Nuer Youths in South Sudan: “South Sudan and the Nuer must mourn the December 2013 Juba massacre”

Press release

December 2, 2014 (SSNA) — The South Sudan in general and Naath nation in particular will start mourning/commemorating on 15th December 2014 the lives of more than 20,000 innocent civilians mostly children, women and elderly Nuer people massacred on December 15-19 2013 in Juba, South Sudan. In addition to other unspecified Nuer civilians killed in Unity state as well as in Upper Nile state plus 278 more innocent civilians slaughtered at UN base in Bor on 17 April, 2013. The corroborated number of Nuer civilians genocide in Juba, Bentiu, Malakal and Bor is over twenty thousand two hundred and seventy eight (20, 278) civilians, this is the first and the worse ever committed genocide in twenty first (21) century but the second one to 1994 Rwanda’s genocide committed in late 20s century.

Therefore, despite the horrific state of being we are still in, we the survivors of Juba, Bentiu, Malakal and Bor’s Massacres currently at PoCs in South Sudan and in Refugee camps will commemorate December 15th 2013 jointly with other Naath (Nuer) Community members worldwide who have already started activities pertaining to upcoming December 15th  2014 commemoration day(s)of the Nuer Massacre.

The killing of over 20, 278 Nuer innocent civilians is the first of its kind in Naath’s history, so their death will be yearly commemorated at all corners of the world on December 15th by the Nuer nation and South Sudan as a whole. This year, the Nuer Youths in collaboration with, as part and parcel of Nuer Community in South Sudan will mourn and commemorate 15 Dec 2014, the Nuer Juba Massacre which killed 20,000 civilians.

The Nuer Youths and the Nuer people at all PoCs in South Sudan and across the world have agreed that all Nuer mourners on December 15th 2014 must:

  • Put on but not white clothes; because white dress implies peace, however, the Nuer nation is at the sorrowful stage of commemorating the death of 20,278 civilians massacred and peace is not there even in South Sudan.
  • Only put on/wear black, red or colored clothes as normally wear by mourners in commemoration to the beloved massacred ones.
  • Match on the street silently with only one or two persons, while handling written banners, chanting “the killer of 20,278 Nuer civilians must be accountable” “Why did you kill our innocent children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in cold blood for no good reason in Juba?” etc.
  • Not eat anything that has blood, like fish and meat; because December 15th was the starting day of the massacre and on the following days the Nuer community members in Juba were forced to eat the flesh of their slaughtered mothers, daughters, sons, fathers or relatives.

A decision that killed systematically, indiscriminately more than 20,278 innocent people, we repeat; 20,278 innocent Nuer people in cold blood after all and right after South Sudan’s Independence for which they had voted, has put on trail the world newest nation building.

Let’s make the world understand. Hey “you over there”!

Signed by: The Leadership of the Nuer Youths in South Sudan

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