South Sudanese Demand ‘Full and Timely Implementation of Peace Agreements’

Photo credit: AFP

Date: 2 June, 2014

Contact Email: [email protected]
H.E. Barack H. Obama, President of the United States of America
H.E. David Cameron, Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
H.E. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
H.E. José Manuel Barroso President of the European Commission and head of the (EU)
H.E. Xi Jinping, President of the Republic of China
H.E. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation
H.E. François Gérard Hollande, President of the French Republic
H.E. Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of the Royal Norwegian Government
The Secretariat of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD).
Son Excellence Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Chairman of the African Union

Your Excellences,

June 3, 2014 (SSNA) — Over many years, the international community—through ignorance and/or attempts to dismiss the need for full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)—has actually reduced the chances for a sustainable peace in South Sudan. We have watched as the people of South Sudan have suffered from violence for decades, and now are subject again to ongoing violence and hardship. Ultimately this derives primarily from the failure of the international community to secure full implementation of the signed peace agreement.

We believe the only way to avert renewed humanitarian tragedies is to implement fully the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (2005), and to secure full compliance with the cessation of hostilities agreement of May 9, 2014. Ignoring the full implementation of CPA threatens the safety of both South Sudanese and marginalized citizens of Sudan, forcing people in a range of ways, particularly in the border areas. Examples of these dangers include the assassination of Abyei leader Koul Deng Kuol and the Bentiu massacre, in which thousands of South Sudanese, as well as Darfuri refugees, were murdered. We therefore call upon the international community to stand strongly with the people of South Sudan and play a positive role in securing full implementation of a comprehensive peace agreement for all parts of the two Sudans. For our part, as people of South Sudan, we want peace and fully support the cessation of hostilities agreement signed on May 9, 2014; and we urge that relief assistance be provided to war-affected victims, and that access be facilitated to all areas where the Internally Displaced Persons might be located.

We support the IGAD process in ensuring a comprehensive agreement between the GRSS and SPLM-in-opposition, as well as former detainees, in Addis Ababa; we urge that the next phase of dialogue should be occur within an inclusive Transitional Government authorized to supervise the implementation of any final peace agreement. Such an inclusive Transitional Government should engage in a process of constitutional review, urge reconciliation and healing, provide basic social services, defense and law enforcement, and initiate reconstruction.

We support the democratic principles that are enshrined in our constitution, specifically with respect to elected government officials and members of parliament. We strongly believe that the interim constitution and the permanent constitution itself must respect the basic tenets of democracy in all structures and institutions.

We demand that any atrocity crimes committed during the current civil war be investigated and prosecuted by our national legal system.

To support effective peace efforts, we urge that the money recently pledged by donors’ conference in Oslo (Norway) should be focused on South Sudanese children and their families, especially those affected in the states of Jonglei, Upper Nile, and Unity. Building schools and hospitals in the affected areas must also be a priority. Affected families should be supported in settling in their native villages and towns.

We urge that solutions to issues raised by the current conflict in South Sudan come from the people of South Sudan themselves and not be imposed by foreign actors imposing their own will.

We seek to avoid setting a pattern of acquiring power through military means and thus violating the constitution; democratic power must come only through the ballot box. We urge that any interim government be headed by the current democratically elected president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, until new elections take place. At the same time we call for political accommodation of the SPLM-in-opposition, former detainees, and other South Sudanese political parties; we call on the mediators of the peace talks to maintain transparency and reflect civil society voices and views in re-structuring the interim government as well as proposals for the current, and ultimately permanent, constitution.

We urge the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and the rebels in opposition, plus all South Sudanese political parties and other civil society organizations, commit themselves in a national conference to reject war and embrace peace by signing a national document in a broader peace and reconciliation conference to save the people of South Sudan from future wars.

Therefore, we urge that any reconciliation process, national healing conferences and restructuring system of governance and sessions takes place inside South Sudan and must be compatible with a peaceful and constitutional transfer of power through elections.

We also urge that there must be an overall plan to focus on human resources as a means of nationbuilding, including former rebels; we also urge that soldiers be trained in special vocational schools to qualify them for jobs. Only this can support peace in the long term.

We urge all stakeholders to commit themselves to the peace process without pre-conditions, and we are committed to engage all stakeholders inside South Sudan under auspices of South Sudan National Inclusive Transitional Government that shall supervise timely implementation of Addis Ababa Peace cease-fire agreement. Key priorities should be in the areas of defense and law enforcement, reconstruction, the process of National Reconciliation and Healing, provision of basic social services, the process of national constitutional review to agree on a system of governance, conducting a national census, reviewing the Political Parties Act 2012, and conducting General Elections.

