South Sudan ranks the world’s most fragile state

Washington, DC, June 26, 2014 (SSNA) — The Republic of South Sudan has been named the world’s most fragile country by the United States-based research institution, The Fund for Peace.

In its 2014 report titled: “Fragile States Index 2014”, the agency places South Sudan on top of its list under what it calls Very High Alert status. Other countries listed in the same category are Somalia, Central African Republic (CAR), Congo (D. R.), and Sudan.

JJ Messner, the co-director of the Fragile States Index said that the main reasons South Sudan tops the list of weak and failing states are fractured leadership, chronic instability, and the growing ethnic nature of the violence in the country, according to the BBC.

The report signifies that the young republic has serious problems that need immediate solutions and that it could collapse.

South Sudan has a history of ethnic rivalry, social barriers, among others.

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