Mr. President, we want our votes back!!!

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

August 4, 2014 (SSNA) — It’s clear and undeniable that president Salva kiir and his entourage are not working toward development, peaceful resolution, national reconciliation and unity, prosperity and justice in the young nation as they claimed during these years back.

Our country have been bled dry by the hungry politicians who aims to sucked the country’s resources and manage them on their own ways. Looting national Assets, killing and raping young girls has become a normal thing in my country which have just got her independence three years ago.

South Sudan is bless with both human and resources in which everyone could have been happy if there had been a leader who is wise enough to distributes the development funds more equally to the citizens.

Our nation has been strike by poor leadership which cripples the prosperity process in all sectors. The mechanical of leading the country astray has been the daily song of the ministers no one seem to be a God fearing citizen to do the righteous and do exactly what he was entitle to do.

But we the citizens at the lower level are the victims of their evils deed; we are the primary victims of their ruthlessness and selfishness. We must shine our eyes to do something that will shake them, something that will give them a sleepless night and we can do it soon.

I want all the citizens of south Sudan to say enough is enough to Salva Kiir government, I want every young man, every young woman old age people and capable kids to called for the resignation of Salva kiir mayardit and to do this, you must demonstrate or protest let it be peaceful demonstration the whole world will hear you cry for freedom and they will take side by you.

President Kiir is sitting still on the throne just because he knows only one tribe is the threatening him to leave the presidency. But if the entire citizens rise against him and called for his exit, He will surely come to his senses and realized that he has left with only his relatives to rule.

The source of the power that President Salva Kiir is using to intimidate Nuer communities and public cadres was given to him by south Sudanese citizens and it is their right to take it back from Him. And the only solution to cure this madness and injustices prevailing in our young nation, we must demand our votes we case in the ballots boxes for President Salva Kiir Mayardit. We want him to go and leave the office.

It’s obvious that we the citizens of south Sudan don’t know our future, because if we want to be successful citizens in life, we have to say no to tribalism, corruption, greed and dictatorship in our country. There we can enjoy a new life full of security, peace and harmony in our societies.

We must now look for an ambitious leader to grantee us security, development, democracy, freedom, justice, love, national reconciliation and many others, So that we can witness a new narratives and new least of life once and for all.

President Salva Kiir failed us, and there is nothing to do with him again. We should demand and called for his exit “Dictator free south Sudan” that will be our demonstration song.

The author is a student of political science residing in Egypt; he can be reach through his email address: [email protected].

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