Signed by: South Sudanese Citizens

1 Mrs. Gisma Mou Mou, Sweden
2 Mrs. Aman Bol Kulok, Sweden
3 Mr. Deng Kuereng Garang, Sweden
4 Mr. Gabriel Marial Diu, Sweden
5 Mr. Justin Antony, Sweden
6 Mrs. Lubna Yar Waal Abraham, Sweden
7 Mr.Martin Mapour Majak, Sweden
8 Ms. Nyandeng Garang, Sweden
9 Mr. David Atak, Sweden
10 Mr. Wek Puot Wek, Sweden
11 Mr. George Chol Anwan, Sweden
12 Mrs. Abok Deng Ajou, Sweden
13 Mrs.Asunta Nyok , South Sudan
14 Mrs. Elisa Deng, Sweden
15 Mr. Deng Jok, Sweden
16 Mrs.Edwina Patrick, Sweden
17 Mr. Padang Anyuondit, Sweden
18 Ms. Mary Mayiik, Sweden
19 Mr. Deng Mayiik, Sweden
20 Mr. Nikson Garang, Sweden
21 Ms. Nyandenka Mayiik, Sweden
22 Mr. Chol Majak Anei, Sweden
23 Mr. Aler Kur, Sweden
24 Mr. Deng Ding Deng, Sweden
25 Ms. Philip Deng Agot, South Sudan
26 Mr. Simon Agot Dut , South Sudan
27 Mr. Dau Chan Dau, Netherland
28 Mr. Peter Makoy, Netherland
29 Mr. Sedig Antar , UK
30 Mrs. Victoria Alewt Wol, Norway
31 Mr. Akon Arik Koul, Norway
32 Mr. Musa Adam, Norway
33 Mr. William Riak, Finland
34 Mr. Akon James Ayok, UK
35 Mr. Wek Pot Wek, Sweden
36 Mrs. Ketali Posok, Sweden
37 Mr. Akon Majak, Sweden
38 Mr. Mario Alyp, Sweden
39 Mr. Ahmed Osman, Sudan
40 Mr. Bassi Ahmed, Sudan
41 Mr. Yosif Ahmed Mohammed, Sudan
42 Mr. Abobaker Salha, Sudan
43 Mr. Hamed Mohamed, Sudan
44 Mr. Hider Salha , Sudan
45 Mr. Abdelha Ahmed, Ethiopia
46 Mr. Badria Otam Aromo, Ethiopia
47 Mr. Munir Mahmed , Sudan
48 Mr. Osman Gader, Sudan
50 Mr. John Angok Mawien , South Sudan
51 Mr. David Loyen , South Sudan
52 Mr. Ajier Deng , South Sudan
53 Mr. Dach Agoth Mayen , South Sudan
54 Mr. Dut Bol Thiel , South Sudan
55 Mr. Lasu Juma Modi, South Sudan
56 Mr. John Madut Koul, South Sudan
57 Mr. Lomoro James, South Sudan
58 Mr. Daivd Nybango Henry, South Sudan
59 Mr. Wol Deng Wol, South Sudan
60 Mr. Akuei Wunhuel Noon, South Sudan
61 Mr. Wani Mogga, South Sudan
62 Mr. Chieng Deng Chieng, South Sudan
63 Mr. Bior Garang Kuol, South Sudan
64 Mr. Kapteeno Ali, South Sudan
65 Ms. Mary Francis Lugga, South Sudan
66 Mr. Kamis Salh Lemi , South Sudan
67 Mr. Wani Ramdan Sabit, South Sudan
68 Ms. Norah Mores Sasa, South Sudan
69 Mr. Rabi Salh Lemi, UK
70 Mr. Kuol Kuol Kuol, South Sudan
71 Mr. Arik Kuol Kuol , South Sudan
72 Mr. Bol Akach Bol, Egypt
73 Mr. Bol Mawien Arik, Germany
74 Mr. Jimy Mou Kuol, South Sudan
75 Ms. Zenab Sabit Lemi , South Sudan
76 Mr. Gai Nynon, South Sudan
77 Ms. Ajak Majak, South Sudan
78 Mr. Gadet Bouth, South Sudan
79 Mr. Yau Boyoi Yau, South Sudan
80 Mr. Ngor Den , South Sudan
81 Mr. Kubil Gai Wol, South Sudan
82 Mr. Kiir Kuc Magok, South Sudan
83 Ms. Mary Diko, South Sudan
84 Mr. Bul Bak Yual, South Sudan
85 Ms. Abuk Garang D., South Sudan
86 Mr. Johnson Jal Jok, South Sudan
