Nuer Students’ Union and Naath Youth Network Refuse Bribes From Naïve South Sudan Government Agents in Kenya

Press release

Nairobi, April 2, 2014 (SSNA) — The Republic of South Sudan became independent on July 9, 2011 and the first elected President of the Republic of South Sudan, Gen. Salva Kiir, was sworn in to protect the constitution, the right of people, and to defend the integrity of the nation. Soon afterwards, President Kiir violated this solemn duty and began to lead the nation alone and ruled by issuing Presidential Decrees. He disagreed with his former SPLM colleagues and because he wanted to eliminate his opponents, he falsely created a story that a coup had taken place.

This false alleged coup transpired into a massacre of only Nuer tribe in Juba even though the leaders, who carried out the rebellion were Dinkas, Nuers, and many other tribes. If this was a legitimate coup carried out by leaders from various tribes, what then would turn it to become a Nuer problem that would cost thousands of Nuer their lives.

What really happened on Sunday, December 15 and why did it happen?

Human rights watch and observers have expressed opinion of the war as being tribal. The element of such claims cannot be completely denied from what had happened.  However, what is currently happening is a war between the citizens who want to liberate south Sudan from the hands of dictatorship and to return the nation to the objectives and aspirations of the SPLM liberty, equality and prosperity where democracy is the pillar of these objectives. The people of south Sudan fought against undemocratic policies in the North and never regretted to lose 2 million lives. Our objective is to live in a free, fair and democratic nation where freedom of expression is not a privilege but a right to every citizen as enshrined in the transitional constitution of South Sudan. It is President Kiir’s private army that turned the conflict into tribal war.

South Sudan is a country ruled with Aristocracy and Dictatorship theories, whereby aristocracy is guru where government don’t listen to the citizens but the executive does everything on behave of the citizens being it right or wrong. The case of aristocracy resulted to an infected transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan where there were no inputs from the citizens but the then cabinet and legislatures passed the worst transitional constitution in the world history, powers are invested on one man who can do anything he wants any time. Dictatorship is a guru of doing things the way you want them to be, any time anywhere.   

Politicians from Nuer community who are still supporting a collapsed government happened to come to Nairobi last week and tried their best to bribes youth in Nairobi in order to waver their support to the regime that has lost credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the international community and the South Sudanese at large, they called for a public meeting twice and the mighty youth refused and interrupted their meeting because the agenda of the meeting were as follows;

  • Call for a press conference and denounce the wavering support for the SPLM/A in opposition
  • Send delegates to Juba and meet the then president in order to assure him of our support in Nairobi
  • Talked to IDPs in the UNMISS camps in Juba to go back to their homes
  • Advised the dissatisfied youth not pick up arms against the Kiir regime
  • Denounce the massacre in juba and other places and put blames on Dr Riek/SPLM/A in Opposition about the death of the of the people

Having listed the above mentioned points from the desperate, naïve, egoistic, self-centred, nay, arrogant, bloodsuckers, filthy-minded politicians, we want to bring to the attention of South Sudanese in opposition who are so bold to fight for liberty, justice and prosperity for South Sudanese that we the students and Youth of Nuer community in Nairobi affirmed our unrivalled support for the SPLM/A in Opposition for their objectives and vision for the republic of South Sudan and the aspirations, objectives of the SPLM/A as a party. The politicians who came to Nairobi had no dignity, integrity, credibility, legitimacy, and we denounced them as representative of their respective constituencies. We regretted for the obvious reasons to elect them to represent our constituencies during the previous election. you cannot sit and watch your people being burnt to death in your present and have the energy to face the mass claiming there was no killings in Juba targeting one ethnic community, your mission to bribes us with our own resources is un-coming.

The list of those who attempted to bribes youth in Nairobi are as follows;

1. Rachel Nyadak
2. Ambassador Majiok Guandong
3. Gen Gony Beliu
4. Majiok Gatluak

These are the Kiir’s sycophants and wanted to destabilize the unity of purpose of the youth in opposition currently living in Nairobi. We had a respect for you before then, but you can only tell the colour a chameleon with its environment, as the environment changes, its colours also changes. We have now known that you don’t care for anything less than money and power.

We want to assure you, that this is the second liberation for equality, freedom, nationalism, patriotism, and most importantly the supreme sovereignty of the Republic of South Sudan, we need national independence, well secure country, and a well- defined constitution for South Sudanese.

The SPLM/A in Opposition were bold in enough to challenge the master (Gen Kiir) publicly for his dictatorship tendencies which were feared by many. We admire their boldness and prefer to be around them because their self-confident makes us gullible of the capricious and that is the testimony of our truism.

"A reasonable man in love may act like a madman, but he should not and cannot act like an idiot’’ By Madame de la Rochefoucauld

Nuer Students’ Union and Naath Youth Network Leadership in Kenya e-mailed us on [email protected]. Facebook page Nuer students association in Kenya

Bona Machar Nyak
Nuer Students’ Union Chairperson
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