Insights on Dr. John Akec’s so-called sense – Making sense of December the 15th, start of war, Sudan Tribune

By Deng Gatluak Riam

January 21, 2014 (SSNA) — Dear Dr. Akec, I’ve always enjoyed reading your various contributions and postings on Sudan Tribune and other sites frequented by South Sudanese worldwide; indeed, your writings are intellectually enriching and informative. However, your recent tirade and poor epistemology in summing up the December 15th genocide of Nuer and your subsequent conclusion that “THERE WAS A COUP”, agitated many people and reduced your ratings as a national player among your readers.

I’m not going to indulge in the so-called coup d’état, as it is widely known to be a fabrication by the government to eliminate its political opponents and particularly Dr. Riek Machar.

Sir, and with due respect, your last contribution is nothing but empty grasps of a desperate demagogue who aimlessly endeavour to justify fundamental wrongs, genocide and crimes perpetuated against the Nuer and other inhabitant of South Sudan by Kiir corrupt regime. The country is bleeding and the last thing the suffering and true “disgruntled” people of South Sudan are praying for and yearning to hear is, admission of guilt by the current regime and soothing words or apology for the crime committed, not your empty articles/lectures of falsification and justification.

Your narratives are devoid of truth and credibility, and your lies are quite naked as you struggle to invent causes and unrealistic solutions for the South Sudanese problems.

Though you graciously admitted one past wrong “In pursuit of Nuer counter insurgents, SPLA committed many atrocities against Nuer civilian population which led to mass migration to North Sudan, and deepening the hatred between the two ethnic groups..”. Your failure to admit the genocides committed will hunt you for the rest of your life.

Nuer people are universal people, very tolerant and co-existed peacefully with their Dinka (other tribes) neighbours in Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei States for many years and continue to live with them side by side till now. On top of that, they allow THEIR petrodollar to be embezzled by the current visionless regime of Kiir.

Dr. Akec, somebody of your stature, should be discussing important issues of governance, corruption and nepotism. For example: why the government is always formed without any consultation or why the Chief Justice and the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan as well as the president are from one state of Bahar El Ghazal? Why there is no services, hospitals, schools etc. These are your areas for consideration and answers not engaging and supporting this foolish fratricide.

South Sudan political and social dynamics changed when leadership was regrettably entrusted to incompetent killer and renegade Salvatore Mayardiit, who turn a blessed land into “Sodom and Gomorra” of modern days, polluted the entire social fabric of a traditional people by introducing alien and immoral cultures. This is what you stand for or just “Dinkacoracy” to borrow words of the reknown South Sudanese liberator El Hag Paul.

To differ is natural and healthy, to respect other’s opinion is noble, you utterly fail to look into the reasons why the Nuer resisted and fought SPLA, instead you engaged in a smear campaign falsifying and twisting history and even trying to arm your argument with obsolete research findings of last century.

The times of “ he hits me and blames me” are gone for good, either you come up with a new strategy that can attract people’s sympathy such that you continue to portray yourself as victim or jut shut up and put up. New political, social and economic dispensation is on the horizon, and that is what the people of South Sudan wants. Read between the lines or know your people. This tsunami of freedom fighters is hungry for change.

Again, you seem to have a strong recollection of all the Dinka who perished during the liberation struggle while neglecting other South Sudanese who met similar fate at the hands of SPLA commanders in Jekou, Akobo and Nasir and various parts of Equatoria. That hegemonistic attitude is refused and will be resisted at all cost.

Staunch supporters of deep-seated societal changes often find themselves at odds with others, and many end up being persecuted by their comrades-in-arms. That is why Nuer never complain about their losses, revolution often devour its own children.

Why only the dead Dinka is the dilemma we should continue to live with. Dr. Akec, you are the right person to correct all this since you put yourself on the line. You should be uniting your people and gear their aspiration towards the future digging out buried garbage, “buried garbage smell worst”.

You should have been fair and courageous enough to acknowledge the following:

1. The war was fought in Nuer lands, Nuer women were raped and Nuer cattles robbed in a very systematic and humiliating manner, you expected the to keep quite and praise moment’s failure to protect the very hands that feeds it. Had this war been fought in Bahar El Ghazal, you would have done worst and demanded a huge monetary compensation as well. Nuer people deserve respect an apology for the crimes of humanity committed against them.

2. Dr. Machar is a man of principles that is why Dinka envy him. He has a grand plan to rescue this failing country from destruction. Bahar El Ghazal Dinka are notoriously known for fraudulent culture and corruption. Your people fleeced South Sudan and deceitfully claim to have liberated the South.

3. By being ubiquitous in most states of South Sudan does not necessarily mean you are the majority. With exception of Lakes and Warrap, Dinka exist only in very small pockets in Northern Bahar El Ghazal, Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity States.

4. Yes, all knows that Dr. Riek defected from the movement in 1991for reasons well publicised and re-joined the movement in 2001 on his own terms and volition, and that should not be a song any more. You cannot also deny the fact that, Dr Riek rejuvenated the dead SPLA/M movement that was confined to only few parts of Equatoria as most commanders were either in Nairobi or in Western Countries.

South Sudan people know you will not admit the above-mentioned suppressive principles of domination and foul play, and you would rather sing the 1991 and Nygat been bought by Arabs song. Let me tell you the truth Dr. John Akec, it becomes like watching a bad movie all over again. Don’t do it, it is not funny anymore for your information.

Dr. Riek should be applauded for rejoining his movement. He is a shrewd politician who is widely supported by the Nuer and other tribes and with their support he will storm into power and liberate the people of South Sudan from:

  • Tribal government of Kiir
  • Mismanagement and nepotism
  • Corruption
  • Land grabbing, looting and killing

Dr. Riek will establish a federal system of government, rule of law and deliver services to the people. These are the very reasons we all been fighting for.

Dr. Akec, what is wrong with a fixed presidency term? And if we’re really one people, why you and your Dinka people are afraid of the vice president acting should the position fall vacant, is it because the vice president happened to be from other tribe or just safeguarding Dinka continuity and domination of power? Why should SPLM Chairperson nominate 5% members to NLC? What is wrong with secret ballot? It is practiced all over the world.

You are a very dangerous and must be hiding a grand conspiracy; your rejection of the noble democratic principal is shocking indeed. For that reason, change is inevitable.

Nuer people and other South Sudanese tribes too participated and fought for democracy, equality and rule of law, as such, demands of Dr. Riek are legitimate and relevant to our current situation. No single person should be accorded special privileges simply because he’s the president.

Nuer people are South Sudanese who also liberated the country; their 70% strong force in the army is tantamount to their contribution and heroism during the struggle. No body can ever deny them the right to serve in the army or any other capacity including the presidency.

Equatorians ignited the first war and they died too, they are also stakeholders and deserve a fair share.

Dr. Akec, you’re a great academician but an archetypal Bahar El Ghazal native. You insulted your Nuer colleagues and friends who were mourning the loss of relatives and friends, you even rub salt on their wounds by constructing and legitimising the coup d’état conspiracy. You could have done better than that.

I still dream of a prosperous, democratic and united South Sudan.  What are you dreaming of, Dr. Akec?

Deng Gatluak Riam is a concerned South Sudanese living in Australia

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