SPLM-USA National Secretariat Congratulates Protesters Against President kiir in Washington, DC

Office of Secretary General: Thabor Ding
SPLM-USA National Secretariat
Statement from the SPLM-USA Office
Date: 08/09/2014
Re: US-SPLM National Secretariat Congratulated Thousands of Protesters for Demonstrating against a Genocidal president Salva Kiir in Washington DC on August 6, 2014
United States, August 14, 2014 (SSNA) — The office of the SPLM-USA National Secretariat congratulated and applauded South Sudanese protesters in Washington DC and across America for coming out in thousands to show to the world including President Barack Obama that a tribal leader, General Salva Kiir is not legitimate and no longer a South Sudan president anymore but a one tribe president who must be removed from power whether he like it or not. The Washington DC demonstration on August 6, 2014 was not only a historical but also an emotional day because the orphans and widows were crying in tear outside the Freedom JW Plaza hotel wanted to see an evildoer – a criminal man Salva kiir who massacred their fathers and husbands on December 16, 2013 (Juba genocide).

The victims wanted to asked killer Salva Kiir where he puts the souls of their love ones but he could not come out because of fear he could pay a heavy price. Salva Kiir was in hidden underneath his bed for all day while people were looking for him to come out to expound why he ordered the murder of their love ones and left them with no future.

One of the protesters said that tribal leader Salva Kiir will never escape death because the souls of at least 20,000 people he killed in Juba always hovers over his mansion at night asking for their bodies and in fact, the dead bodies in their mass graves around Juba will fight underneath and we will continue fighting outside until the genocidal Salva Kiir is caught, no matter how many years this civil war will take.

Despite a quarter million dollars Salva Kiir had given to his cousin Mangok Mongok Mayen and Gorden Buay Maleak to bribe South Sudanese in America, only less than fifty (50) people who were critically desperate for money showed up to welcome a killer man  Salva Kiir Mayardit. Therefore, we graciously thanked the South Sudanese in America for rejecting the bloody money because you cannot be bribed with your own money to kill your own brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. The culture of South Sudanese is always to share food with relatives. South Sudanese usually comprehend that venality is not only a crime but also curse in our society and those who practice it always ended up vanished.

The office of the SPLM-USA was dismayed to be informed that the greedy man Salva Kiir “said in his briefing that when you take your dog to hunt animals for you, a dog would killed an animal for you and come back with bloody mouth; you quickly would go to get the carcass of an animal and give only bones to a dog and this is how it works in our system now in Juba”. Thus, General Salva Kiir equates South Sudanese people with hunting dogs that fought for him against North Sudan during 22years of struggle, and now he can only give bones to other tribes except his own tribe. A primitive man still does not even know the status of dogs in the 21st century that the dogs eat commercial foods the same as human being. With this statement from his mouth, it evidently crystal clear that Salva Kiir is a divider who cannot and will never unite a country and consequently  must be deposed through military mean if continues resisting stepping down. Another example that tells Salva Kiir is not a national leader is found in the minutes of 2004 reconciliation between him and late Dr. John Garang and in Rumbek when he planned to oust our SPLM founding father. He said” I am not against peace; I should be the first person to accept peace because my people of Bahr al Ghazal have suffered too much”. General Oyay Deng Ajak said “I am shocked to hear comrade Salva talking here only about Bahr El Ghazal and not the South in general while he a leader for all”. From all these evidences, Salva Kiir only qualifies to be chief of his tribe in the village not country and was/is a terrible mistake for the SPLM to approved Salva Kiir to lead a country.

This notorious president is prevaricating that he wants peace because he is an elected president and people who are now dying on both side are his people. What a big lie notorious illegal president Salva Kiir!

First, he was not elected in the Republic of South Sudan but elected in a united old Sudan representing the South Sudan according to the CPA implementation. Salva Kiir does not know the distinction between just a transitional president, and legitimate elected president of country and not even aware that a real elected president could be impeached or removed from power if he abused a power like committing a crime of massacre of ethnic Nuer tribe in Juba and across the country. People of South Sudan know how he was elected and he should not be singing a song every hour “I am an elected president”. Was he elected as a president of the Republic or just a region?  This is the characteristic of an incompetent person to keep reminding people of him being a leader.

Second, if he has a gut feeling what in the world he massacred ethnic Nuer tribes in Juba if they were his people? He managed to arrest the eleven (11) SPLM leaders who were fighting within the SPLM party to transform a country into real democratic good governance but instead of killing them after announcing a curfew, he ordered his private army called Dottku-bany to massacre only Nuer civilians who did not have any connection with SPLM politics. The questions are; Did Salva Kiir decide not to killed them because a group was a mix of all tribes and would be difficult to singled out the only four who Nuer men?.  Was his option to kill Nuer civilian because a leader of the SPLM group was a Nuer Dr. Riek Machar? The last question is that was he terrorizing the entire Nuer society for any future attempt from anyone who would seek to run for South Sudan Presidency? All these questions must be answered by General Salva Kiir during his trial in court.

The office of the SPLM in US would also like to pay a special tribute to General Simon Dau for abandoning tyrant government of Salva Kiir and join the liberation struggle for the restoration of a complete freedom. This is right decision a wise man could do during a tough time in his country and we are reiterating our call to the rest of the SPLA Generals, officers and ordinary armies to quit Salva Kiir and come out to join your brothers in the bush for liberating ourselves from the worse anarchy regime.  General Simon Dau and Dau Aturjoung are the symbols for the unity of our country and the SPLA army units they commanded must follow them in the bush so that we quickly remove this illegal regime.

For youths or students who are still under government control areas and outside South Sudan , we are alerting you not be lured by the liars who are still serving in that deteriorating government by calling you to apply for fake scholarships. They are not real scholarships; you will be diverted to military training camps to fight for them while they are getting richer and richer. Their own children are in foreign countries not in the frontline but they are using you instead of their children. Now, they are drafting the youths from all over the country and tens of thousands are now at combat training camps. Do you truly believe that you will be given s scholarship to go to school while drafting is going on in the country? The only right thing for youths to do now is to depose Salva kiir and bring back our country you direly liberated.

Finally, the SPLM-USA National Secretariat has commended and welcomed that big demonstration in Washington DC for telling to the US government and the international community that Salva is a killer and the worse criminal in the face of the earth for imposing war on South Sudanese people by massacre more than 20, 000 lives within two day in Juba. Shame on him! He will face justice when time comes as his days are numbered. This war will never end if Salva Kiir is still illegally ruling South Sudan. We are reiterating our call on youths, SPLA army and all government officials to report to the bush where we just came from nine years ago and be trained as army freedom fighters to militarily remove the ill- president. Again, congratulations to August 6, 2014 Washington DC protesters and also General Simon Dau for joining the armed struggle and working to remove the evildoer General Salva Kiir.


Thabor Deng Ding  
Secretary General
SPLM-USA National Secretariat
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