Imams, scholars killed in ambush in South Darfur

Darfur News Update by Radio Dabanga (26 November – 2 December)

December 2, 2014 (SSNA) — Fifteen people were killed in an attack on a vehicle by militiamen in South Darfur on 25 November. Others sustained injuries. The incident occurred in Wadi Tabbaldin, 15 km east of Manawashi. About 30 people, mostly Imams and Koran scholars, had visited the market in Hamada, one of the villages to which displaced people have begun to return, that Tuesday. On their way back to Manawashi, several militiamen ambushed their vehicle and opened fire, Sheikh Omer Mohammed Ahmed related to Radio Dabanga. The South Darfur State Governor will form a committee to investigate the incident, committed by “four unidentified gunmen”. Maj. Gen. Adam Mahmoud Jarelnabi added that the spread of arms among civilians “leads to the emergence of some crimes”. “But there is a significant improvement in the security situation,” he said, claiming that the security in the state and in Nyala city is better than four months ago. 

An Omda of Manawashi, Mubarak Abulgasim Adam Yaqoub, told Radio Dabanga that the attack on the vehicle on Tuesday had a political motive. Jarelnabi confirmed that the crime was a counteract against the voluntary returns, accusing entities which he did not name of being “unwilling to implement the voluntary repatriation”.

The head of religious affairs of the Association of Darfur Displaced and Refugees has condemned the attack. Sheikh Abdallah Mohamed Abdelrahman also pointed to the reported mass rape by army troops in Tabit, North Darfur, on 31 October, as an example of “the ongoing, widespread attacks on citizens and displaced all over the region”. He appealed to the International Union for Muslim Scholars and Muslims to stand by “their brothers in Sudan, and especially in Darfur”.

Sudan police raid church in Khartoum, churchgoers fined

Police forces raided the Evangelical church in Khartoum North this morning, and began demolishing the building. 37 young members of the parish praying in the church were detained. Pastor Yahya Abdelrahim Falo told Radio Dabanga how a police force in nine vehicles, accompanied by bulldozers, arrived at about 6 am on Tuesday morning. “They started to demolish the outer walls of the building. Others raided the church, where a group of young Christians were fasting and praying,” Rev. Falo said. He reported that the 37 arrested youngsters were divided into three groups, which were all fined for ‘public disturbance’ at different courts.

On 19 November, police and special forces confiscated the house of the senior pastor of the Evangelical church in Khartoum North. They demolished the youth house, showing a court order that ordered the vacation of the premises as investors had reportedly rented the place. In response, leaders from various churches in Khartoum, students, and other church members staged small protests. “Today we were crying and praying for the situation [to improve],” a witness told Radio Dabanga that day.

Since South Sudan’s independence in 2011, several Catholic and Protestant church buildings in Khartoum state were demolished or confiscated by the authorities. The secretary-general of the Sudan Council of Churches, Rev. Kodi El Ramli, told Radio Dabanga early September this year that the Council has received many complaints about harassment and discrimination of Christians. “They are systematically obstructed to visit their churches.”

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