Rebels Statement on the Recapture of Bor, Other Operations

Updates – SPLA Gallantry Forces under SPLM Deputy Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar Teny
January 1, 2014

Major events of the week

Bor, January 4, 2014 (SSNA) — The SPLA freedom and heroic fighters under the commands of the SPLM Deputy Chairman H. E. Dr. Riek Machar has launched the Dust Storm Operation (DSO) on December 30th2013 in Bor Town Jonglei State against corrupt, dictatorial and failed President Kiir’s militias. Dictator Kiir’s militias were defeated under two hours and this show how weak the militias are.

Kiir’s militias are now on the run and in disarray. They were taught a lesson they will never forget. Today, two Kiir’s militias (Dut and Malong) from defeated militias in Bor were captured by civilians in the North East of Akobo town because they were confused and lost direction to Juba following a humiliating defeat in Bor.

In the Dust Storm Operation, the freedom fighters seized a lot of military hard-wares which in includes 3 armor tanks, 20 pickup trucks  and 5 lorries, 32 machine guns and thousands of small arms all in good conditions.

The freedom fighters also captured prisoners of war (POW) in the Dust Storm Operation in their hundreds including Uganda mercenaries and high ranking officers from Kiir’s militias. Two Ugandans were released to UN for the reason that they will to go back to Uganda to inform the Ugandans that this is not our war and cannot win it.

Hence, we would like to inform South Sudanese in Juba that help is on the way. The freedom fighters are in the vicinity of Juba town overlooking Kiir’s rogue palace. The freedom fighter besieged Ngalngala and Tereke after Magawi fell without any battle.

In Unity State, the freedom fighters under Maj. Gen. James Koang on January 1st, 2014 repulsed two hopeless fronts assault led by Justice Equality Movement (JEM) and Kiir’s militias in Parieng County. The attacks aimed to retake Parieng and Mayom Counties but were unsuccessful. Both attacks were repulsed and defeated under one hour respectively. The gallantry forces are now hunting them down in their hideouts.

On a similar development, we would to inform the people of South Sudan and the International community that Kiir’s militias in Parieng County are now using civilian population as human shield. There are holding civilians hostage and refused them to leave for safety. Before we flash out pockets of Kiir’s militias in Parieng County, we would like to inform the international community and the people of South Sudan that for any innocent civilian live lost, Kiir is responsible for holding hostage and in harm way in Parieng.

Nevertheless, we must assert that our freedom fighters under Maj. Gen. James Koang in Unity State are committed to safeguard the safety of civil population and we ask Kiir’s militias to do same. We call upon the UN to pressure Kiir not to use civilian populations in Parieng as human shield.  In our operation, our freedom fighters under Maj. Gen. James Koangare ready to stage a Black Storm Operation in any minutes against Kiir’s militias in Warrap State. Our gallantry forces are already to liberate the people Warrap against the forces of demon given the fact that Kiir’s militias did not honoured IGAD’s ceasefire. We called upon the civilian populations in Warrap State to move away from anywhere close to military barracks and towns to avoid unnecessary causalities.

In Upper Nile State, our freedom fighters under the command of Maj. Gen. Gathoth Gakuoth have now besieged Malakal town and ready to strike anytime. On a similar note, our freedom fighters are also on the march to Paloch, the Upper Nile’s oilfield. We are asking civilians around Paloch to move away from military barracks and towns

To people of South Sudan, we would like to assure you that our match to freedom is guaranteed under the commands and chairmanship of Deputy Chairman of the SPLM, Dr. Riek Machar. Lastly, our delegations are now in Addis Ababa will commence discussion tomorrow with the enemies of peace, freedom and dictatorial regime in Juba.

Under this circumstance, we must remind the people of south Sudan that the gallantry forces under Dr. Riek is committed to peace and also determined to deliver the democratization to South Sudan and the SPLM, respectively.  However, we will notrelent or sign any flawed accord. Before any deal is sign, however, all 10 falsely detained SPLM leaders must be free.

Our kind reminder to the people of South Sudan is that your freedom fighters are in full control of Jonglei State, Unity States and Upper Nile except Malakal Town and Paloch oil fields, which will fall under our command in the next few days. Besides, we also took control of some districts in Central Equatoria states and we are now advancing toward Juba.

Long live South Sudan!
Long live our freedom fighters!
Long live SPLA/M
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