87 Mr. Luk Puot Luk, South Sudan
88 Mr. Kang Puot Kang, South Sudan
89 Mr. Dut John Wol , South Sudan
90 Mr. Deng Kuol Deng, South Sudan
91 Ms. Peace Joyice Wani, South Sudan
92 Mr. Moda John Henry, South Sudan
93 Mr. Tutu Clement Wani , South Sudan
94 Mr. Omar Hassen, South Sudan
95 Mr. Noon Bak Manut, South Sudan
96 Mr. Payit Wal Dut, South Sudan
97 Mr. Paul Dhor Majok, South Sudan
98 Mr. Jalfa James Longa, South Sudan
99 Mr. Kong Ruth Dot, South Sudan
100 Mr. Wol wol Bol , South Sudan
101 Mr. Simon Machuar Deng, South Sudan
102 Ms. Rebecca Nyibol Deng, South Sudan
103 Mr. Yak Mayen Wol, South Sudan
104 Ms. Moi Ali Leng, South Sudan
105 Mr. Gabriel Oyai , South Sudan
106 Mr. Opiuo Paul Uyoi, South Sudan
107 Mr. Deng Wal Dut, South Sudan
108 Mr. Anei Madut Bol, South Sudan
109 Mr. Koryom Awet Awet, South Sudan
110 Mr. Madut Bol Madut, South Sudan
111 Mr. Akon Akon Athain, Norway
112 Mr. Ayak Marton Mou, Norway
113 Mrs. Victoria Alwat Wol, Norway
114 Mr. Kuol Bol Mawien, Germany
115 Ms. Achol Bol Mawien, Germany
116 Mr. Mawein Bol Mawien, Germany
117 Ms. Nyandeng Athian, Germany
118 Ms. Nybol James Ayok, UK
119 Mr. Gai James Ayok, UK
120 Mrs. Ajak Toby Maduat, South Sudan
121 Ms. Lina Akon , Finland
122 Mrs Awien Mayan Agiem, Canada
123 Mrs. Adem Mayan Agiem, USA
124 Ms. Emanuela Henry Kenyi, South Sudan
125 Mr. Akol Athian Akec, Egypt
126 Mr. Kwje Henry Kenyi, Egypt
127 Ms. Jokudu Andrew, South Sudan
128 Ms. Suzan Henry Kenyi, South Sudan
129 Ms. Adut Mawien Aduol, Egypt
130 Mr. Deng Lual Deng, Egypt
131 Mrs. Heba Zegeere, South Sudan
132 Ms. Victoria Kuol, Egypt
133 Mr. Mayen Dau, Egypt
134 Mr. Duku Kenyi, South Sudan
135 Mr. Athian Mayen, South Sudan
136 Mr. Edwin Deyoung, Sudan
137 Mrs. Nunu Andrew, Sudan
138 Mr. Akoon Ariik Ariik, Uganda
139 Mr. Daniel Deng Maker, South Sudan
140 Mrs. Agar Agiem Mayan, Uganda
141 Mr. Akoon Akoon, Uganda
142 Mr. Mawien Ariik Dut, Uganda
143 Mrs. Grace Agureec Lat Abior, South Sudan
144 Mr. Gai Lat Abior, South Sudan
145 Mr. Agiem Mayan Agiem, Sudan
146 Mr. John Majak Malual , Uganda
147 Mr. James Kon Kuol, South Sudan
148 Ms. Rebecca Isaac welnyang, South Sudan
149 Mr. Fitha Lemi, Uganda
150 Mr. Simon Laku, Kenya
151 Mrs. Seda Lemi Sahla, Kenya
152 Mr. Monydhar Akon, Canada
153 Ms. Abuk Dut Mayan, Finland
154 Mr. Wiliam Akok, Finland
155 Mr. Dio Martin Machek, Finland
156 Mr. William Deng, Finland
157 Mr. Martin Maniel , Finland
158 Mr. Mario Biar, Finland
159 Mr. Alfred Joma Abol, Finland
160 Mrs. Angara Adut Mayen, Finland
161 Mrs. Nawal Abdalla, Finland
162 Mrs. Katolina Angor, Finland
163 Mrs. Agaithii maluil Jok, South Sudan
164 Mr. Deng Jok Maluil, Uganda
165 Mrs. Aziza Toto, Sudan
166 Ms. Martha Akuol , Uganda
167 Mr. Nune Tahir, Finland
168 Mr. Akec Madut Madut, Finland
