Lou Nuer Community Association of Australia Supports Federalism; Endorses 21 States Proposal


Date: 15-08-2014

Re: Lou-Nuer Community Association of Australia Support Federalism and Endorse the Proposed 21 states

Australia, August 15, 2014 (SSNA) – We, the Lou-Nuer Community Association of Australia (LNCAA) here by declaring our full support for federalism and firmly endorse the proposed 21 states by the SPLM-IO under the charismatic and visionary leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny.

The Community is here and very grateful about the idea of the SPLM-IO leadership and thank them for for such a brilliant proposal as a blueprint and a mean to attain peaceful co-existence, national stability, and prosperity in our young independence’ nation.

Federalism and the proposed 21 states, when realise will usher and bring into being direct people’s democracy, development and prosperity. It will bring the much needed services such as hospitals, schools, and other vital services closer to the masses right at their constituency’s door-steps without much restraints.

Moreover, we the Lou-Nuer Community Association of Australia firmly believe that federalism will foster national unity, development and good governance. This is largely because the people will have greater roles to undertake in shaping and influencing their socioeconomic and political destinies. By electing leaders of their choice, leaders that will gradually empower the masses and deliver them their rightful governmental services. 

Therefore as a Community our position is very clear. Federalism is the only optimal choice we South Sudanese people can opt for at this critical juncture in our nation-state independence’s history.

We are aware of the facts that Federalism is a system of government characterise by constitutional power sharing arrangement that ensured and safeguard a coherent co-existence of both self-rule and shared rules within a single federal democratic nation-state.  

Federalism entails devolution of power and that means; the Federal Administrative power is decentralise and each state directly governed its citizens and devolved the power to its smaller sub-political unit thus empowering the masses at the constituencies’ grass-roots levels; fostering greater socioeconomic, political freedom, justice, and equality.

Of important, we the Lou-Nuer Community Association of Australia firmly support and welcome the newly proposed Akobo State. We the citizen of South Sudan’s Akobo state shall strive to build peaceful co-existence, democracy and solidarity of brethren first among ourselves and simultaneously extern it to our next-door state’s neighbours. Precisely because, having different state does not account to separation. We’re still one South Sudanese peoples and we must continue to utilise our South Sudanese cultural heritage and diversity as a driving force for unity and stability.

Lastly, the Lou-Nuer Community Association of Australia is very grateful to Lou-Nuer sons, daughters, freedom fighters and its County Commissioners including the entire military personals of the SPLM-IO under the leadership of Maj: Gen Simon Gatwech Dual for protecting our beloved vulnerable civilians within the Greater Lou-Nuer Counties namely Akobo, Nyirol and Uror County from the forces of incumbent genocidal regime.  Your relentless personal and collective sacrifice defending our people’s lives proved your patriotic heroism.

This statement is release to media and Signed by:

1. Stephen Khor Wal, Chairman
Lou-Nuer Community in Melbourne Victoria
2. Maduk Muon Kuony, Chairman
Lou-Nuer Community in Brisbane Queensland
3. Samuel Reat Khot, Chairman
Lou-Nuer Community Perth Western Australia

Note: All correspondences are advice to email: [email protected]

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