SPLM/SPLA Youth League-in Opposition:We Are Congratulating Our Gallant Forces for the Subjected Victory in Bentiu

Press Release

Addis Ababa, April 21, 2014 (SSNA) — In reference to the recent great victory and move taken by our brave hearted gallant forces, we would want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the freedom fighters and the entire movement for retaking the unity state capital Bentiu back in our control. In our voice and support, we acknowledge the great fundamental major general behind the victory to take over Bentiu, Maj-General James Koang Chuol who were heading the tactical field operations. These great freedom pioneers are fully known best in winning battles, SPLM/SPLA Youth League knew it from last week that they will emerge victorious as they head the gallant freedom fighters to take over several towns namely ;Mayom County,Tor Abieth,Rubkona,Tharwangyiela, Bentiu and many more other places along the way. These are key major positions that lead to the oil production fields and we would actually feel the bleeding of the anti-freedom fighters’ side, the government of Salva Kiir must be teasing a hand full of pain right now as we are proceeding to Juba and other key loyalists’ positions in the country.

We as SPLM/SPLA Youth League, are still calling upon President Salva Kiir to step down or risk being exiled if not conquer like other world leaders that tried resisting the voice of the people, he has killed enough people to live hence for the sake of the nation, and also for the sake of those whom he innocently killed since 2005 to date. He should honorably step down without any further bloody humiliation from the citizens. He has lost direction and no single citizen that is following him accepts gang of robbers that want to rob him of our resources. He is like a prodigal son in the bible; we are ready to forgive him as a nation if he reflects back on all the mistakes he made and humbly seek forgiveness from the people of South Sudan, however, without clear stand on him stepping down with immediate effect, then, this war will not stop until he is exiled to overseas or to the nearby countries that we all know. We would also want to extend our congratulatory acknowledgement to our leader Dr.Riek Machar for exercising the fundamental virtues of patient, humility and more importantly the vision he has in his heart for the people of South Sudan.

We know everyone support this movement across the country and in the Diaspora, of which, as the Youth League ,we are assuring everyone that the days of miserable government are numbered and we are headed for a country that treat everyone equally irrespective of their tribes,ethnicity,religion,political affiliations or individuals expressions or freedom of expression.

Secondly, we condemn in the strongest terms possible the Intentional killing of the innocent civilian at the UNMISS base in Bor and there is no doubt that this was done by the Government not the Bor Civilian. 

In conclusion, we extend our moral and physical support to our gallant freedom fighters in which we are inclusive, to keep up that brave spirit of selflessness. We as the Youth League are also calling upon our great generals engineering the operations on the grounds to fully bring out their tactics to capture all the towns under control of food loving troops in order to bring freedom to South Sudanese. Victory is upon us. May God bless all the South Sudanese waiting for freedom, may God bless freedom fighters, may God bless the entire leadership of SPLM/SPLA and may God bless South Sudan!!!

Victory is certain!
SPLM/SPLA  Oyee!!! Freedom fighters Oyee!!! Dr.Riek Machar Oyee!!!
Jesus Deng Atem Wal
SPLM Youth league-in Opposition Spokesman
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