The Dying Horse: Is Salva Kiir Ready to Run an Illegitimate Government Comes January 9, 2015

By Nhial K. Wicleek

“Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government” James Madison

October 21, 2014 (SSNA) — With the separation of the text from historical background on December 15, 2013, the Horse has begun to slouch on his death bed waiting to harvest what he has planted. As the saying goes, “what goes around comes around” is a fundamental praise principally applicable to any environmental principle used by the living being. This is about a kicking Horse and the Hyena story. Once, a Hyena attacks a Horse, the sympathetic form of reaction from the Horse is to start kicking until it finally exhausted the power and then lie awash on the ground waiting for a devouring Hyena to devour while kicking still on the ground.

You see! Here, the behavior illustrates the scenery of Salva Kiir is perverted and subverted constitution and its emerging death strategies. The Horse is dying, and in less than no time, the Horse will completely drown amicably with its potential bewilderment coming to pass comes January 2015. The history has proven true that there is never a better way to die when it comes to dying. There is, for the matter of fact, only a better way to escape the foreseeable death/danger. And this is exactly the ideological behavior going on in Arusha, to SAVE THE SPLM AND SALVA KIIR FROM DYING.

Salva Kiir has seen the ticking clock but has not emerged victorious in battling with his own death. The killing of the 20,000 innocent Nuer civilians made it worst and so the exit strategies are concealed, and the last option standing is the death penalty comes whenever. The potential options are exhausted like a trying Horse battling Hyena. WHERE WILL THE BIG MAN GO??????

The government is nearing its collapse. The transitional constitution is coming to expiration on January 9, 2015, making the political rescue mission in Juba simmers. Although Salva Kiir’s government is illegitimate already; however, this is the wake of a political anarchy (even though it actually is) and so the government in Juba will have to come to its full illegitimate sense internationally when the constitution expires. Are the freedom fighters aware of such a move manifesting? If they do, the truth of the matter is, illegitimate government always risk vanishing internationally. The international community will have to prepare for a takeover either by declaring the government of South Sudan an illegitimate or risk taking out Salva Kiir from power and install Dr. Machar, in order to avoid putting the government in a trusteeship, or bringing the two, with one being forced to accept the newly designed structure (Federal State) and allow the Prime Minster (Dr. Machar) to become the head of the government and security sector (if the negotiation favors the move), and the President (Dictator Kiir) taking the lead in ceremonial processes. What does the Horse like? And what is the step forward from the Hyena’s strategic planning?

Arithmetically, the Hyena is winning whether now or in the future. It is up to the Horse to decide whether to quit now and face death sentence or wait till the last bite. The political arithmetic is that the government under the dictatorship is dying in two ways. The first charge leading to a death sentence is the collapse of the government by losing her legitimacy through transitional constitution’s expiration comes January 9, 2015. Failure of such step leads to a forceful defeat of the government by the freedom fighters. Why? Because the support molded internationally gives freedom fighters an upper hand. Such brings an end to the government. In this case, the so called Arusha signatory, preparing to align SPLM principle, must be approached with care. If the freedom fighters prepare to rescue the dying Horse, they need to be told that the mission they are taking is still a political hot bed, and only meant to save Salva Kiir from experiencing a quick death. Is it questionable? Well, don’t ask me!

Nhial K. Wicleek is a columnist and a contributor in South Sudanese affairs. You could reach him at [email protected].

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