Bul Community Association in Diaspora Condemns the Ongoing Fighting in Mayom County

January 2, 2014
Press Releases

Condemnation of Ongoing Fighting in Mayom County and Liability for Atrocities Committed

January 3, 2014 (SSNA) — The Bul Community Association in Diaspora condemned in strongest term possible the massacring of innocent civilians in Mayom County by forces loyal to Kiir’s government and held responsible the following Mayom Sons and their co-sponsors in respective to atrocities committed thus far, namely:

1. Lt. General Bapiny Monytuil Wejang, Former SSLA Chief and current SPLA General
2. Major General Matthew Pul Jang
3. Manyang Mayak, Brigadier General
4. Kerubino Ruac Tap, Brigadier
5. Dr. Nguen Monytuil Wejang, Former Caretaker Governor of Unity State
6. Tutkew Gatluak, Current Advisor to President Kiir
7. Gordon Buay Malek Chuol, Advisor to President Kiir & Canadian Citizen

Members of the Bul Community worldwide are troubled by crimes committed in Juba and Mayom and decided to report those responsible to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Community for crimes against humanity and destruction of properties.

We ask all members in Mayom County defend to themselves and urge those in opposition to ask themselves what cause are they fighting for; Is it the Monytuil’s sons leadership positions or what else?

The Bul Community leadership in Diaspora strongly warned Gordon Buay Malek Chuol to stop his fabrication, inciting, and encouraging destruction of Mayom while he is not doing the same in his homestead of Upper Nile State. It is the responsibility of each Bul Community member to defend and track down those who advocate for the destruction of Bul people wherever they may be. Bul Community in Diaspora holds Buay Malek and the mentioned Bul sons responsible for crimes committed in Mayom County and these amounts to crimes against humanity and are prosecutable in the International Criminal Court of law.

We urge all Bul members in Mayom County to defend the homeland from selfish and foreign invaders. We mourn the loss of our brothers and sisters who were murdered in cold blood in Juba City and elsewhere in South Sudan. May the Almighty have mercy on their souls and comfort the aggrieved, Amen!

For more information, contact us at:

Long live Bul Nuer of Mayom County
Long Nuer people
Long live the spirit of our people
Long live the Republic of South Sudan

Signed by:

Bul Community Association in Diaspora
United States of America
United Kingdom
Eastern African Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan
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  • We Bul community,we have no unity amongst ourselves because all the time separates ourselves into two sides but I don’t know why we always tearing down our family if we have unity I think all things will be possible. Thanks Bul long live and never change. my name is Chap Koang.


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