Salva Kiir’s Political Delusion Paranoia

By: Tut Daub Jiah

April 25, 2014 (SSNA) — It becomes crystal clear to the well informed communities that the South Sudan political sale men and women, who have been going around in an attempt to sell an unmanufactured good (Coup d’état) are not giving up, despite the call from the would-be consumers of the said unfounded item for Juba to produce it. The doggedness of the regime in Juba to continue talking about Riek Machaar’s aborted coup, even when they are failing to produce and/or provide any convincing evidence, whether material or circumstantial ones, must stemmed from the fact that the system has immersed in an ocean of predicament that their confidence on what they have been doing has always been met with dissatisfactions by the people they supposed to saved and served.

The most bothersome phenomenon is when the characters that are regarded by many as the most esteemed leaders in their communities and the nation at large, have reduced themselves into being messagers and ménage servants, who have chosen to engage themselves in cleaning the regime’s dirty linens, while disregarding the damages their cheap propaganda is inflicting on them. Shamelessly, the good boys and girls of Salva Kir, who are being enticed to repudiate the genocide and moralize a failed coup attempt by Riek Machaar are even trying to convert the genocidal war survivors themselves, without remorse. That is a lunatic undertaking.

It is this unprecedented behavior that forced the writer to come public and share with all brothers and sisters what would have been a reasonable argument, which might attract some attention. Having said that, nonetheless, it would have been good if the cabinet sat and strategized on how to go about correcting what had gone wrong. What this author believes is that there was no group of Dinka who sat down and decided to wage a genocidal war against Nuer. Naturally, Salva Kir had planned to protect his leadership using his own tribe, after he failed to convince his party leadership to support him in remaining in power for ever. What happened in our country is not something unique. Our neighboring countries are led by people who are getting overwhelming and unwavering support from their own tribes in the first place before stepping into national leadership.

Moreover, it is always the leaders themselves that are supposed to guide their followers of how they carry out their objectives. As such, it rests on Salva Kir’s shoulder and him alone, for the language he used during his campaign and mobilization was understood, by his Dinka militias, to mean exactly what happened on December 15, 2013 to date.

Again, the way out of this mess is exclusively upon Salva Kir Mayardit. However, since he (Salva) did not know how to communicate a peaceful message to his followers from the beginning, and all along, no one would expect him to have any sort of exit strategy.

Salva Kir has been living in fear since he assumed office, after Dr. John’ mysterious demise. He is not confidence on himself and he has been living in a world full of qualms. That is why he had been arresting; intimidating and dismissing personalities he thinks might have been planning a coup against him, with the current one being the third in the series of elusively perceived coups. All allegations he labeled against his comrades are all, but delusion paranoia. Salva recognized his incompetency and did not know how to go about getting the spot-on advises from the clued-up people from within. As such, he resorted into depending on foreign leaders, some of whom are the deadly enemies of our freedom, for help.

For the sake of information sharing, the reason why the world did not recognized the coup attempt as a genuine event, came from the fact that it was discovered by the friends of South Sudan that Salva and his cabinet had concocted the coup plan before it happened. They had deployed their diplomats and instructed them to submit the pre-dated memos, signed by all Cabinet members, to those countries as soon as they announced the coup in Juba. Unfortunately, the letters were delivered at questionable times to those countries (Given the different time zones the world has). In Washington, D.C. for example, the Diplomats that informed the US government to have come directly from Juba delivered the letter at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time in United States of America on December 16, 2013, which was about 6:00 pm Juba local time the same day (Dec. 16, 2013), at least few hours after Salva announced the aborted coup on SSTV. From here, one would ask himself, what mood of transportation did Kiir’s Envoys take from Juba to Washington D.C.? All might have remembered some Ambassadors were removed from key countries that Juba thought would have been their main supporters, after their failure to convince those countries that a coup had really been waged, because the Ambassadors themselves might not have believed what they were dealing with. All might have witnessed Salva’s infamous speech to foreign media, including Aljazeera in which he blamed international community of not rushing to South Sudan to help him subdue the rebellion.

Was it not unbecoming for him to do that?

In conclusion, one would like to advice Juba that:

  • The more you talked about coup attempt, the more friends you lose, because everybody knows exactly what happened. Therefore, you don’t need to tell people something did not happen and expect them to believe you.
  • Stop blaming Riek Machaar for the War you imposed on the people. Nuer Women and Children did not urged Riek Machaar to express his interest in running for highest office. Killing of innocent civilians in Juba is the main cause of the current war in our country. To stop it, it needs a patriotic leader, who must call things in their right names. You may think you are winning the war today, but it will look something different tomorrow.
  • Don’t waste your money to buy loyalty and support from Nuer, thinking that one day those suffering Nuer will come back under your administration at any time, as James Wani Iga put it during his interview with SSTV on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 9:34 pm Juba local time. Nuers are not for sale in their own country, which they have helped, created using their blood souls and bones.
  • Riak Gai Kok Diang, Nyadak Paul Giel, Majok Guandon Thiep, Gony Belieu, Majok Gatluak Thow Kuny are representatives of themselves, and not in any way authorize to do any business in the names of Lou Nuer Communities. These individuals have disgraced themselves beyond forgiveness, and therefore disowned by Lou Nuer Community. If their problem is Riek Machaar, they must rest assure that the current war has nothing to do with Riek, but clearly struggle for Nuer’s dignity and survival.
  • Bringing into South Sudan unfriendly nations like Uganda, Sudan, Israel, Justice & Equality Movement, Erieria, Ethiopia, M23 and DRC to fight alongside the SPLA in order to help subdue justice, will turn ugly and have an unpleasant ramifications. You are mixing wrong ingredients in a wrong bowl. Some of those you considered your friends may turn out to be different people, for they would not dare to lose the powerful friends by helping people who are not helping themselves. 
  • Accusing the SPLM leaders to have waged the coup and at the same time you don’t allow them to contribute their political views in the peace talks, put you in, yet, another political periphery in the eyes of politically mature world. It is naïve to implicate someone to be a part of a problem while believing in him not being a part of solution.
  • Musevenization of South Sudan will never be allowed to succeed in our country, as the UPDF had already introduced their horrendous human rights abuses that they had used in Northern Uganda those years by burning down the Acholi villages, cut women breaths and do all inhumane atrocities and blamed them on Lord Resistance Army. They had done this in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and blamed Rebels of burning their own houses and the poor world seems to believe that shallow accusation.
  • The problem is not Democracy and Riek Machaar. The problem is Salva Kiir’s inability to govern the country, and subsequent killing of innocent civilians, who have nothing to do with politics. Because of this, the war will continue until Salva leaves us alone. It is better to fight a just war than to have pathetic peace. There is no room left for salva Kiir, who is paranoid and lives in delusional political life to lead us.

Tut Daub Jiah is reachable through [email protected].

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