169 Mr. Riak Johnen, Kenya
170 Mr. John Biar Ajak, Finland
171 Mr. Santino Atem Deng, Australia
172 Mr. Jok Hakim Mayol, Germany
173 Mr. John Kuol Mawien, South Sudan
174 Mr. Mayan Mayan Tong, USA
175 Mrs. Nyoka Jonhson, South Sudan
176 Mr. Sabir A. Demalwil, South Sudan
177 Mr. Kook Mawien, South Sudan
178 Ms. Nyandeng Kuol Adol, South Sudan
179 Ms. Achol Deng Deng, Uganda
180 Mr. Wol Wol, South Sudan
181 Mrs. Foni Lemi , South Sudan
182 Mr. Haron Deng, South Sudan
183 Mr. Gordon Ajak, South Sudan
184 Ms. Angeth Akoon , Uganda
185 Mr. James Ayok, Kenya
186 Mrs. Seyama Lemi Wani, Sudan
187 Mrs. Tereza Francis Luga, USA
188 Mr. Paul Wek Kook, South Sudan
189 Mr. Mamor Awol Mamor, South Sudan
190 Mr. Arop Mawien Deng, South Sudan
191 Mr. Maker Manut, South Sudan
192 Mr. Akol Nyiel Kuc, South Sudan
193 Mr. Amol Akol Bol, South Sudan
194 Mr. Hope Morris, South Sudan
195 Ms. Arek Martha, South Sudan
196 Mr. Manyang Wol, South Sudan
197 Mr. Gatkueth Riak, South Sudan
198 Mr. Lual Ding, South Sudan
199 Mr. Machol Maruop Deng, South Sudan
200 Mr. Mangok Malok, South Sudan
201 Ms. Rosa Denya, South Sudan
202 Mr. Alor Angelo, South Sudan
203 Mr. Paul Martin, South Sudan
204 Ms. Nyauak Gai Riak, South Sudan
205 Mr. Chuol Riak, South Sudan
206 Mr. Alex Obude , South Sudan
207 Mr. Jeda John Paul, South Sudan
208 Mr. Patrick Clement, South Sudan
209 Ms. Arike Juma Yita, South Sudan
210 Mr. Mangar Majok, South Sudan
211 Mr. Mangar Ater, South Sudan
212 Mr. Mading Deng, South Sudan
213 Ms. Awar Madut, South Sudan
214 Mr. Jack Mawa, South Sudan
215 Mr. Joseph Augustino, South Sudan
216 Mr. Pagan Ajak, South Sudan
217 Mr. Okech Odude, South Sudan
218 Ms. Nyandeng Rebecca Deng, South Sudan
219 Mr. Mabior Monydit, South Sudan
220 Mr. Paulina Pal, South Sudan
221 Mr. Madit Bol Atem, South Sudan
222 Ms. Syama Deng, South Sudan
223 Mr. Maluk Deng, South Sudan
224 Ms. Helena Deng, South Sudan
225 Mr. Juma Kashoul, South Sudan
226 Ms. Ashol Maneil, South Sudan
227 Mr. Mabor Raoge, South Sudan
228 Mr. Justin Gum, South Sudan
229 Mr. George Billy, South Sudan
230 Ms. Aweil Gak, Phoenix Arizona/ USA
231 Mr. Akol Maneil, Phoenix Arizona/ USA
232 Ms. Julia Ashol, Phoenix Arizona/ USA
233 Mr. Anone Akol, Phoenix Arizona/ USA
234 Mr. Emanuel Maneil, Phoenix Arizona/ USA
235 Ms. Ashan Akol, Phoenix Arizona/ USA
236 Mr. Ngor Maneil, Phoenix Arizona/ USA
237 Mr. Silvano Lang, Finland
238 Mr. John Maneil Shuol, Finland
239 Mr. Kur Madut, Finland
240 Mr. Ring Dau, Finland
241 Mr. Bol Atem, Finland
242 Mr. Johnson Muorwel wonyang, Finland
243 Mrs. Jakline Abok, Sweden
244 Mr. Athian Angok, Sweden
245 Mrs. Nyandeng Duol, Sweden
246 Mr. Salhi Mahjdin, Sweden
247 Mr. Adel Slama, Sweden
248 Ms. Achai Deng Kuol, IL, USA
