The Ongoing Genocide by Kiir and his militias against Nuer and Equatorians in Juba

Press Release No: 4

June 3, 2014 (SSNA) — The National Youth Union condemned in strongest possible term the killing of twenaty (20) Nuer on Saturday dawn (31/5/2014) at Mia Saba (107) residential area. The ongoing killing of innocent people in cold blood in Juba and elsewhere, speak of the criminal SalvaKiir regime of pursuing genocidal policy against our people instead of peace and stability in South Sudan.

Kiir and his militias,motivated by hatred and lust for power, continue to carry out refined and systematic extermination of ethnic groups among South Sudanese with the sole purpose of thorough ethnic cleaning. The barbaric, inhuman, ruthless murdering and massacre of Nuer civilians in a cold blood is a testimony to the cruelty and brutality of the Killer, criminal Kiir and his Militias in South Sudan.

Juba and all government control areas became slaughter houses and concentration camp like Nazis camps in Germany during Hitler where appalling crimes and atrocities were committed. This is gang warfare for arbitrary executions, extra-judicial killing, and mass murder, torture, lynching and street massacre.  The world is witnessing similar crimes of genocide against Nuer people in South Sudan like what happened  in Ethiopia under Derge Regime-the Red Terror,  Tutsi by Hutus government in Rwanda 1994, Herero and Nama under German in South west Africa 1904 and 1907 (present day Namibian), 1804 Haiti massacred against French Creoles by the black population on the order of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915-1916,  the mass murder of six million Jews by Nazis, Srebrenica massacre 1995 by Army of the Republika Srpska( Bosnian Genocide). The world cannot just sit back while the genocide is being committed by Kiir and his militias on their very watch. This inaction by the UN, AU and IGAD explains the total failure to stop ongoing genocide.

Intimidations by Fascist Regime in Juba.

The fascist regime in Juba have resort into tactics of intimidation by arresting family members of politicians and military leaders  who have joined the SPLM/SPLA for fight against dictatorship, injustice, tribalism, corruption and the ongoing crime of genocide against South Sudanese people. This intimidations and torture will not break the determination of freedom fighters but will instead give them more courage and determination to bring down the worse and deadly dictatorship in the history of South Sudan. We condemned the illegally detention of Ibrahim Ayii  Akol and all prisoners who are in the detention cells  of regime and call for their  immediate and unconditional release. 

UN, AU, IGAD and Trioka

The National Youth Union would like to reiterate its call on UN, AU, Troika, IGAD and all peace loving nation to bring Kiir and his cohorts to account NOW. Kiir and his militias(Paul Malong Awan, Kuol Manyang Juuk) are blood thirsty killers who have no interest in peace than promoting tribalism, corruption, hatred, dictatorship, injustice and genocide in South Sudan. They are traitors who have betrayed the cause of South Sudanese people to live peace, freedom, sovereign and independent country.

SPLM/SPLA Leadership (Freedom fighters)

The National Youth Union would like to commend the leadership of SPLM/SPLA under the wise and humble leadership of Dr, Riek Machar Teny for proposing federal system as the way forward in this national crisis.  We welcome the federal system as the base of governance in South Sudan under twenty-two former districts (22) arrangements.  As civil society representing youth across the nation and in all liberated areas, we will work to advance this noble objective and help to achieve it for the goodness and prosperity of our people.  The National Youth Union congratulates General Dau Atorjong Nyuol and welcomes him to the fold of freedom fighters. General Dau Atorjong Nyuol represents the true and living conscience of South Sudanese people. He represents the courage, determination and free will to strive against all obstacles for an equal, free and just society.  We reiterate our call for unconditional and immediate withdrawal of invading forces of Uganda (UPDF) and all mercenaries’ (Sudanese Rebels) from South Sudan soil.


Steven Puoch Riek Deng
President, National Youth Union South Sudan


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