The Brief Profile of Prophet Gony Yuot Chan

November 23, 2014 (SSNA) — Late Prophet Gony Yuot Chan was born around nineteen twenty eight at Pawarja, West of Haat Payam in Ayod County. He grew up at Haat where his parent came to build their resident. His father Yuot Chan Wangjak was from Bang Community (Chieng chie) but came to live with his in-law, Chiengper, Nyanuar Mut‘s ancestral kinsmen in Nyang Community. Yuot was married to many wives as Africans believed in having many children as source of wealth and protection.

Gony was tall and huge. He grew up faster than his age mates and couldn’t be challenged in a fight by his mate physically easily. He was initiated from childhood to adulthood during the year of Nyalang, a mad woman who used to said that her beautiful body could not be buried and fed on by ants instead should be eaten by human being. Nyalang’s dreams came to passed on a rainy day. As many were looking for shelter, she set a hat (luak) with goats in it on fire and ran into it(luak). The building burned on them into ashes. The residents came late for rescue but were lucky enough to have a ready meat to eat. They got busy eating not knowing that amongst the meat was Nyalang’s portion. They only discovered different bone which does not look like goats’ bone and came to know that it was Nyalang hers. The year was latter name after her as years were name after events those days. His age set is Guoluong. He was known as Bilyian after his Oxen.

As they were playing traditional dance as gentlemen, Gony jumped unusual jumped, as he landed, he told his friends and brothers that he was not feeling fine. He was taken home and the situation became worst. He was nurse without medical care for there was no hospital those days. There was no much to be done and everything was handed over to God to do his part. Gony mysteriously got healed. He began to do unusual things. They were at Nyalual a place near Haat Payam by then.

The spirit that possessed him came to be known as Deng as he explained himself through Bilyian the prophet. Deng’s primary responsibilities were to give rain, children to barren amongst others. He was there to help in time of trouble. Bilyian was the solutions point for many locals from far and close.

He got married to his first wife Nyapar Puoch Both and latter married forty eight others after her. The following are his wives:

  • Nyapar Puoch Both
  • Jany Nguot Nyak
  •  Nyakhan Garang Diew
  • Nyakoang Riek Bidiet
  • Nyacuoka Gatkuoth
  • Nyabieli Kulang Puot Khor
  • Nyadiang Wal Yach Tieng
  • Nyakuol Nhial Joak
  • Nyangeay Tut Kuannyang
  • Nyakoang Tut Dhuor
  • Nyarieka Biel Pan
  • Nyanewuor Wieu Luach
  • Nyawuora Chok Koang
  • Nyaniet Kuachnyang Tut
  • Nyageng Gai Luok
  • Nyakuok Kulang
  • Nyadiang Panom Puot
  • Kuon Rial Nyang
  • Nyaroak Tong Wuol
  • Nyakoakni Thou Joak
  • Nyayiech Dar Nhial
  • Nyadak Gai Their
  • Nyabol Kulang Tut
  • Nyalithe Lim Lam
  • Nyapuoya Nyuon Wuol
  • Nyabieli Koang Kang
  • Nyayien Muolpiny Gatgak
  • Nyakuei khan Pech
  • Nyatut Bol Liem
  • Nyabuok Ruot Khan
  • Nyakek Maitek Mar
  • Nyanjang Mayen Citang
  • Nyakoang Gai Deng
  • Nyamile Thiep Toch
  • Nyaluak Thiep Chuol
  • Nyabhaba Biel
  • Nyaluak Kutin Juoth
  • Nyaluok Nyak Chuol
  • Nyaluok Mer Pakur
  • Nyatapa Koryom Piem
  • Nyatapa Mayuok Gany
  • Nyapuoka Dhendhen Nguen
  • Nyakoang Padiet Diing
  • Nyaguen Deng Thior
  • Nyayuak Bol Deng
  • Nyaluak Kutin
  • Nyadet Deng Kuol
  • Nyakhor Bichok Tuel
  • Nyathoari Kuol Garang

Gony sub-names his family as follows; Chieng-wuol, chieng-garang,chieng-buok, chieng-makuac,chieng-chak, chieng-biel and chieng-wieu amongst others.Gony dedicated forty eight of his wives to Deng under the above sub-name family. He married Nyaluak Thiep as his personal wife. The rest are Deng’s wives.