249 Mr. Mangok Mangok Mayen, USA
250 Mr. Mauot Akuien Dut, USA
251 Mr. Joseph Majak, USA
252 Mr. Gau Garang Nyong, USA
253 Mr. John Gille, USA
254 Mr. Artem Lado, USA
255 Mr. Chour Chour Dhel, USA
256 Mr. Dut Deng Leek, USA
257 Mr. Bol Thiik Ring, USA
258 Mr. Pualo, Pab Deng, USA
259 Mr. Acai Kueg, USA
260 Mr. Santino Atak Chimir, USA
261 Mr. Wal Akech Reeng, USA
262 Mr. Marco Ngong Manyeil, USA
263 Mr. Mariano Mangog Mawien, USA
264 Mr. Simon Mawien Chan, USA
265 Mr. Mangok Mawien Diing, USA
266 Mrs. Rose Joseph Oduho, USA
267 Mrs. Kadifa Kon, USA
268 Mr. Philip Garang Aguot, USA
269 Mr. Atem Ayuel, USA
270 Mr. Martin Anyang, USA
271 Mr. Kuanying Abur Nhial, USA
272 Mrs. Aluk Bak, USA
273 Mr. Deng Deng Agot, USA
274 Mr. Abiem Marco Ngong, USA
275 Mr. Akol Marco Nyong, USA
276 Mr. Peter Majak Machuar, USA
277 Mr. Arop Manyang, USA
278 Ms. Nyibol Lual, USA
279 Mr. Akok Akok Mawien, USA
280 Ms. Achol Deng Ajiing, IL, USA
281 Ms. Awor Deng, USA
282 Ms. Achai Deng Kuol, USA
283 Mr. Mawiem Mawien Makol, Utah,USA
284 Mrs. Adut Chol, Utah, USA
285 Mr. Anie Mel, USA
286 Ms. Lucy Achan, TX, USA
287 Ms. Christina Agok, NE, USA
288 Mr. Ring Mawein Kuol, USA
289 Ms. Akolda Mayiel, USA
290 Mr. Bol Aweeng Machar Maduot, Australia
291 Mr. Mathiang Them Arop, Australia
292 Mr. Akoon Mabuoc Deng, Australia
293 Mr. Martin Arop Wol, Australia
294 Mr. Mawien Mawien Wol, Australia
295 Mr. Arop Agang Akol, Australia
296 Ms. Arek Atek Kuol Ariik, Australia
297 Mrs. Aluet Parek Machar, Australia
298 Mr. Kout Parek Machar, Australia
299 Mr. Wol Akec Wol, Australia
300 Mr. Ater Deng Nhial, Austrlia
301 Mr. Atek Akon Mondhar Arik, Canada
302 Ms. Rebecca Deng, USA
303 Ms. Rosa Majock, USA
304 Ms. Awal Deng, USA
305 Mr. Apollo John, USA
306 Mr. Bol Madut, USA
307 Mr. Ajet Dut, Canada
308 Mr. Daniel Medit, Canada
309 Mr. Malang Thun, Canada
310 Ms. Nynadeng Garang, Canada
311 Ms. Martha William, Canada
312 Ms. Julia Amum, Canada
313 Mr. John Agar, Canada
314 Mr. Arkangelo Kwech Bur, Canada
315 Mr. Paul Awol Lak, Canada
316 Mr. Manase Elijawon, Canada
317 Mr. Hakim William, Canada
318 Mr. Mou Akook, Canada
319 Mr. Santino Bol, Canada
320 Ms. Acha Bol Athain, Canada
321 Ms. Nyandeng
322 Mr. Achol Kuereng, South Sudan
323 Mr. Kuol Jok, South Sudan
324 Mr. Garang Jok, South Sudan
325 Mr. Atem Garang, South Sudan
326 Mr. Dau Kuereng, South Sudan
327 Mr. Daniel Makor Kuereng, South Sudan
328 Mr. Malak Arok, South Sudan
329 Mr. Deng Athian Kim, South Sudan
330 Mr. Yor Daniel, South Sudan
331 Mr. Ateng Garang Kuereng, South Sudan
332 Mr. Madut Maduat, Australia
333 Ms. Agum Daniel Awet, Australia
334 Mr. Chol Awang Magot, Australia
335 Mr. Achai Deng Kuol, Finland
336 Mr. Akol James Ayok, UK
337 Mrs. Lostika Domink, South Sudan
338 Mrs. Mary Mario, South Sudan
