SPLM Nebraska Chapter Impeaches its Chairman, Endorses Party Reforms

Press Release
SPLM/A Nebraska Chapter Supports the Reforms in the SPLM
Nebraska, United States, March 24, 2014 (SSNA) — To all fellow SPLM/A cadres, comrades, countrymen and women, we in the SPLM/A Nebraska chapter condemned in the strongest possible term the December 15, 2013 Juba massacre that took place in the Republic of South Sudan. We wish to make it publicly clear that we, the SPLM/A Nebraska chapter will no no longer support the SPLM/A Chairman. We no longer support the genocidal regime led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba. Today, we would like to make it official that the SPLM/A Nebraska chapter through general assembly pays it full allegiances behind the SPLM/A- that supports the “Reform”. We are throwing our support to the freedom fighters that are fighting to bring about substantial democratic transformation in the country.

Its obvious beyond reasonable doubt to all watchful eye that since day one when president Salva Kiir Mayardit ascend to the helm of the SPLM/A party after the untimely demise of our late charismatic leader and founder Dr John Garang de Mabior on July 30, 2005. Salva Kiir has utterly failed to fulfill the aspiration of the people of South Sudan. Since that time, President Salva Kiir and his like-minded cronies took it upon themselves to reverse all the meaningful again SPLM/A had champion during our armed struggle up to the CPA reneging on Abyei provision.  SPLM/A under his watchful eye has lost vision and direction straying away from its core principle. Ever since after the signing of the CPA then to the flag hoisting, his tenure us South Sudan President is characterize by corruptions, nepotism, and tribalism. The decision making process in conducting our governmental daily business are entrusted into the hand of very selected ethnic group mostly from greater Barh el Ghazal region hence marginalizing other regional citizens of greater Upper Nile and greater Equatoria regions.

This kind of malpractice has created a huge civil discontented within the general public, because our civil population know fully well this is not the well meaningful result of our long bitter struggle in trying to attain justice, equality, and prosperity us enshrine in national anthem. President Salva Kiir utterly fail leadership style pushed the whole country and the historical SPLM/A party into abyss in all ten states of South Sudan including the Diasporas as well. We the SPLM/A in Nebraska Chapter being the most heavily populated state by South Sudanese residing in Diaspora and the stronghold of SPLM/A in the United State of America, we refused to just sit back and watch the disintegration of South Sudan unfold before our eye from the sideline. We are duly obliged to state our position as per the rule and regulation of the party.

President Slava Kiir had created huge paralysis within the party by stifling any cheers initiative with the intention of trying to initiate democratic transformation process within the party. Every since he ascended into the helm under his watch the party has lost vision and direction anyone who dare question the direction of things or his one men totalitarian show is perceives as a threat rather then a citizen trying to exercise his citizenry right. He has lost the legitimacy to rule the country. His actions are hurting the SPLM party in the country. He must step down as a chairman of the party and as the President of the Country. We in the SPLM/A Nebraska Chapter duly decided to pledge our full allegiances with those that supported the reforms within the SPLM/A. These are the one fighting Salva Kiir regime in Juba today.

All in all SPLM/A party under Salva Kiir leadership is no longer the party of the people for the people and by the people it has lost its luck luster. We urge all citizens and well wisher of this historical party to join hand in hand with us in Nebraska Chapter and rest of the United States to continue on the work of spearheading the SPLM reform that will brings the democratic change in the country.


Makuel Wie
Acting Chairman
Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM/SPLA)
Nebraska Chapter-USA
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