of a 1st Class Judge in the Judiciary of the Republic of South Sudan followed by another Republican Decree for her dismissal from the position of the Deputy Head of Legal Administration in the Office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan. That unfortunate drafting Presidential or Republican Decrees has caused a lot of talking over the social media tarnishing the legal capacity of the Legal Administration of the President Legal Department.

16) Another unfortunate and misleading quoting of legal references in the drafting of Republican and Presidential Decrees by Justice Telar Ring could be cited in the Republican Decree referenced RSS/RD/41 dated June 21, 2013 on the relieving of Justices of Court of Appeal where he quoted section 62 clause 2 of Judiciary Service Act which is applicable only to Chief Justice and not any other Justices was used to relieve Justice John Clement Kuc. The right section quoted should have been section 61 clause 2 instead.

17) The Presidential Decree on the removal of Maj. Gen. Deng Lual as Head of small arms Control quoted article (30) of Police Service Act which is an article use to dismiss police officers from active service. While the actual aim the Presidential Decree was to remove the officer concern from the commission and not dismissal from active police service.

18) Presidential Decree on the suspension of senior officials in the Office of the President of the Republic over the issue of the disappearance of sums of money from treasury of the office of the President of the Republic was broadcast through official media such as the national Radio and Television. After investigation and following the return of those officials to resume their work the decision to allow them to return was not broadcast over the national official media. Investigation should have taken place with the responsible official of treasury to be followed by the guards on duty and in case one of the officials is implicated then his immunity is to be stripped but what happened was contrary to acceptable procedures.

19) The way the Presidential Decree was drafted against Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe and broadcasting it over media organs was unacceptable to many as the issue was more administrative then criminal.

20) With the magnitude of the destruction of life and properties in Jonglei State earlier in 2012, a Presidential Order referenced RSS/PO/J/10/2012 dated March 5, 2012 was issued by the President of the Republic constituting an investigation committee to report back to the President of the Republic on its findings on Jonglei Crisis within three months and put forward a course of action to avert similar misfortunes in the future. Nothing tangible materialized simply because the terms of reference in that Presidential Order was so immense and could not have been done a seven member committee without a clause to co-opt others.

21) A lot of questions were raised in public over the vote by the National Legislative Assembly to reject the endorsement of nomination of Justice Telar Ring Deng by the President of the Republic for the position of the National Ministry of Justice by more than a simple majority of the members. The members not only questioned the integrity of Telar Ring in relation to a dispute between the Central Bank of South Sudan and a certain South Sudanese national over a plot of land adjusting to the Central Bank Head Office but also questioned the authenticity of his law credentials as he claimed to have been working as a judge in the SPLM/A liberated areas since 1986. Academic credentials of Justice Telar Ring were also a subject of proving because the position he was supposed to occupy requires adherence to the letter and spirit of law and justice.

22) When Justice Telar was appointed for the second time as Presidential Advisor to the President of the Republic of South Sudan following the grand reshuffle of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in August 2013, the text of the Presidential Decree presumably drafted by Justice Telar himself taking of reinstatement of Justice Telar Ring Deng as Presidential Advisor to the President which was yet another blunder of the many by Justice Telar Ring. Following Telar taking of oath where his brought along to the ceremony his wife standing behind him, gave a speech as if he is the prime minister pledging to enact laws for national security and others forgetting that he is a Presidential advisor.

Your Excellency the President,

In one of my many other memos to your Excellency’s Office dated July 18, 2012 on tactics of Islamic Movement in general and National Congress Party in particular to create divisions and subsequently fragmentation within political organizations and parties, is to work to influence and seek services from elements within these organizations to serve their goals. It has been discovered that, the Confidential Report of the Joint meeting of the SPLM/A Leadership Council held in Rumbek from November 29, 2004 to December 1, 2004 was handed over (apparently sold) to the National Congress Party by Justice Telar Ring. Major General Abdul Azeem Al Rufai who was representing the Sudanese National Security and Intelligence Organ at Sudan Embassy in Nairobi – Kenya was associated with the selling out of SPLM/A confidential report by Justice Telar Ring after falling out with the SPLM leadership in the early days of the SPLM partnership in the then GONU therefore giving away a strategic tool to NCP.

As this document was so confidential and therefore shouldn’t have reached to circles outside the confine of the SPLM/A and other organs affiliated to it due to its confidential nature, but to the dismay, this “confidential report” was availed to me while I was still a member of the NCP Shura Council in Khartoum in order for me to come and play on those contradictions while serving as a Minister of Agriculture in Lakes State during the interim period following the signing of the CPA.

It should therefore be clear now that whoever goes astray on a strategic issue such as classified and confidential reports can do anything and even mislead in line with infamous theory of “means justifies the ends” as it was the case with confidential report of the historic Rumbek Conference on the eve of the signing of the CPA apparently in an effort to derail the smooth implementation of the provisions of the CPA at a later stage.