339 Dr. Bakit Deng, China
340 Mr. Tut Machar Tut, South Sudan
341 Mrs. Lydia Bakuk, South Sudan
342 Mr. Baptis Bakit, China
343 Mr. Arik Mawien Dor, Denmark
344 Mr. David Kur Deng, Denmark
345 Mr. William Akec Deng, Denmark
346 Mr. Deng Mallual, Denmark
347 Mr. John Deng Deng, Denmark
348 Mrs. Arek Akot, Denmark
349 Ms. Dalal Abdalla Deng, Sudan
350 Ms. Kiden Michael John, Sudan
351 Mr. Sadic Sebit, Sudan
352 Mrs. Adut Tong, Uganda
353 Mr. Frances Modi, Uganda
354 Mrs. Dosman Laku, South Sudan
355 Mrs. Botoul Shaleh, South Sudan
356 Mrs. Jakline Joseph, Uganda
357 Ms. Narube Mohammed, Uganda
358 Mrs. Glass Michael, South Sudan
359 Ms. Rita Jimmy Michael, South Sudan
360 Mr. Gib Kuol
361 Mrs. Agum Theme
362 Mrs. Aguto Akau
363 Mrs. Akjak Arogy
364 Mr. Aden Deng
365 Mr. Aden Mayom
366 Ms. Agum Manyuon
367 Mr. Aknan Bagdad, Finland
368 Mrs. Agar Mamer, Finland
369 Mr. Charles Bandi, Finland
370 Mr. Bol Atem, Finland
371 Mr. Benjamin Bol, Finland
372 Mr. Akok Madut, Finland
373 Mr. Arob Nyok, Finland
374 Mr. George Obalim Jokoroko, Finland
375 Mr. Alhadi Sarin, Sweden
376 Mr. Adam Docka, Sweden
377 Mr. Adel Kanin, Sweden
378 Mr. Adel Salma, Sweden
379 Mrs. Aweel David, Lebanon
380 Mr. Afash Mabuk, South Sudan
381 Mr. George Gabrial Gegr, Khartum Sudan
382 Mr. George Deng, Egypt
383 Mr. George Taki, Egypt
384 Ms. Sofia Love, Cairo Egypt
385 Mr. Agot Leek, Canada
386 Mr. Agium Akot, South Sudan
387 Mr. Mubarak Leno, South Sudan
388 Mr. Maker Deng Maker, South Sudan
389 Mr. Isaac Khamis, South Sudan
390 Mr. Lam Dak, South Sudan
391 Mr. Kon Dak, South Sudan
392 Mrs. Alwat Deng Akech, Kenya
393 Mrs. Kuei Mawein Arik, South Sudan
394 Mr. Peter Arop Nyiel, South Sudan
395 Mr. Mangok Mawein Mangok, Kenya
396 Mr.James Boot Mojok, USA
397 Mr. Andre Mabior, Canada
398 Mr. Peter Kuk, Finland
399 Mrs.Merveth Khalifa Abdalla, USA
400 Mr. Ring Mawien Kuol Ariik, USA
401 Mr. Agok Makur, Canada
402 Ms. Adut Wal, USA
403 Ms. Adut Monalisa, Australia
404 Ms. Adol Kom Kom, USA
405 Ms. Adieu Kocdal, USA
406 Mr. Adom Elhadi, Usa
407 Mr. Bismark Lasu, Australia
408 Mr. Akelei Malak, UK
409 Mr. Akoi Mangar, Canada
410 Mr. Arok Kodi, USA
411 Mr. Arnol Bill, Canada
412 Mr. Aping Mading, USA
413 Mrs. Ajok Abraham, USA
414 Mrs. Anoak Ayoak, USA
415 Mr. Anis Apiath, USA
416 Ms. Angelina Awur, USA
417 Ms. Aman Marial, USA
418 Ms. Alual Kojok, SUA
419 Ms. Alieza Kuol, USA
420 Ms. Alieza Nhial, Canada
421 Ms. Alawia Wol, USA
422 Mr. Alat Mabor, USA
423 Ms. Akur Dove, USA
424 Mr. Akol Chol, USA
425 Mr. Akol Cithec, USA
426 Mr. George Oromo, USA
427 Mr. George Bol, Washington USA
428 Mr. George Jonh, Australia
429 Ms. Achol Bol
430 Ms. Achol Achuel
431 Mr. Abraham Reech
432 Mr. Abdelrahman Guma, Sweden
433 Mr. Yousif Adom, Sweden
