Would you defend the constitution to kill the people who elected your government?

Would you defend the constitution to kill the people who elect your government? Malong Awan, Makuey Lueth, Philip Aguer, Ateny wak Ateny you are a bloody warmongers and blood thirst

By Isaac Thokhat Moses

December 4, 2014 (SSNA) — I am pretty sure the constitution doesn’t allow the government to kill people without trials. The Constitution would not tolerate human rights being stripped of those born of other human beings, except South Sudan government shown that they have no respect for the constitution using it as a method of killing innocent people arguing that they are protecting it. In December 15/2013 Juba was immersed in a brutal wave of organized violence that left an estimated twenty thousand 20,278 Nuer people dead in a period of months. Those innocent lives was lost terrible because government have invented there was an attempted coup by former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. The thoroughly planned and state-monitored genocidal violence was specifically marked by the extensive participation of the private trained military by South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardiit; neighbors went after neighbors by means of guns, machetes or sticks during house to house searches at roadblocks or at central congregation points. Looting, destroying property and genocidal acts including murder and sexual violence were common against Nuer people. Is it how Salva Kiir government should defend the country constitution to kill citizens who give him the power to be their president? "I have been elected democratically” according to desperate and failed leader Salva Kiir Mayardiit words.

How many elected presidents in the world who had been removed from power because they abused the nation constitution right? Salva was elected by the citizens of South Sudan including the Nuer tribe he had killed, but that doesn’t mean they have NO right for his removal. Citizens are not calling for early election; they are not calling to remove president Kiir because of his poor performances in the office. The South Sudanese are calling globally for president Kiir to be held accountable for the death of 20,278 Nuer civilian massacred in Juba. President Kiir doesn’t have constitution right to slaughter the citizens of South Sudan. President Kiir doesn’t have constitution right to bring our nation into this tribal abyss. If people of South Sudan want get back where they were Salva Kiir and his warmongers must go! This will be the only durable peace in our country.

Shame on chief of staff of South Sudan military Paul Malong Awan and his gangs Ateny Wak Ateny Philip Aguer, and Makuey Lueth “ I was bummed by the recent commence made in Sudan tribute by Paul Malong Awan “The responsibility and duty of any army anywhere is to defend the constitution and the country in addition toprotecting civilians and their properties from harmful groups to maintain peace. This is an important duty and we will not relent”. Why should the world let Paul Malong Awan play with innocent Nuer lives? Despite constantly spouting the usual rhetoric of promoting human rights and international law, Western leaders under the umbrella protection of Washington have completely abandoned these principles. That’s why South Sudan governments continue to defy international law and human rights, resulting in bloodshed and destruction. Just like many times in the past, the United States has blood on its hands.

Why should anyone trust a government that kills, maims, tortures, lies, corrupt, cheats, and treats its citizens like criminals? For that matter, why should anyone trust a government utterly lacking in transparency, whose actions give rise to more troubling questions than satisfactory answers, and whose domestic policies are dictated more by paranoia than need? Why should anyone trust a government that killed innocent people? Unfortunately, “we the people of South Sudan” have become so trusting, so gullible, so easily distracted, so out-of-touch, so compliant and so indoctrinated on the idea that our government will always do the right thing by us that we have ignored the warning signs all around us, or at least failed to recognise them as potential red flags.  To do our due diligence in asking the right questions, demanding satisfactory answers, and holding our government officials accountable to respecting our rights and abiding by the rule of law has pushed us to the brink of intolerable state of affairs. Intolerable, at least, to those who know what its like to live in a place where freedom, due process and representative government actually meant something. Taken individually, these questions are alarming enough; if they were asked earlier those innocent lives shouldn’t have been lost. However, when viewed collectively, they leave one wondering what exactly the South Sudan government is preparing for and whether South Sudan citizens shouldn’t be preparing, as well, for that eventuality when our so-called “government of the people, by the people, for the people” is no longer answerable to “we the people.”

As I quoted one of the Juba massacre survivor statement “There was not really any reason to believe it will happen, because it was, it was around, mines around, in the woods, guards around, and even if you get out you wouldn’t even know where to go because there are thousands checkpoint to UNMISS directions Dinka army was checking Nuer names on their IDs and also they identified Nuer men by their traditional forehead scares. So there was not really any real hope whatever, not any spark of hope there that you can come out ever. But still you know, you are young, you think it was so far from reality really, thinking that – how can you imagine – they burn people- they kill people, young people, children”.  The 2013 genocide survivors showed psychosocial problems due to the inconceivable, dehumanized brutality that the majority of them had been exposed or witness to. Entire family systems as well as the general social fabric that formerly provided support were destroyed due to losses of family members and growing mistrust and fear following the genocide by those who sought refuge in UNMISS camps around the country. There is much that continues to be compelling in the exploration of the Juba massacre and its impact on the lives of survivors and their children. The constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions, but in South Sudan politic constitution appeared to be the killing weapon used by Salva Kiir regime to depend his failed leadership. We will have to fight with courage and strength in order to get our freedom, in the eyes of State and Laws. For those who would give up essential libertyto purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

The Author is a South Sudanese citizen living in Australia. He can be reach at [email protected].

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