Warap and Jieng Presidency in Juba to celebrate its only one achievement, the carnage of Nuer Civilians

By Thiang Geka

December 14, 2014 (SSNA) — In his word, Jieng [Dinka] Presidency’s Mouthpiece, Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny, last Thursday announced that the South Sudan; Jieng Presidency was/is organizing celebrations in which all Mony-Jiengs behind KIIRACY will congratulated [indirectly]the President for having killed successfully over twenty thousand [20,000] Nuer civilians in Juba last year. “We will celebrate the one year anniversary of the crisis that was erupted in mid-December last year in Juba”. The author, Thiang Geka; never witnessed anything like this on earth, only in a Mony-Jieng led-country [South Sudan] that a country President to come out and celebrate the death of his own citizens he had massacred. The Jieng Presidency’s number one achievement and the very objective which ninety percent if not all Jieng Elders and Intellectuals embarked on after or even before South Sudan’s Independence in 201, was how they could do what they did in 2013.

A new nation turned Jieng tribe Presidency, in two years of Independence did privately train Gelweng, Dootkubeny, etc, ignite a civil war, ordered and massacred tens of thousands of civilians in Juba. This is the only achievement by Jieng Presidency. Massacring over 20,000 thousands Nuer civilians in COLD BLOOD is a big mistake! In speeches delivered during the third anniversary of South Sudan Independence 2014, by Warap-Jieng led South Sudan Government officials, described South Sudan in 2014 as the most secured, successful and free country as ever before. You can imagine. Is South Sudan now a free, successful and secure country? They (Jieng) said, a free South Sudan is this country where Riek Machar’s group has nowhere to be seen in a national decision making platform.

Practically, Warap and Jieng’s main objective was only to work hard after Independence, to get rid, in full or in part, of anybody or group which might want to contest or try to oppose all Jieng-motivated decisions in South Sudan. Look, the time the whole world and the rest of all South Sudanese had been seeking ways on how the new nation should be brought up, Warap; Jieng council of Elders and intellectuals on the other hand were busy preparing for a new civil war.

How to loot from national funds and reserve monies in order to help them later, as had happened, in buying mercenaries from different countries against the wellbeing of our own country, South Sudan. Therefore, if a country President like Salva Kiir, can kill its own people and at the same time celebrate their death as victory done by the Presidential office he was elected into by the same citizens, then South Sudan must prepare itself, for something else. The Presidency should mourn and commemorate over twenty thousand [20,000] innocent lives of South Sudanese civilians massacred in Juba instead of celebrating their deaths.

Thiang Geka can be reached at [email protected].

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