434 Mr. Khamis Adoma, Sweden
435 Mr. Lual Akuieh
436 Mr. Longar Deng
437 Mr. Deng Mabior
438 Ms. Christin Achol
439 Mr. Chol Madut Bol
440 Mr. Billy George Tagon
441 Mr. Baranaba Koko
442 Mr. Anyuon Deng Kuol
443 Mr. Ater Mamer
444 Mr. Chol Agot, Finland
445 Mr. Chol Mabil, Finalnd
446 Mr. Mario Koj
447 Mr. Marko Kiir, Finland
448 Mr. Shalh Abaker
449 Mr, Stephanos William, Finland
450 Ms. Abeba Enyew, Ethiopa
451 Mr. Abraham Chol, South Sudan
452 Mr. Luelbai Paul
453 Mr. Jean Rwabuhungu, Rwanda
454 Mr. Sam Makuer
455 Ms. Elissa Achan
456 Mr. Deng Willy
457 Mr. John Mayer Dut, Canada
458 Mr. Aziyo Kolok, USA
459 Ms. Awoor Alor
460 Mr. Ater Cheek
461 Mr. Machiw Chut, Australia
462 Mr. Gor Makooi, Australia
463 Ms. Achai Garang, USA
464 Mr. Machiw Angoo, Australia
465 Mr. Majak Mabor, USA
466 Ms. Julie Valtino, USA
467 Ms. Achai Ring, USA
468 Mr. Abraham Maker, USA
469 Ms. Julia Manjing, USA
470 Mr. Ramdan Elahmer, Khartoum-Sudan
471 Mr. Athian Athian, Canada
472 Mr. William Nyok Manyiel, Australia
473 Mr. Jacob Akec, Australia
474 Mr. Angelo Tat Mapiel, Australia
475 Mr. Wik Dut kir deng, Australia
476 Ms. Tersa Adhien Kau, Australia
477 Mr. Peter Akol Zakayo, Australia
478 Ms. Ayak Dumo Lual, Australia
479 Ms. Adut Wik Dut kir, Australia
480 Ms.Atong Kuach Wol, Australia
481 Mr. Kir deng Kir, Australia
482 Ms. Awein Wik Dut kir, Australia
483 Mr. Deng Wik Dut Kir, Australia
484 Mr. Marco Bolic Agie, Australia
385 Mr. Long Thokriel Bol, Australia
486 Mr. Lual Diing Aher, Australia
487 Ms. Agul Lual Deng Kon, Australia
488 Mr. Aher Diing Aher, Australia
489 Mr. Frannis Diing Aher, Australia
490 Mr. Ajo Agau Bol, Australia
491 Mr. Wol Mawien Dut, Australia
492 Mr. Achok Mawien Dut, Australia
493 Ms. Achol Thokriel Bol, Australia
494 Mr. Akech Deng Kir, Australia
495 Ms. Achol Deng Kir, Australia
496 Mr. Ayii Thokriel Bol, Australia
497 Mr. Tong Thokriel Bol, Australia
498 Mr. Akkon Ahuei Dut, Australia
499 Mr. Mario Majok Deng, Australia
500 Mr. Anei Anei Atem, Australia
501 Mr. Ruai Amet Atem, Australia
502 Mr. Kawac Dhieu Gum, Australia
503 Mr. Andrew Malau Wal, Australia
504 Mr. Garang Kuel Deng, Australia
505 Mr. Marko Bol Atem, Australia
506 Mr. Kuan Bol Kuan, Australia
507 Mr. Garang Dut Ngong, Australia
508 Ms. Angong Deng Gau, Australia
509 Mr. Abul Gau Majok, Australia
510 Ms. Ajok Garang Yom, Australia
511 Mr. Deng Athiam Mawien, Australia
512 Ms. Aluel Dinyding Makuac, Australia
513 Mr. Amet Majok Majok, Australia
514 Mr. Vambas Bol Kuot, Australia
515 Mr. Ambrose Nhial Mayar, Australia
516 Ms. Ana Anyiet Weck, Australia
517 Mr. Diing Deng Gau, Australia
518 Ms. Regina Adut Majok, Australia
519 Ms. Mary Nyibol Baak, Australia
520 Mr. Adhieu Tat Mapial, Australia
