South Sudan Diaspora Network Statement on Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan

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Deteriorating Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan
Sydney, Australia, January 7, 2014 (SSNA) — South Sudan Diaspora Network (SSDN) NSW is appalled by the unnecessary humanitarian crisis that has resulted from the current fighting between the government of South Sudan and forces loyal to Dr. Riek Machar. Aid agencies estimate that 200 000 people have been displaced since 15 December 2013. This humanitarian situation is characterized by people fleeing their homes leaving behind everything they own, shortages of food supplies and clean drinking water, fear, reliving the trauma of war, family break up, hopelessness, and the intensification of tribal divisions.  

SSDN appeals to the President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir and former vice-President Dr. Riek Machar to stop the humanitarian situation from deteriorating further by:

1. immediately ordering their forces to ceasefire;
2. including the humanitarian situation and its resolution in the peace talks agenda;
3. discouraging the incitement and participation of youth in waging war;
4. allowing the United Nations (UN) and other human rights organisations, both South Sudanese and international, to investigate claims of human rights violations that might have occurred since 15 December 2013.

SSDN also appeals to the international community to:

1. keep the pressure on President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar so that they bring the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan to an immediate end by cessation of hostilities;
2. provide United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) with the resources it needs to protect civilians;
3. donate urgently needed funding so that the humanitarian needs of the internally displaced persons in South Sudan are met effectively and their rehabilitation completed successfully once hostilities end.

SSDN and its member organisations condemn the violence and divisions along tribal lines in South Sudan. SSDN hopes that all the stakeholders including government of South Sudan, Dr. Riak Machare and his military and political allies, and the international community work together to ensure that the humanitarian situation in South Sudan is finally resolved and effectively dealt with.


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