As late Garang onetime said one should go back to history in order to come forward to see clearly. Just looking back to the recent history of Justice Telar you can see the following:

1) Justice Telar Ring after falling out with the leadership of the SPLM in the early days of the interim period gave irresponsible comments and statements on the leadership of the SPLM under Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and distributed it widely to southerners in Khartoum including people who are neither southerners nor members of the SPLM. It prompted the Chairman of the SPLM to ordered for the formation of a committee to investigate with Justice Telar Ring and others but to the dismay Justice Telar Ring refused to appear before the committee saying that no one even the Chairman of the SPLM has the right to expelled him from the SPLM in a defiant mode a matter that prompted the chairman to order his expulsion and others from the SPLM.

2) During the expulsion of Justice Telar Ring from the SPLM, no one stood by him expect Dr. Riek Machar who shows some sympathy for the man not to be expelled. With the passage of time Justice Telar Ring unveiled that fact that he is a jealous man who can do anything to break up the house. He was so hard on the very man who showed some sympathy with him when he was expelled from the SPLM. Such a man is unrealistic and unpredictable and can work to break up the SPLM. He does not enjoy any considerable popularity in his area of Yirol even among his Atout tribesmen. The following list shows the leaders of Atout area in order of their support base:

1- David Deng Athorbei
2- Isaiah Kulang Mabur
3- Gen. Andrew Makur Thau
4- Prof. Moses Machar Kashoul
5- Dr. Abraham Kot Riak
6- Dr. Abraham Matoc
7- Prof. Abedengo Akok Kashoul
8- Maj. Gen. Anthony Majok Makuei
9- Brig. Gen. Ring Tueny Takpiny Deng
10- Brig Gen. Makur Nhial 
11- Brig. Gen. Makur Kulang
12- Brig. General Mau Manase Malak
13- Lt. Col Dhieu Wal Takpiny
14- Andrew Achijok Ayak
15- Joseph Maker Madit
16- Gen. Richard Makur Athorbei
17- Chirstopher Mariar Own

3) It should not to be forgotten that Justice Telar Ring gave media statements shortly after the establishment of the GONU saying that all the points raised by Comrade Salva Kiir against Comrade John Garang during the historic Rumbek conference (attached copy of confidential minutes of Rumbek Joint Meeting, December 2004), are now being raised against kiir himself with even much more intensity, for instance during his media statements and interviews Justice Telar Ring accused Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit of:

1) Not being National Leader because there is no cohesion within our leadership structure.
2) Not having in place a Code of Conduct to guide the Movement’s Structures
3) Travelling abroad with no directives left behind and no anyone formally assigned to act on his behalf.
4) That the Chairman has killed the National Executive Council by creating the Leadership Council.
5) Not respecting the chain of command
6) Leaving the Deputies to the Chairman with no functions.
7) Not organized and prepared (for the implementation of the CPA)
8) Not respecting the institutions of the SPLM
9) No legal procedures for appointing constitutional post holders and other senior staff of various ministries.
10) Consistent violation of the constitution.
11) No distribution of powers
12) Nepotism is still being practiced even at the lowest levels
13) Army has not been properly reorganized
14) Lack of implementation of resolutions of the SPLM
15) Running the SPLM as a private property
16) Corruption is even more rampant. Relatives allowed to siphon off millions of dollars and SSP -> 488 million SSP ordered to be paid to ABMC without proper financial procedures and accountability

Justice Telar Ring went ahead accusing others of:

1) Spreading Rumors to kill the SPLM/A
2) Necessity for Internal reforms
3) Army to be organized based on modern standards.
4) Organization of the SPLM democratically.
5) Dialogue with civil society.

Immediately after the dismissal of Justice Telar Ring and others from the SPLM he was taken over and sponsored by the NCP under the auspices of Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih Minister of Presidential Affairs and Gen. Awad Bin Huof then Head of the Sudanese Army Department of Military Intelligence where they planned for some time to spoil the SPLM and work for the downfall of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.   

It can therefore be said that, what is being done by Justice Telar Ring could be equated to what Mahadi Mustafa Alhadi, former commission of Khartoum was doing during the era of former President of Sudan Jaafer Nimeri. Mr. Alhadi use to throw sacs of sugar and fuels in the River Nile simply to raise tension between the people and the authority. What Alhadi was doing to President Nimeri is what Justice Telar is now doing to President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

In Conclusion, Your Excellency the President, political philosophers strongly believes that a strong politician is the one who always tries to follow the instinct with regard to the basic equation of politics that says that a real politician is:

1- Either ruling or,
2- Opposing or.
3- In prison or
4- Dead
You can’t call yourself a politician without adhering to above equation.
In the life of a politician you die four times.

Your Excellency the President,

I urge your Excellency to through study your Legal Advisor Justice Telar Ring Deng in the many stations of his life.

  • First station when he was a member of the SPLM/A
  • Second station following the split of the SPLM/A in 1991
  • Third station after dismissal from the SPLM following the formation of the GONU after the signing of the CPA
  • Forth station after retouring again to the SPLM
  • Fifth and final station on arrival to the Presidency as Presidential Advisor to the President of the Republic of South Sudan
Brig General Khamis Abdulatif Chuwal Lom
Member of SPLM Second Convention and former Security Advisor,
Ministry of Interior and Wildlife Conservation
Republic of South Sudan / Juba
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