521 Mr. Riak Chuol Deng, Australia
522 Ms. Anger Madut Aguer, Australia
523 Mrs. Adel Makol Aguer, Australia
524 Mr. Akec Akol Thiik, Australia
525 Mr. Makuac Ngor Kanng, Australia
526 Ms. Achol Mabuoc Deng, Australia
527 Mr. Marial Marial Dut, Australia
528 Mr. Bol Maluil Gaak, Australia
529 Mr. William Bol Abur Australia
530 Mr. Majok Chier Agueer, Australia
531 Mr. Matic Ater, Australia
532 Mr. Tong Madut Aguer, Australia
533 Ms. Alakir Wik Dut Kir, Australia
534 Mr. Aweeng Machar Maduot, Australia
535 Mr. Mathing Them Arop, Australia
536 Mr. Akkon Mabuac Deng, Australia
537 Mr. Martin Arop wol, Australia
538 Mr. Mawien Mawien Wol, Australia
539 M.r. Arop Agany Akol, Australia
540 Ms. Arek Atek Kuol Ariik, Australia
541 Mr. Kout Parek Machar, Australia
542 Mr.Wol Akec Wol, Australia
543 Mr. Ater Deng Nhial, Australia
544 Mr. Willam Nyok Manyiel, Australia
545 Mr. Jacob Akec, Australia
546 Mr. Majok Chier, Australia
547 Mr. Matic Ater, Australia
548 Mr. Malong Murowel Gum, Australia
549 Mr. Clement Angui Den, Australia
550 Mr. Juac Deng, Australia
551 Mr. Banthon Acuil Ayei, Australia
552 Mr. Majak Akol, Australia
553 Mr. William Aduang, Australia
554 Mr. Wol Maboir, Australia
555 Mr. Mathew Mathu Mayan, Australia
556 Mr. Kur Kuek, Australia
557 Mrs. Chagai Muorwel Gum, Australia
558 Mr. Mawien Wol, Australia
559 Mrs. Tereza Muorwel, Australia
560 Ms. Dena Maluet Akec
561 Mrs. Lueza Muorwel
562 Mr. Athuai Malueth Akec, Australia
563 Mr. Thieb Lual Thieb, Australia
564 Mr. Akek Muorwel, Australia
565 Mr. Deng Akol Deng, Australia
566 Mrs. Lobna Aleu Aker, Australia
567 Mrs. Dena Mabior, Australia
568 Mr. Mading Lual Thieb, Australia
569 Ms. Angeer Aleu Aker, Australia
570 Ms. Achan Aleu Aker, Australia
571 Mrs. Adol Majok Anei, Australia
572 Mr. Deng Monjboung, Australia
573 Ms. Nyanom Mayon, Australia
574 Ms. Nyalok Mayong, Australia
575 Mr. Adel Tong, Egypt
576 Mrs. Awadia Sapan, Egypt
577 Mrs. Jacklin Mario, Egypt
578 Mr. Bol Akec, Egypt
579 Mr. Akoon Akoon, South Sudan
580 Mr. Shok Akon, South Sudan
581 Ms. Abak Mayan, Uganda
582 Mrs. Lucia Foni Lemi, South Sudan
583 Mr. Taban Juma, South Sudan
584 Mr. Philip Deng Deng, South Sudan
585 Mrs.Fethia Adam, Sudan
586 Mr. Nuer Ajuet, South Sudan
587 Mrs.Nyankiir , Sweden
588 Mr. Kuolang Tut, South Sudan
589 Mrs. Freda Mario, South Sudan
590 Mrs. Abook Jerves, South Sudan
600 Mrs. Soria Mundo, Egypt
601 Mrs. Mary William, Egypt
602 Mrs. Abak Tem, South Sudan
603 Mr.Kamis Saheh Lemi, South Sudan
604 Mrs. Bianca, Egypt
605 Mr. Bodur Ali, South Sudan
606 Mr. Rabi Saheh Lemi, USA
607 Mrs.Rejous Yata Tombe, South Sudan
608 Mrs. Yeno Francis Luga, South Sudan
609 Mrs. Wedad Mohammad, Saudi Arabia
610 Mr. Abdalrahman Hassan Akon, Saudi Arabia
611 Mr. Alfred Keni, Egypt