Juba panics as Kampala distances itself from the alleged coup plot

Juba, June 13, 2014 (SSNA) — The government of the Republic of South Sudan is caught off guard and alarmed by the recent disclosure by the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, who publicly admitted in a closed-door IGAD meeting in Ethiopia that there was no coup and that the nearly six months old conflict was in fact caused by fighting between different units of presidential guards.

The admission by Juba’s main backer, Kampala, sends shockwaves across the young nation and Diaspora, leaving Juba’s political elites with few options, if there is any, to defend the alleged coup.

The South Sudan News Agency has obtained a leaked memo sent from the office of president Kiir to his inner circle.

In the memorandum, president Kiir praises Museveni for standing with him in what he called “difficult time”. However, Kiir, who is alarmed by Museveni’s admission, cautiously complains and wonders as to why Museveni decided not to discuss the matter with him before announcing it.

“President Museveni is the only leader who defends this government. He is a true friend to me and my government”, Kiir said in the memo.

“The president of Uganda acted in the IGAD meeting without consulting me. An urgent meeting needs to be held as soon as possible. I warn you not to talk against him [Museveni] or his government in the media”, the memo reads in part.

Nevertheless, president Kiir is hopeful, asserting that he had a good talk with his Ugandan counterpart, Museveni.

“I talked to him yesterday [Wednesday] and he promised me that I should not worry about what he said in the IGAD-meeting”, the memo added.

Fighting erupted in Juba late last year between different units of presidential guards after months of political crisis among senior leaders of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party.

Kiir accuses his main-rival, Former South Sudanese Vice president Dr. Riek Machar, of planning a coup, Machar denies the allegation saying Kiir designed the alleged coup in an attempt to get rid of his political adversaries. The alleged claim of a coup has been rejected by regional leaders, the African Union, and western powers, leaving Kiir to rely on Museveni.

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