SPLM-Juba’s Incurable Disease Called Greed Destroys Our Country

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

August 2, 2014 (SSNA) — Greed is a sickness and those who suffer from this disease display manic type of behavior —they seem to be gentlemen and ladies on the outside to belie the selfishness and ruthlessness inside.

Such sick people have no shred of conscience and they see life from their own point of view only. Everybody else is wrong except them and according to them, woe betide those found disturbing their actions such as looting the country dry.

These people, who unfortunately populate the corridors of power in this country, are so sick with greed that they have become looting addicts. Like maniacs, they revel in the results— seeing multitudes suffering and starving to death in IDPs camps because of their actions.

We have seen how these people, who call themselves leaders and the people’s liberators, selfishly destroy the country‘s economic nerve centers to leave everybody else starving. The way they looted and destroyed the country’s strategic food routes by destroying the country’s reputation turning the nation to war zone/field, it was akin to snatching away the morsel of food from the mouths of the majority.

As if that was not enough, they went on to destroy the sources of food itself —-the agriculture base. Typical of greedy people, they took more than they could chew —taking the most productive farms on the land and turning them into firing zones.

Greed did not make them see the futility of their actions; instead it spurred them into grabbing multiple farms —and larges one for that —– so that they turn more productive land in to firing zones.

This is a typical of the sickness called greed, it makes one so idiosyncratic that one wants to have everything to him, even things that one cannot use or utilize. And greed does not allow one to think about others.

If it allowed one to think about others, those in power would have realized that oil, as the only main export, is a national resource that must benefit the nation. But they have personalized the country’s Oil to the extent that an attempt to expose the rot in the clandestine extraction and selling of the blessed resource (Oil) is akin to inviting death. The result is that the nation starves in the middle of plenty.

These sick people, like the maniacs that they are, will not hesitate to eliminate those who expose them. We have seen from how they have ruthlessly dealt with comrade Isaiah Abraham who tried to hit the nail on the head by exposing the evil way they are handling the affairs of the government. He was force to meet his ancestors. What a shameless anarchy!!

Greed makes people not only want to have their fingers in every pie, but to have the pies themselves.

There is hardly and industries or company that have the name of one of these people or their proxies on their executive books. We have seen how they have forcibly taken over farms, companies etc. with no shred of conscience. We have seen how productive land has been turned into Alcohol companies. Everything that they touch turns to dust. They have the typical anti-Midas touch as it were.

But they destroy and move on and where they fail to forcibly grab, they craft legislation to make it “legal” to grab other people’s properties and businesses.

And they would be shedding crocodiles tears in the process, pretending that they are so touched with the plight of the suffering majority that it gives them sleepless nights hence the need to “economically empower” the people. But the truth is that greed makes them have sleepless nights plotting how to take everything for themselves. The word person, in their sick minds, refers to them only and a few of their relatives and proxies.

Legislation such as that backing the indigenization of the economy is simply crafted to legitimize their looting. It is an open secret that greedy people will never feel for others and to believe that their desire to “indigenize” the economy is driven by their love of the majority is to display the height of gullibility.

It is like believing that maniacs’ actions are driven by consciences. We need to understand that those are sick minds up there addicted to loot. Unfortunately for the rest of us, greed is a disease that is very difficult, if not impossible to cure especially if it is backed by power.

Until went we say no to SPLM-Juba faction and demand the president to gives us back our votes we had case for him, we won’t be free in this nation.

Hopefully peace, love, justice and prosperity shall prevail if only if Dr. Riek Machar is given a chance to rule. Therefore, we can have a new narratives and a new least of life once again.

The author is student of political science student living Arab Republic of Egypt he can easily be reach through his Email address: [email protected]

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