SPLM Youths in Opposition Condemn the Killing of Aid Workers in Maban County

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

August 6, 2014 (SSNA) — The SPLM youths in opposition have condemned the killing of Nuer aid workers in Bunj-Maban county of Upper Nile State. Residents of the town said the victims died during the clash, from Saturday night to Sunday morning, between SPLA and the defected soldiers from Nuer tribe but, the so called Maban defence Force, MDF; mobilized by the government of Salva Kiir Mayardit to target the Nuer community living in Maban county carried out ethnic cleansing targeting civil population who belong to Nuer tribe. They murder young children, women and aid workers working for the Norwegian people’s aid (NPA)

While residents claim the firing was started by the SPLA soldiers and the MDF,One of the victim I was able to reach said “the firing was caused by the Rocket Propelled Grenades used by the SPLA soldiers who target the Nuer youths who were believe to be hiding in the shop inside the market.

Apart from the people killed, about 20 shops, 4 motorcycles and 10 goats were also burnt in the attack; even as the government said the casualty is lest but I am sure more could been hunted down from the hiding places by the indigenous people of Maban.

Condemning the action of the security forces, I would say “the situation is rather an unfortunate one, which shows that the government does not appreciate the value of lives.”

“The human life is less than a south Sudanese pound in this country, it is very cheap to get a human killed than to get a job in this country, and the killing simply shows that there is a great collapse in the security Unit.

“The government cannot provide good education, good health facilities, employment and security, how then will they now know the value of life?”

“Where it is in the world that a total number of 8 people working in an international Organization, died as a result of war in a day and nothing is being done about it.”

“It shows the high level of insecurity in the country. It’s a shame on us and a shame on the security sector and big shame to international community.

“Take a look at marathon bombing (in the U.S.), a suspect has been caught which means the government is not asleep, the government in south Sudan should stop saying we will bring the perpetuators to justice or we are going to get to the bottom of this but should wake up and act,”

It is obvious that the tyranny in Juba wanted to wear every citizen in south Sudan with their coat full of blood on it; they intend to do this in order to make the conflict escalated to the all tribes in the country. This is totally wrong.

We condemn this door to door killing recently carried out in Maban County terming it as a setup on people of Maban against their neighbors the Nuer. This ethnic cleansing and tribal targeting launched by cowardice fellows will only add more salt to the insulin.

Nuer in Upper Nile and Brun (Chai) people of Maban have been enjoying peace for all these years, but the influential regime composed of paranoia and egos have inflicted hatred confusing the people of Maban to carry out the massacre of Non-Governmental Organization staffs.

However, the death of those innocent staffs won’t bring sleepless night and nightmares to those who force their souls to meet their ancestors, but will be pay in masses. We mourn for their death today as the killers are busy laughing and preparing to hunt down the rest that tried to escape to the near by bushes for their own safety. South Sudan has failed.

Our message to the United Nations, Africa and south Sudan in particular; is that Salva Kiir is a killer who wanted to turn the country to a slaughter house as well as butchery. He wanted to rule with blood in his hands. How shameful!

We called unto the international community to easier and help in the process to uproot the dictatorship rule in the young nation, so that south Sudan may have a new face of a new narratives, a new leadership and a new least of life where every citizens can be entitle to his/her freedom of right.

To our people of Maban, as the Nuer proverb always say; “whatever gave you a sleepless night, you’re the root cause of it” and as the mad man say; “whatever you do bad or good, you’re doing it to your selves”

Upper Nile state belongs to Nuer and Mbanian and you must remain as neighbors forever so there is no need to kill each other. South Sudan belongs to us all.

“One tribe can not sit on other’s heads” said; governor Clement Wani Kong’a

Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is a student of political science living in Cairo-Egypt. He can be reach through his Email: [email protected]. Note: SPLM Youths in Opposition authorizes Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut to write this press statement.

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