Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership: We Stand Firmly Behind Governor Clement Wani Konga

Date: 07/06/2014

Subject: Firm Support Behind CES Governor Clement Wani Konga

Your Excellency,

June 7, 2014 (SSNA) — We the Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership today resolved to take this opportunity to underscore its common position to stand firmly behind the Central Equatoria State Governor Clement Wani Konga for his visionary leadership skills, and leadership’s directives for the people of CES, and Greater Equatoria at large in regards to federal system in South Sudan.

The Great Equatoria Youth Leaderships would also wants to comment state fast position of Governor Clement Wani to enlighten and confirm commitment of CES government to realized demands and interest of citizens of CES and Equatoria people in general in regards to establishment and implementation of federal governance in South Sudan.

It’s our moral responsibility to participate in establishment of a system that suits fostering of peace, development and delivery of social services to entire citizens of South Sudan without creating imbalances and discriminations.

The GEYL supports unity of people Greater Equatoria, and that all of us must stand firmly behind our leaders who are open to their subjects, and decide on their Behave at this critical political development in our country. In this regards, the GEYL congratulate Governor Clement Wani Konga for addressing the State citizens and make them inform on the nature of political dynamic currently engulfing our country.

It’s now very clear; our country is heading unto irreversible decision that required unity, trust and commitment from all sides of citizens and leaderships alongside those who might carry deliberate evil plans in contradiction to the popular will of the people of greater Equatoria and South Sudan as well. We concur with Central Equatoria State Governor in stating that the demands of people through dialogue must not be mixed with misinformation.

The GEYL would like to encourage the two governors of Eastern Equatoria state Louise Lobong Lojore, Western Equatoria State Joseph Bakasoro, to carry similar sensitization and enlightenment to all their citizens under jurisdiction in Equatoria Region on position for establishment of democratic federal system of governance, as best system that define clear cuts of powers and empower participation of citizens at various levels of governances.

The GEYL would also want to inform, greater equatoria youth in general to get more prepared, that the management of public affair starts today, as such it’s our strong believe to struggle for just freedom, equality and final liberty for the people of South Sudan who since 2005 have failed get the fruits of the freedom they have fought for.

Cc: Dr. Riek Machar Leader of SPLA/SPLM In Opposition
Cc: Lado Gore Chief Ideologist
Cc: Wani Tombe Greater Equatoria Council of elder
Cc: Eastern Equatoria State Governor
Cc: Western Equatoria State Governor
Cc: Taban Deng Gai Chief Negotiator SPLM/SPLA In Opposition
Cc: EU
Cc: SPLM State Secretariat
Cc: Media
Cc: Chairman GEYL
Cc: Secretary GEYL
Cc: File
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