SPLM-in Opposition Must Seize the State’s Powers to Implement its Revolutionary Policies

By Mayian Tot 

December 11, 2014 (SSNA) — Power is one of the central phenomenons in governance. It’s the supreme instrument by which’ a desired political ends are achieved. Without power, no revolutionary changes can be attained, and no imperative governmental policies or any other political ends of important can be achieved.

Bearing in mind also is the facts that –nation-state building, policies implementations and distribution of wealth, privileges and allocations of vital strategic political and military positions are all synonymous with creating, maintaining, and exercising state’s authority and political power.

You either take it, or submit to it, and be abuse by it. Power is never given. SPLM-IO must strive, and continue to create power; builds power and tussle to take power, it is pivotal to South Sudan transformation, the restoration of justice and sustainable development.  

Because, without cohesive military power to ascend the state’s authority or to dismantle the incumbent regime –and without tactical strategy and wise political diplomacy to delegitimise and extirpate this incumbent regime out of the state’s power. The SPLM IO-led revolution will be obliterated by Salva Kiir’s regime through this so-called IGAD power-sharing arrangement. And that, our people’s revolutionary objectives and demands shall never triumph over the current status quo.

Practically, any power-sharing arrangement that attempt to utterly terminate our people’s noble aspirations and/or to obliterate our national’s demands through disguise manipulations that seeks to forcefully accord SPLM-IO with a powerless Prime Ministerial position and with less executive powers to that of Salva Kiir is generally unacceptable and is to be rejected and resisted by whatever method available at our people’s disposal.

To achieve its revolutionary objectives’ the SPLM-IO must be very wise about such obliterating power-sharing agreements, and instead revitalise its movement’s grand strategies on ways to seize state’s power and consolidate greater political power.

’Political powers, grows out of the barrels of guns’’ and State’s power seized through armed struggle’ is utilise and exercise to establish political authority. This political authority, is in turn legitimise and exercise to achieve political ends of various interests, whatever these revolutionary interests might be.

On our case for example, this ongoing revolution is justified’ because Salva Kiir has deliberately abuse and misused state’s powers to the point of exterminating innocent civilians’ on the base of their ethnicity and hence this warrant the system to be remove out of power by SPLM-IO. 

SPLM-IO –is constructively an organise power’ and the only alternative symbol of hope to the victims and the marginalised. Militarily, its freedom fighters are tussling to paves ways for the victims and the masses to attain justice, human freedom and liberation. ‘’Liberation is attained when the people are said to be truly free; when they control all the tools, instruments, and the means of their physical, economic, political, cultural and psychological being’’.

Put it this way. Freedom, equality, respect for human dignity, human rights, justice among others are imperative foundation to sustainable nation-state building and let’s reminds ourselves that revolutionary’ changes, critical reforms, policies implementations and nation-state building are all synonymous with controlling state’s authority and exercising greater political power.

Political power is very instrumental and inbuilt integral part of nation-state building. It is innately the core driving instrument to agenda-setting and policies implantations. In short, without political power; the SPLM-IO will never implement federalism as the demanded system of governance and will never undertake security sectors reforms, constitutional reforms, judicial reforms and institutional reforms among other imperatives reforms as the letter would have no political powers to do so.

Therefore, the only solution we can attest to’ at this point in time is that’ the SPLM-IO must seizes the state’s power to implements its revolutionary policies’ and to build a federal democratic nation-state that strive to mitigate violent-conflict, engaging in poverty reduction, build sustainable economic and work to the restoration of peaceful coexistence by reconciling the fragmented communities through transitional justice, accountability, healing, equitable service delivery, nation-wide development and good governance.   

In a nation-state building, political powers functions as the principle instrument for legitimising the established state’s authority and delegitimise and disempower its competing rivals by denying them access to ascend political platforms to exercise and implement their political agendas. Obliterate them out of power to the point of obsolete politically.

The current system is to be outwitted at the negotiation table and placed inside a melting pot to burn itself out-of-power once and for all. For, we cannot afford to ere in our collective judgments and risk yet another generation’s lives to bloodbath, death and impunities.

SPLM IO must ascend the state’s power by ‘’whatever means necessary’’ and establish itself as the only legitimate authority and thereafter implements its revolutionary policies, transforming South Sudan nation into a democratic peaceful and federal nation-state.

Or in a word, the struggle must continue and the SPLM-IO freedom fighters are to stand firm and tussle to ensure that this authoritarian and dictatorial regime is destroy completely. Its death perpetuated machineries be lay to waste, its system burn-down to ashes and that the tyrannical system is ousted out-of-power once and for all.

Mayian Tot is reachable via [email protected].

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