A Militia and Theology: David Yau Yau Demands Are in Jeopardy

By Manyok Mabiei

June 7, 2014 (SSNA) — First of all, who is a man called David Yau-Yau in South Sudan? This is my pleasure to review a militia and theology career of Jonglei. It isn’t too late to open up a case of the killer in 3years in Jonglei.

A man known as David Yau-Yau was a refugee in North-Kenya, Kakuma in 90s under care of the UN, and lived in Group 56, before he left the camp. He started a primary school in Kakuma with some of the children under care of the UN. Mr.Yau-Yau was a member of the Presbyterian Church in Zone-one in Kakuma. He studied theology course in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan in 2000s.

What is a Connection between David Yau-Yau and BishopTaban?

Paride Taban is a well-known Bishop and respectful person who engaged in peace dialogue between South and North, before the South Sudan got her own independent state from North. Taban is from Eastern Equatoria and served as a Bishop in the South Sudan during the civil war before becoming an advocate for peace who is widely respected by the governments of South Sudan and North Sudan.

What brought these two men together Taban and Yau-Yau by framing a peace deal between the South Sudan Democratic Movement Cobra-Faction and Government of South Sudan?

Bishop Taban and Yau-Yau were connected because of religion in South Sudan. Mr.Yau-Yau was helped by Taban to study the theology to become a pastor and to change Murle Community, so that they can understand the word of God and the people around them.

Taban was preaching a peace deal in Juba by devoting his times working on behalf of Yau-Yau and Government of South Sudan to end up the violence in Jonglei between six tribes.

David Yau-Yau was helped by two Bishops to study theology training through recommendation of Bishop Taban and Bishop Akurdit from Diocese of Bor in 2006, before he rebelled and killed the thousands of thousands of civilians in Jonglei.

Ruben Akurdit was interviewed by Sudan Tribune on December, 21 2012; he said, “he thought David Yau-Yau was going to make a pastor" when he taught him in Bortown of Jonglei.

This is meant Mr. Yau-Yau was taught by two Bishops of South Sudan to teach his Community to understand the word of God and avoid the violence to their neighbors.

A man was admired by two Bishops to become a good pastor and preach a peace between the communities, and government. It is a long time Murle practices what is calling abducting and stealing neighboring children.

Now, Yau-Yau is seemingly he bartered his allies two Bishops who taught him about the word of God.

What Turn a Theology Career to militia?

Mr. Yau-Yau came from Murle Community in Pibor, County and Gumuruk-Boma nearly 120 miles from Bor Community. Murle is sharing the borders with these communities including Dinka-Bor, Lou-Nuer, Anyuak, Kachipo, and Jie in Jonglei.

The six tribes made up of Jonglei in South Sudan. The Jonglei is a bigger by size, and populations, which can be divided into two and still bigger than these three States Warrap, Lake State, and Unity States.

The course of the matter came along with David Yau-Yau was an election on April, 2010; as an independent candidate in the states parliamentary during the election for the Gumuruk–Boma seat to representing his county of Pibor in Jonglei.

Yau-Yau and Judy Jokongole were fighting for one position until he was defeated by Jokongole, after; he loosed an election. Then his rebellion and killing the civilians were escalated the war against other communities near Pibor, County including government forces.

He launched his first attacks on May, 21 2010 by attacking the Pibor, County and killed the civilians. He escalated the war to other communities because he defeated by Kokongole from his area.

How this madness call an evil work or evil theory act less?

He went on and formed his party in the bush called the South Sudan Democratic Movement as the Cobra-Faction carried out deadly against people of Jonglei State and Government. He killed thousands of thousands of civilians in Dinka-Bor, Uror, Lou-Nuer, Anyuak, and Akobo in less than 3-years of rebellion.

Who will believe Yau-Yau Peace Deal in Juba?

If Mr.Yau-Yau will commit a lasting peace he should started from his neighbors by involve them in peace deal in Juba. He should start a peace deal with these communities including Lou-Nuer, Anyuak, Dinka-Bor, Kachipo, and Jie, rather than preaching a peace without them, while he left them as the victims of his war crime.

First, he should do by making apology to these communities including Lou-Nuer, Anyuak, Dinka-Bor, Kachipo, and Jie, because he killed their love one and abduct children.

This is called a madness of rebellion that cannot surprise the people, as Dr. John Garang was saying that, “Evil can even call for democratic.” These communities including Lou-Nuer, Dinka-Bor and Anyuak were calling for peace with Yau-Yau militia, but he abandoned and dishonored the deal in 2012.

Does anyone believe this peace will last between these communities without any attack?

I still doubt these communities will believe in this peace from Yau-Yau was preaching between Juba and Addis Ababa without including their neighboring communities, while he violated a first agreement in 2012.

Yau-Yau Demand a State of Murle

Divide Jonglei State into two states will not be a solution to end up the violence and attacks from these communities. A Militia Yau-Yau was claiming these four tribes including Murle, Anyuak, Kachipo, and Jie to have their own state in South Sudan. It is not a bad idea to add another state, but it will not prevent the crimes between these communities.

More to the points, there are probabilities the rebels can dishonor what they said, as an evidence Yau-Yau was signed the peace agreement in 2012, and then he dishonored it. This is a second agreement Yau-Yau exposes to the government and avoids their neighboring communities.

There are probabilities 98% of the rebel can violate their agreements without commit to it. The evidences the rebels like Kuanyin Bol, Riek Machar, Gadet Yak, and David Yau-Yau were against the government and killed the civilians, and calls for peace, but they violated more than two times.

Yau-Yau was assuming the four tribes in Jonglei will follow him to make up a state in South Sudan, while Anyuak, Kachipo, and Jie were not supporting the ideal of separation. Mr. Yau-Yau needs to form a (formal agreement) between these tribes Anyuak, Kachipo, Jie, and Murle in Jonglei to walk along in one road.

He failed without unite them, while there are rumors in the air Anyuak and Kachipo are not a part of the agreement with Yau-Yau. They were thanking Yau-Yau and his community, but they are not in agreement of separation from Jonglei. That mean Yau-Yau demands are in dilemma.

This is seemingly these communities are not agreed a deal by militia and theology career who kill thousands of civilians. Yau-Yau needs to know that without (formal agreement) with these communities in Jonglei; he will not achieve his demands. 

It is a bad idea from South Sudan Government to reward the criminals who committed crimes to deserve the position in the government. This is totally wrong encouraging a criminal act by criminals to kill the innocents and reward them with prides in the government.

How this call? It is a violation of law to reward the criminals rather than give them a capital punishment without rewards them. Same way Dr. Riek Machar who was putted the country into mass-conflicts will be reward later a position. This is seemingly the nation is under lawless if there is no exposing the law.

Yau-Yau should deserve the capital trial and precondition without moving loosely in Juba. He should also commit into a peace agreement of 5years without attacking some other communities near Murle, and then his case will be overview in 6years later.

The only solution is to educate these communities who are still living in “Middle Ages” of lifestyle, especially Murle. It is a good idea to open some roads and schools, so that there will be interactions and connections between them to avoid living in the jungle style, as some communities are taking advantage of attacking others who abandoned the bush life.

Manyok Mabiei is currently in Chicago, IL. He is a one of the SPLA-Chapter Founders in Chicago and a former leader of the Red-Army of South Sudan. [email protected].

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