Gony left Haat and built his resident at Belewich and Payowyow due to the flood that displaced the people around the river bank in nineteen sixties which caused massive migration amongst the Gawaar Community.

In nineteen sixties, Gai Tut a rebel by then charged him (Gony) with responsibility of solving cases which cannot be solved by the local chiefs. With the respect he had earned from the local communities around he was able to bring solutions to difficult cases.

In 1967, Wichar Luoth had a case with his in-laws and wanted to separate with his wife hence he was demanding his dowry back. He was given almost all his cows but was told by his in-laws not to take one of the cows. They told him that he will come to take it latter because they want to use its milk to feed his baby. He disagreed and they took the case to local chiefs. The chiefs judged in favor of his in-laws but he could not agree to that. When the case was brought to Gony, he sided with the chiefs’ verdict and ruled in their favor. Wichar left the area and followed Gai and his group. While with Gai,Wichar missed informed him about the case. He gave wrong information concerning the issue at hand.

Paul Awel, a Dinka who was a deputy to Gai said, he will go and look into the case and will try his best to get a better solution. While on his way to meet BILYIAN (Gony), Wichar told Paul that he will risk his life trying to solve what he will not solved. He instead advised Paul to killed Gony before Gony killed him. Paul agreed to carry out the planned assassination. The insiders who did not agreed to be part of the evil plan sent someone to informed Bilyian as early as possible.

Gony went into hiding to see what the soldiers will do at home but he was in the area. When Paul Awel arrived at Gony’s resident he did not find Gony at home which provoked him to beat everyone around including Yuot and Nyanuar the parent to Bilyian demanding the where about of the prophet. No one was ready to reveal his whereabouts which caused the commander to be more furious. He killed Gony brother-in-law and asked Gony’s parent to eat the cooked human meat which they turned down and asked the soldiers to eat it if it will please them to do so.

When Bilyian heard of this, he planned to leave for Haat on the others of the river where he grew up. On his way the soldiers followed him and this called for a massive resistance from Great Pulwaar communities. Gony declared war and with the help of Deng, the spirit it was not easy for the soldiers. They were defeated by the gallant forces of pulwaar. Gony and Chief Gatwech Diet got assistance from the national government. They got guns and ammunitions from the government since it was an opportunity for the government to deal with the rebels. They also collaborated with Maker Thijok Dol from Lou Nuer and Prophet Kun Thol from Gaguang, Jikany Nuer.

The gallant forces of pulwaar followed the rebels wherever they go. The rebels’ then killed some girls in a cold blood and claimed that it was Gony guards who did that. This provoked Prophet Ruei to fight back Bilyian on behave of the rebel when they pursuit him to fight Gony with intention of getting divine support from another prophet hence the war between Gony and Ruei.

Gony was latter arrest together with other Nuer prophets by the governments with influence from the integrated rebels who were their former foes. Gony with his colleague were humiliated and were taken to different prisons and courts across the nation. Many of his colleagues lost their lives in the process but Bilyian came home more victorious.

Due to harsh condition and unhealthy environment he lost his sight and could hardly hear. He talked to people through an interpreter after his released. When he came back home he told his sons to go to school and convert to Christianity if it please them to do so. But he and his wives were not ready to abandon their religion and convert to a new one. They were not ready to buy that idea under the sun as long as they live.

In this current crisis in South Sudan, Gony mourned the death of more than five sons who died fighting for freedom or in self-defend. He would have played a great role personally but was unable to get actively involve as he would have wishes due to his age and health condition. He was a veteran and a freedom fighter.

Prophet Gony Yuot Chan has a kind heart. A heart that extend helps even to the enemies. He was a father and a grandfather to all in his life time. He passed away on 11th/10/2014. Gony will be missed and remembered as a kind man who devoted his entire life on helping other. He was a symbol of unity and a role model to all who were with him.

He is survived by sons, daughters and grandchildren. He was a kind husband, father, grandfather, leader and above all a prophet just to mention but few. His memories will never die for generations to come. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

The profile of the late Prophet, Eng. Gony Yuot was compiled by his family for public used.

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