National Youth Union Leader: Intimidation Tactics by Kiir regime will not break the resilient of the people of South Sudan

June 5, 2014 (SSNA) — The National Youth Union would like to condemn in the strongest possible term the prevention and confiscation of the passports of Peter Abdelrahman Sule, the leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) and his delegations by the security regime personnels at Juba airport yesterday.

This is a crime against individual freedom of free movement. This continues unacceptable behaviours of the Kiir regime will only deepen and complicates the crisis more. Kiir and his militias are not interest in peace. They just want to continue sucking the blood of South Sudanese.

We call upon the IGAD to intervene make sure this process is inclusive, representative and transparency and not to be undermine by Kiir and his cohorts in Juba. I am urging the conferees to engage in genuine and constructive dialogue to arrive at comprehensive and peaceful political settlement to the ongoing crisis.  As the leadership of the National Youth Union, we will continue to call for inclusive process which involves all the stakeholders and not excluding anyone.


Puoch Riek Deng, President
National Youth Union of the Republic of South Sudan and Deputy Secretary-General for East Africa/Indian Ocean region.
Pan African Youth Union.
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