Fangak Youth Union (FYU) Condemns Civilians Killing in Bor UN Base

April 21, 2014 (SSNA) — The fangak youth Union has felt shock to hear the new massacre again in Bor at the eyes of world body “UNMISS” it was unexpected scenario to see 147 civilians mostly women and children dying in their haven in the hand of well-organized military group nick named to be Bor youth to cover the fact of the hidden agenda.

We strongly condemn this discriminating killing on innocent civilians in their protection site, there is no doubt that the Nuer massacre which eventually originated in Juba is still being carrying out where ever there is Nuer civilians and died simply because of their ethnicity. We belief this callous was not from the blue it was instigated by government in Juba, there is no youth in the world who should have rockets and ever things as government forces have. The second issues Bor youth were disarmed last years and got no fire arms in their hands that was the reason which made them to Fled to Aguilar in Lakes state during incident in Bor, where can the Bor youth got their guns, military and police uniforms in front of government troops and Uganda defense Force (UPDF) in Bor Town? Is government of South Sudan supplying arms to Civilians to kill other civilians in the country? And what was the reason for youth to wear military and police uniforms in government controlled Town?

The FYU wants United Nations mission in South Sudan specially the Bor Contingent to be vigilant to their report on the number of deaths in UN base attack, the number of deaths was not 20, it was 147, and the wounded were 273. UN need to fulfill its mandate to protects civilians in all corners without discriminations and report the facts, if the government isolates Nuer in the National protections services what of UN which has no side in the world?

The Fangak Youth Union was not satisfied with the report made by government officials in the media who have reported and tried to term the attack as peaceful memo to the UN which UN turned it to be violence and started shooting at Bor youth that came to be reason to the civilians attack in Bor. We term this as “demotion” and barbaric Report.

FYU gets disturbed for the silent of UNMISS on the Abductee in the Bor attack, UN needs to report this case of kidnapping of children and women in the same violence in UN base. We need UN and Government of South Sudan if didn’t lose the responsibility to give back the abducted children and women if they are still alive to their beloved ones in UNMISS camp in Bor with the immediate effect. One of urgent issue also the FYU needs IDPs in all bases to be relocated before rectification of UN mandate by Parliament of South Sudan because this rectification will be a disaster for the IDPs in their protections sites.

In conclusion the FYU pays the heartfelt condolence to all the families, relatives and friends of deceases to take heart in this terrible time. God was not wrong to create you as Nuer tribe take courage, its God making, you did nothing wrong to any one in South Sudan. May God rest them in peace. Amen!!!

Our unity and our Voice is our strength!

Long live Fangak County
Long live the everlasting peace in South Sudan.

Fangak youth Union (FYU)

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