Nyandeng Malek, Warrap State is Bigger than You, Please Resign

By: Mangong Mawien Madut

January 21, 2014 (SSNA) — Politics in our country are cheap, considered to be an advantage to any politican who wish to make what he/she wants in lucky time.

Governor Nyandeng a good politician is one who represents the hopes, aspirations and the interests of every citizen. A good and responsible politician give high regard for morality, law abiding with no tendencies to corrupt even a single cent. Besides that, it is an important to politician who wish to be respected from today, tomorrow or in his/her political background just resigns if he/she feels that is no longer wanted to hold public office.

Resignation from public office is not shameful but robustly displays the responsibility of an individual in leadership. A few people who observe and make such decisions respects the demand of the people who elected him/her into power. In such circumstances Judgment is left to people themselves to blame each other for whether they were unknowingly and mistakenly called for  the removal/ resignation of the person /politician who was atleast better to lead them or they celebrate and feel there is change.

A politician who have a confident that his/her works always meet an expectations of the citizens and surpisingly been requested to leave power,   remained uncowardly proud, comfortable and unworried for he/she will never be caught by fear of being later dishonored, challenged, and interrogated for mismanagement and corruption  during leadership.


It will be upon you Governor Nyandeng to decide to boast around for committedly done something in Warrap State after your departure or be ashamed for failed to implement your promises during elections of 2010. But Uncontradictably you failed the State and its members, the hopes people (the citizens of Warrap) were directed by Heads of national government to vote for you to win governorship to atleast make something is not seen but ended brutally.

There will be no need for you later to decieve yourself to courageously walke around in the state or where ever you will be, thinking Warrap state got development under your leadership. The facts is that people are not denying what you might be thinking done by you to the community of Warrap but surely there is nothing.

There is no doubt that the people of Warrap state have been repeatedly requesting Juba govenment to sack you but their requests were all turned down. Your resignation is vital because the people of Warrap wish to have a new governor to restore political differences.

You have had sufficiently approved that you are stronger than  your political antagonists especially (SPLM) Secretaries and other politicians in the State level and Counties  who had publicly called for your removal but  silently been put aside by the same National govenment in Juba. So please why don’t you resign peacefully so that the youth and people of Warrap State sees new changes.


Are peoples of Warrap State mistakenly voted you in to expel some of them out from State  as you did in few years back,   giving them an hours to leave State border  or they face undemocratic,  unconstitutional and unlawful confrontation  against them  and some being tortured now  for  criticizing  you and they  don’t  keep quiet and see you destroying public affairs?


Despite  a  true  failure to implement your empty promises wasn’t a big issue since it is too late for you to catch none but what has generated an attention is purposedly a clear violation of human rights in the State under your leadership, It is indisputable  that the citizens are harrassed by security personels who receives directives from you and your HAND PICK POLITICIANS known to you as a  politicians or Nyandeng Boys loyal to you  to humiliate, arrest and torture the people for they blame delicateness of  your administration including your hand pick politicians/ministers.


There has been colossally disappointment last month of the year 2013 when there was an outbreak of fighting in Juba. The Warrap State government went far falsely alleged, physically  abused and detained the citizens (Youth) who have been opposing you, and  without being ashamed, your State authorities barely claimed  they alleged youth were supporters of Dr. Riak Machar who is a current rebel leader.

You and your deputy Akech Tong should try to  show widen and mature leadership that  includes the freedom of youth to participate in active politics, express their political opinions  instead of thinking the only way for you  to maintain and protect your positions is through intimidations and an arrests of young people  who are not happy with poor leadership.

Mangong Mawien Madut is pursuing a Bachelor of Law at Cavendish University, in Kampala, Uganda. He is reached at [email protected]

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