Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership Supports SPLM/A in Opposition

Date: 25/03/2014

To: Dr. Riak Machar Teny
Leadership of SPLM/A In Opposition

Subject: GEYL Absolute Support to SPLM/A In Opposition Rebel Movement

Dear Sir,

March 31, 2014 (SSNA) — The Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL) affirmatively, offers absolute supports, and declared unwavering political, and militarily commitment to realized the success of this an all inclusive objective movement of SPLM/A In Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riak Machar Teny, that comes as a result of unnecessary imposed war on the entire citizens of South Sudan by visionless leadership of Military dictator Salva Kiir.

The (GEYL), has been following the leadership style of President Kiir at close ranges, and noted how this self-centered President Kiir’s Government has lost all its values, and legitimacy most particularly from all the sections of lives of the people of Greater Equatoria, and the citizens of South Sudan who have become too much subjected to deliberate endless sufferings at the hand of self imposing President Kiir.

Today, we are making it much more clearer to all our representatives at all levels of Governments in States, Counties, and Government of South Sudan that the (GEYL), is officially withdrawing all our bestowed confidence, trust and support from President Salva Kiir, because of his too weak and tribally oriented leadership that Kiir wants to instill as foundation setup of our new nation.

The (GEYL) is very much aware of how Kiir has ruined our country, to the point of total collapse, including creation of wider mistrust, and breakdown of relations among the best friendly countries to South Sudan. The (GEYL) has for seen consistent political, and ideological thoughts of Dr. Riak Machar is very clear, to point that would certainly redirect South Sudan on the way towards all human liberties, and development in our Country.

The current circumstance ignited by President Kiir, his associates and his foreign plotters against citizens of South Sudan,  the (GEYL) must take it as a moral responsibility to resist at all cause, and join SPLA/M in Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riak Machar as the only way to final freedom for all the people of South Sudan.

In essence, the (GEYL) is hereby reaffirmed the position of its elders council deceive position that (GEYL) will tirelessly from now onward work in close ties with its leaders, to mobilize, support and joint forces under the leadership of Dr. Riak Machar to ensure that the current illegitimate tribal government is removed, in order to pave ways for restructuring all institutions, establishment of fair constitutions, and laying strong social, economic and democratic foundation in our nation.

The (GEYL) is also calling upon all the seven accused politicians to immediately unite in political and military wing of SPLM/A in Opposition without any doubt, because the masses of the whole country are fully behind the opposition, considering that Kiir has totally failed to deliver services in accordance to the expectations of the citizens, since 2005 after the death of Dr. John Garang.

The (GEYL) would like to make it louder and clearer that it’s an opportune time for President Kiir to quickly choose between peace and arm resistance. Kiir has no authority to victimize the citizens of this country from their own State given and natural rights, which are always in violation.

Therefore, the time for real change has come in our country, the (GEYL) is calling upon all the youth to rise up, to put end to current era of dictatorial cliques mismanaging the affairs of our states without guidance.

The equatorians are well known for peace keeping, unfortunately, President Kiir leaderships still continue with its’ marginalization policy in most vital institutions of the country, and posting life threats on the future of the people of Greater Equatotoria through military channels.

The people of Greater Equatoria are now more aware and alert, about the evil plans and intentions of President Salva Kiir, who always remains as dividing factor among the people of South Sudan.

We the (GEYL) are so shocked of December 15th night mare in Juba that happened to most innocent Nuer citizens and some equatoria citizens under the directives of  President Salva Kiir, something the people of Greater Equatoria must know that they are not immune of as long as President Salva Kiir remains in power.

In this case, this declaration also serves to inform the leaderships of SPLM/A in Opposition that all youth leaderships and their communities’ members of Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, and Western Equatoria are fully behind the movement at all times.

We will continue to cement, promote and support the interest of this dear movement directly or indirectly at all cause to sacrifice once more for these objective ideas we all believe, are sources of all progressive betterment of communities in South Sudan.

The (GEYL) also called upon all the youth from all parts of Greater Bahr El Ghazal, and Greater Upper Nile states, to rise up spontaneously to join  hands in this arm resistance under the leadership of Dr. Riak Machar, who is struggling to serve common national interests of all nationalities in South Sudan.

We believe, this is ideally a youth movement that we must support and nourished, because SPLM/A In Opposition is an organization seeking solutions to popular demands of all the citizens who are being robbed of all the health, education, clean water, justice and development they badly need.

It’s advisable that the youth of Greater Bahr El Ghazal, Greater Equatoria and Greater Upper should realized that, the youth are the most deprived section of population by the current President Salva Kiir’s Government that never paid attention, and plan for the future of the youth in this country.

It’s a high time for us to work together with the leaderships of SPLM/A in Opposition in order to restore our aspirations as youth for better future prospects that we have never had during Kiir’s oppressive regime period.

In light of the above the following points constitutes the position and long standing views of Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL), regards the ongoing IGAD peace mediating process.

1) Establishment of an interim Government is a key factor to success of this ongoing negotiation, and stability in South Sudan noting that the Interim Government will eventually prepare the new constitution and free and fair elections.

2) We support proposal that President Salva Kiir steps down, because it’s a significant step, to create peaceful atmosphere for restructuring of all institutions, and reorganization of essential security forces.

3) Unconditional Release of remaining four political detainees, to ensure their full participation including seven others under Kenyan custody in an inclusive peace process.

4) Any deployment of foreign forces in South Sudan other than UN peace keeping force must be done through the consent and agreement of two parties in conflict.

5) There must an agreement in principle and practice for setting up constitutional federal government in South Sudan as the only possible means of attaining a lasting stability at all levels political economic and social equilibriums in South Sudan.

6) The international and regional communities should intensify the move to sanction primary activities of President Kiir Government as a means to redirect him towards a permanent peace and development of this nation.

7) If President Salva Kiir’s illegitimate government fails to understand, the meaning of peace making and interest of the people of South Sudan, the idea of this meaningless negotiating engagement must drop for a while until Kiir understands the language he needs to be taught.

8) We equally propose to our rebel leadership to provide participatory and observatory status to the youth in the ongoing peace process.

9) The GEYL is warning the current Kiir’s government through its force masses who are already in the existing system, and those under mobilization, that if President Kiir continues to demonstrate less interest on peace and stability of this nation, and continuing to subjugating the innocent citizens of this country on more unnecessary suffering, Kiir will soon not later be forced from the very sit of the government.

Cc: Chief Negotiator Taban Deng Gai SPLM/A in Opposition
Cc: Alfred Lado Gore Member SPLM/A in Opposition
Cc: Greater Equatoria members SPLM/A in Opposition
Cc: Wani Tombe Greater Equatoria Council of Elders
Cc: File
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