The Recent Juba-Kampala Military Co-operation Agreement, A New Conspiracy Against the People of South Sudan?

By Tor Madira Machier

October 17, 2014 (SSNA) — Despite the commitment assured to the people of South Sudan by the government of South Sudan in Juba, that it is committed to a peaceful resolution of the current conflict, a leaked document indicated before it was published in the media that, South Sudan has ratified a plan to boost its military position with extreme backing from Uganda’s UPDF. The treaty which stipulated that since the Ugandan government is not a subject to the arm embargo which many international Human Rights entities ( organisations) has urged the international community to impose on the South Sudanese government , it( Uganda government ) will buy advanced weapons on behalf of Salva Kiir’s Juba based government so as to help Juba crash its main opposition movement the SPLM/A (IO) that it ( Juba government ) claims to be in the interest of restoring laws and orders which they have misdefined.

As we have saw it above , the South Sudanese government and its counterpart in Uganda believe it that a mobilization of army with huge modern weapon will boost the fight against the current reasonable rebellion in the country, but they are lying but good that they are lying to themselves. Did they saw what had happened during the struggle for independence when the Sudanese government signed a military cooperation agreement with Egypt against the former South Sudanese rebels the SPLM/A when there was a unified Sudan? Or does Museveni pretend to be more powerful or more influential than the former Egyptian president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak? But I don’t think so , the revolution which did emerge out of Juba massacre which did instigated the death of more than 20 thousands people mostly children and elderly persons is in the heart of the people of South Sudan and since it is there in their heart no compromise and will not give up the struggle. So with Kiir still in power with huge military backing from Museveni, it will be a long journey to reach peaceful settlement to the ongoing conflict. It’s obvious and popular that the government of South Sudan believes in military solution to this conflict but which they have misunderstood as well.

The current Juba based government is not immune or capable to achieve peace whether to the current rebellion or to these daily communal insurgencies nor it is capable to to run this country as it was expected by the civil population. Now the call and the need of a better government of the people by the people and to the people is looming within and outside Juba and so it is too vague to predict whether Salva Kiir who came to know Uganda in 2013 is going to continue going ahead with his current leadership of South Sudan.

Kiir and Museveni Are Committing War Crimes and Violating International Law

In absolute sense, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is responsible for what is taking place today in South Sudan. Museveni do really believes that he is a brilliant and tough African president, citting his influence over the IGAD countries and their respective heads of state in particular. But this may apply to his people in Uganda. Since the people of Uganda were subjected to aggression since the death of Appolo Milton Obote and the subsequent emergency of Idi Amin in power has planted seed of fear inside the people of Uganda which make them fearful to Museveni and this cannot make one self to be stronger than all the African people.

Museveni, A Criminal Responsible For Regional Terrorism and the Death of Dr. John Garang As Well.

Yoweri Kagutta Museveni is one of the terrorist African presidents who is responsible for many African terrorism acts. His involvement in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and his involvement in the congolese internal war justifies this. The death of the father of South Sudab Dr. John Garang is deemed as his responsiblity because Dr. John Garang died in a presidential military Helicopter belonging to Ugandan presidency. At this point, the regional leaders must open their eyes and tell museveni that it is enough.

How Can The People Opt For Peace When The Country Is Under Foreign Aggression?

Any involvement of foreign country in the internal affairs of any country is absolutely considered an invasion of a sovereign state by external powers. Museveni’s involvement in the internal affairs of South Sudan is unacceptable in this country and it is obvious that his only vision behind his interference into the internal affairs of South Sudan is that he get it as a great threat to him if a great, a visionary and a intellectual leader took on the power in South Sudan.

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student pursuing Law Degree at the University Of Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt.He can be reached at: [email protected] or reach him at his twitter account : @TorMadira.

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