SPM Acting Secretary of Administration and Organization: Kiir Manages both the SPLM and the Government on Tribal Basis and Dictatorial Manner

Press Release

June 8, 20104 (SSNA) — Ladies and gentlemen of press, allow me to welcome you and thank you for being with us here.

Thank the organizers of this conference and thank God for having brought us together today

In first position, I would like to take this opportunity to salute the memory of all those innocent civilians, babies, children, youth, women and elderly people who were massacred and still being killed in Juba by Kiir’s regime since the 15th of December 2013 up to today.

Comrades, Ladies and Gentlemen of Press,

Allow me to remind you that, when SPLM took arms in 1983, it was to liberate the marginalized people of Sudan by then, in order to establish a new Sudan of socio-economic justice.

The war ended with the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in January 2005, that gave us our independence through the 2011 referendum, unfortunately six months and 21 days after the signing of the CPA our hero, late Dr. John Garang died in that dreadful incident.

SPLM/A leadership designed Salva Kiir by than to replace that organized, articulate and visionary leader, (late Dr. John), that was in fact the beginning of our nightmare.

Since then, Kiir manages both the party SPLM and the Government on tribal basis and dictatorial manner, decisions taken outside party structures, not sure of himself, Kiir has never been neither for reform of the party nor internal democracy within the party.

To maintain their positions, Leaders in the party as well as in the government must show loyalty to Kiir rather than to the party or the country otherwise one is immediately removed from his or her position

Tribalism, nepotism and corruption have been the core values of Kiir’s Regime, economic empowerment and appointment to most important and sensitive positions are made accordingly.

Kiir recruited more than 10 thousands soldiers from one ethnic group (his own ethnic group) and calls them presidential guards, it was curious, president of a Country that is composed of sixty four tribes recruits, trains and arms people from one tribe to guard him.

Nobody was aware that, Kiir and his group were in fact planning for the destruction of South Sudan that they are doing now.

On the 15th of Dec. 2013, the fighting erupted in Juba, the following day Kiir made a statement, indicating that, what happened was an attempted coup.

I was among those who thought it was a coup, simply because one couldn’t believe that a leader, president of a country like South Sudan can tell untruth to his people and to the whole world as Kiir did.

Three days after, all indicators and events show that it was not a coup but a well organized-scene or scenario to enable Kiir and his group Kill those innocent Nuer simply because they belong to the same ethnicity with Dr. Riek Machar, Kiir’s challenger.

Between 16th and 20th December 2013, Kiir decided to kill even his own supporters from Nuer, as a result office managers, members of families and bodyguards of some ministers, Governors and senior officials including members of the SPLM National Liberation Council loyal to Kiir were killed simply because they were Nuers

The situation forced the members of Nuer community in Juba to run to UNMISS for safety, Kiir accused them of being rebels, for that Kiir’s regime put pressure on NGOs and UN agencies not to serve those IDPs in Juba while others in other places like Lakes State were being served normally.

Kiir brought foreign troops to participate in internal conflict, pay them more than the SPLA, all this time, Salva Kiir never visited the SPLA troops on the ground while the president of Uganda can go up to Bor to visit his troops without being accompanied by Kiir, is South Sudan still sovereign?  

By doing so, Kiir has created detestation among South Sudanese people

Despite the quick response of IGAD and willingness of SPLM/A in Opposition to resolve the current conflict in our Country, Kiir is not committed to peace, as a result he has been violating the cessation of hostility agreements signed in January and in May 2014 by attacking areas under control of the SPLM/A in opposition.

Another evident; upon his arrival to Juba after the signing of the agreement on cessation of hostility Kiir stated that he was forced to signed that agreement and not according to his will.

Let us imagine president whose people are suffering because of war is not willing to accept peace unless under threat, now who in the government of South Sudan is going to implement this accord if the president signed it under threat.

Kiir want the War to Continue perhaps his mission is not yet accomplished, he has not yet killed enough South Sudanese.

For these reasons and other more, and because the SPLM is currently divided in to two, I have the conviction that the legitimate SPLM is the one that chaired by Dr. Riek Machar.

I have decided to joined my comrades in the SPLM/A in opposition to fight the tyranny and dictatorship, in order to establish a federal South Sudan, South Sudan without tribalism, without nepotism, without corruption, Country of socio economic justice with equal distribution and redistribution of wealth and chances, a sure just and a modern Nation. To have this South Sudan, Salva Kiir must be in Prison and not in palace.

Being an elected president Kiir doesn’t have the right to kill South Sudanese who elected him. if elected leaders are forced to resign because of a boat or train accident why not forcing Kiir to leave the power knowing that he cause the death of hundred of thousand of South Sudanese.

Now my question goes to those leaders, who are still in Kiir’s Government, what are you doing in a Government that kills your People?

Knowing that people of your constituencies are either fighting the Government or in refugee or UNMISS camps, what is the purpose of continuing to be in such Government?

Please stop convincing the IDPs to come out from UNMISS, knowing that the Government doesn’t assure their protection outside instead facilitate their killing.

In conclusion,

Allow me to congratulate the members of our negotiating team for the great role they played and still being played to bring peace to our country. Congratulate our youth, the South Sudanese youth all over the world for their courage, their determination and loyalty to their decision to fight until Kiir accept peace and Kiir’s regime is out and all those responsible for the killing of innocent civilians are judged.

Duer Tut Duer Makuac
SPM Acting Secretary of Administration and Organization
SPLM General Secretariat
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